Jones Road: The Fast Road to 8 Figures with Jones Road Beauty's Cody Plofker


Jones Road: The Fast Road to 8 Figures with Jones Road Beauty's Cody Plofker

🎧 This week’s pod is packed with insights from the Director of eCommerce at Jones Road Beauty, Cody Plofker.

Jones Road was founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown on the philosophy that the world doesn’t need more beauty products; it needs better beauty products. 

They offer clean, strategic, high-grade formulations that work on every skin type and tone—and are as simple to use as they are to master.

If you want to learn how Jones Road hit eight-figure revenue in just two years, what type of content crushes it on TikTok, how to structure Facebook ad campaigns for maximum simplicity, and what makes for a killer quiz…

You’re gonna want to tune into this one.

‍The Takeaways: 👇

💡 Try driving your TikTok traffic *here*

As opposed to the standard PDP, Cody runs all of their TikTok traffic to a beauty quiz.


A quiz better matches the mindset of a TikTok user: “I’m just here to be entertained.”

By using entertaining content like a quiz, you can capture users’ attention on the platform and follow up later (via email or SMS) to reach them when they’re in more of a buying state. 🤯

Quizzes also allows you to gather zero-party data, which you can then use to later enhance the buying experience, driving higher conversions and AOV.

Cody’s tips for a killer quiz:

  • Overcome any objections with the quiz questions so that the customer is 100% confident you’re suggesting the right product for them.
  • Think about what data you want to collect (even if it’s not driving the results of the quiz) to give you the best customer insights possible. Then use that data to personalize your post-quiz messaging.
  • Follow up via email with their quiz results and product recommendations.
  • If someone doesn’t buy, segment them and send them content accordingly. For example, if someone answers a quiz question that they’re “new to makeup,” their follow-up flows will include more standard education.

👌 Facebook ad campaigns, simplified

Jones Road runs a super-simplified Facebook ad campaign structure:

  • 1 main broad (most of the budget)
  • 1 retargeting
  • 1 creative testing

“Broad is what I’ve found works best for us…but there’s no right or wrong. I think a general principle is to keep it consolidated and keep it simple, but that also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use interests or look-alikes if they work for you.

And here’s another cool insight from Cody…

He’s found that the creative that works on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work on TikTok, but creative that does well on TikTok usually crushes it on Facebook. 💥

“If I see a Tik Tok watermark on [Instagram or Facebook], I’m stopping to see what that is.”

💰 What Cody would do with an extra $50K

One word: YouTube.

“I would spend $20K on a video agency, getting creative made for YouTube, and then I would spend $30K getting ads behind it. We haven’t launched on YouTube, and I know that creative is the most important thing, so I’m going to invest there.”

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