Ep 322: Chamberlain Coffee Taps the $15B Canned Coffee Biz with Celebrity Brand CMO Liz Ahern


Ep 322: Chamberlain Coffee Taps the $15B Canned Coffee Biz with Celebrity Brand CMO Liz Ahern

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Hello, and welcome to the DTC podcast. Today we're having a coffee with Liz Ahern, CMO at Chamberlain Coffee, about her journey from 7 years at Redbull to leading growth at Emma Chamberlain's Coffee company as they move aggressively into the canned coffee market, a $15B global market with growth estimates of $20B by 2029.

Listen in and learn about Chamberlain's aggressive moves in retail, the best ways to leverage a celebrity founder and the static ads that consistently win out for Liz and Pilothouse. We cover Liz's Out Of Home activations and their impact on retail....not to mention the best lessons Liz learned at the best-in-beverage brand Redbull, as well as at Harvard...(and mine at the Harvard of the North)...

I have a new tool that uses AI to adjust my eyes so it looks like I'm looking at the Camera, called Veed. I'll send you the logins and maybe you can run all these intros through it to help make them more authentic on YouTube.


00:00 Introduction to Chamberlain Coffee and Liz's background

07:30 Leveraging market-level sales data for insights

13:00 Testing creative styles: Static images vs. UGC and highly produced videos

18:40 Embracing experiential marketing and driving trial

25:30 The majority of customers coming through Emma Chamberlain's influence


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