Ep 319: Revive Your Email List with Smart Content Marketing (Not Just Sales Emails) | AKNF


Ep 319: Revive Your Email List with Smart Content Marketing (Not Just Sales Emails) | AKNF

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Revive Your Email List with Smart Content Marketing (Not Just Sales Emails)

Is your engagement down? Are top end metrics going down? You’re not over messaging, but people just aren’t interested in your emails?

We have a solution. in this week's AKNF podcast.

How to create the perfect edutainment / entertainment email.

How to figure out the right mix of edutainment and merchandise focused emails.

Will be discussing how to effectively build value in email campaigns to increase site traffic. How do you build an audience of loyal openers and clickers that actually care about reading your emails?

The most common mistake people make with email content, is not creating engaging and interesting content that actually builds loyalty in a list.

We’re all used to getting cliché “GET X% OFF”, “LOOK AT THIS NEW PRODUCT”, “ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BUYING X” style emails. What actually builds brand loyalty and keeps people opening and clicking is a radically different approach to email content strategy.


Take a deep look at your audience. You need to understand their pain points and interests. Identify your core buyer, and the interests that go along with their profile.

Following that, you need to be aware of the position your brand holds in their eyes. They trust you enough to buy your products or subscribe to your email list, so clearly they regard your expertise in some way. Lean into this, and figure out how you can leverage your expertise.

Figure out a unique way that works for your business and audience to create an ongoing series of content-first focused emails. Don’t overthink merchandising and CTA’s, don’t hunt aggressively for the conversion, just provide some genuine value, or entertainment to your audience.

To avoid bombing AOV and keep the emails generating money, make sure to sneak in product / service promotions. Shoehorn in your products in a way that's logical and subtle.

For example, with a recipe email, you recommend your cookware to make the dish.

Now for the real killer part, for each value providing email, create two versions. One version that has all / or the majority of value in the email, and one version that is gate kept behind a CTA.

For example, with a recipe, you have the actual ingredients in the email itself in one version, and another version of the email with just a teaser about the recipe, but no actual details of it. CTA linking to site with the actual details.

Split test these against each other and see what performs better. Do this a few times, and learn and adjust. Figure out what the exact tipping point is for your audience. How much up-front value do you need to give in your emails to get a click and keep engagement.

This gives you two benefits:

A more engaged list that sees the value in your emails

Provides you a keen understanding of how much value to provide in your pre-click vs. post-click experience.

Do this consistently, and keep adapting emails and adjusting the content to hone in on a series of emails that resonates with your audience. Build up the health of your list.

Once you have a consistent format, stagger it with your normal merchandise focused emails.

If you notice list health is extremely strong, top end metrics are good, run more of the merchandise focused emails.

If you notice your list health declining, top end metrics going down, run more of the value focused emails to win back your list.


0:00:00 - Introduction and metaphor of Navy Seals and hostages

0:03:30 - The need to have different content and discounts for stale audience

0:07:00 - Importance of speaking to the entire audience and addressing engagement gaps

0:12:30 - Sending frequency and its impact on win back campaigns

0:17:30 - Maintaining email click rates, exclusions, and split testing messages

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