Ep 333: Three Years to 8 Figures with Brandon Horoho - Montana Knife Company


Ep 333: Three Years to 8 Figures with Brandon Horoho - Montana Knife Company

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Welcome to DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. Today's podcast is with Brandon Horoho, CMO and Co-founder of Montana Knife Company, makers of high quality steel hunting and now culinary knives.

Knives being a restricted category on all ad platforms means Brandon's had to be very strategic to drive the 1600% growth since starting the business with Master Bladesmith Josh Smith in 2020. This podcast breaks down his product focused drop strategy, in which every week is planned out over a year in advance across all channels.

You'll learn:

What someone has to do to become a bladesmith...yes it involves cutting things!

The secrets behind why the average MKC customer has 2.5 knives

And you'll hear the ins and outs of an 8 figure product drop model, along with the challengers of selling to hunters this way...

And lots more!

Ready to sharpen your blade? on with the show!


00:00 - Introduction to Montana Knife Company and its journey

09:25 - Forging knives and collaborating with popular knife makers

18:45 - Overcoming challenges and expanding beyond their niche

27:50 - Strategies for expanding top-of-funnel reach

37:20 - Exploring Amazon and future growth plans

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