Dreamday: Dreamday and The Quality Edit’s Lauren Kleinman Pioneers A New Model for Performance PR and Publishing


Dreamday: Dreamday and The Quality Edit’s Lauren Kleinman Pioneers A New Model for Performance PR and Publishing

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🎧 This week’s pod is a discussion with PR and content marketing visionary Lauren Kleinman, Founder of Dreamday PR and Co-Founder of The Quality Edit.

Lauren had managed PR agencies her entire career and noticed a real gap in the industry when balancing short-term results with maintaining brand quality. 

So she created Dreamday, a first-of-its-kind performance PR consultancy that works exclusively on affiliate basis, connecting fast growing DTC brands with the biggest publishers in the world like Vogue, Forbes, Condé Nast. 

Tune into this pod to learn about performance PR, what top publishers want, and how Lauren has grown her editorial brand, The Quality Edit, to over three hundred thousand monthly uniques (with her clients’ ad spend).  


‍The Takeaways: 👇

💥 The Buzzfeed “breakthrough”

It all started so simply. 

Lauren sent the Buzzfeed’s editor some samples of DTC brand Ritual’s vitamins. The editor loved the product and wrote an authentic review that helped skyrocket the brand’s success.

Lauren found that the third-party editorial drove a number of sales at a higher AOV than other sources, but what really impressed her was the conversion rate, when she ran Facebook ads traffic to Buzzfeed article itself rather than her own page. 

“Having a third-party review to help tell your story for you in that way comes with an automatic layer of credibility and validation is so impactful for a brand.”

✍🏽 What publishers look for in brands

After working with countless clients over the years, Lauren’s identified a few common themes that publishers (and PR agencies) tend to favor in brands:

  • Editorial darlings. They already have stories to share (founding, success, trials, etc.).
  • Instagrammable. Think brightly colored, trendy, and “buzzy” designs, good photography.
  • Interesting and authentic founder stories. Editors and audiences love a good hero story.

⭐ PR pro tips

Looking for some good PR for your brand? Here are Lauren’s quick tips for success.

💡 Know your story

Whether it’s a founder story, an exciting product, or a tale of massive success, make sure you know what your brand’s “story” is before pitching publishers.

Another way to think of it: “what is your dream headline for this brand/product?” and work backward.

💡 Have an excellent product

“The PR agency’s job is to lead the horse to water, so to speak. From there, the product’s job is to sell itself…

…You have to have a high-quality product that people authentically love. Otherwise, we can send editors as many samples [as we want], but if they don’t like the experience of the product, it’s not going to result in anything.”

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