Ep 326: Scaling Organic Content to 8 Million Views a Day with VKTRY Gear's Drew Arciuolo


Ep 326: Scaling Organic Content to 8 Million Views a Day with VKTRY Gear's Drew Arciuolo

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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast I'm Eric Dyck, today we're revisiting VKTRY Gear with friend of the pod Drew Arciuolo, VP Marketing at VKTRY Gear the makers of high performance carbon fibre sporting insoles.

The sporting accoutrement space is blowing up, and it was awesome to see VKTRY's amazing growth powered by Drew's organic content marketing strategy on TikTok, Reels and Shorts.

This podcast covers the state of the art when it comes to organic content, specifically

How Drew took a viral visual hook that perfectly illustrates its value and turned into a repeatable format that's generated 8 -10 million organic impressions every day.

You'll hear how organic site visitors engage and buy at a much higher rate

And we also dive in on how to perfectly blend an influencer strategy into your organic content.

If you're looking for Victory in the DTC game, you're not going to want to miss this one... On with the show!


00:00:00 - Introduction

00:05:30 - The power of organic-first marketing and its impact on their funnel

00:08:45 - The role of influencers in their marketing strategy and audience sharing

00:14:45 - The effectiveness of Advantage Plus AI tools in their marketing campaigns

00:24:00 - The value of YouTube for their brand and plans for long-form content

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