Daily Crunch: Crunch Differentiation in CPG with Daily Crunch Snacks Founder Laurel Orley


Daily Crunch: Crunch Differentiation in CPG with Daily Crunch Snacks Founder Laurel Orley

🎧 This week on the pod we chatted with Laurel Orley, Co-Founder and CEO of Daily Crunch Snacks, an award-winning health snack company.

Daily Crunch offers a range of uniquely crunchy, beautifully flavored sprouted almond snacks for the mindful eater. 

OK, crunch time. Here’s what we learned from Laurel!

The Takeaways: 👇

🏆 Certs: Are They Worth It?

Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Certified B-Corp…  

Certifications take time and money, but going through the process can pay off for small businesses and startups. 

Daily Crunch got certified as a Women-Owned Business, and it’s opened a number of doors as a result.

“We actually got an email last week from Starbucks, and they learned about us through the Diversity Supplier Program… They would have never found us if we didn’t go through the Women-Owned cert.

Certifications also show consumers how you’re different from competitors, and can lead to an increase in sales. ⏫

“People are 10x more likely to buy a new product if you put the Women-Owned label on your packaging.”

📦 Amazon for CPG Brands.

“Amazon is the #1 site people are searching for CPG brands over Google.”

Here are some ways that Daily Crunch is using Amazon as their ultimate growth channel:

  • Optimizing for organic search.
  • Investing in Amazon paid ads (even more so than FB/IG).
  • Utilizing partnerships to create branded content.
  • Testing out Amazon Live, a new feature (never heard of it? We hadn’t either!)
  • Videos, videos, and more videos. “People buy with their eyes.” 👀

The Power of Newsletters & Sending Free Product:

When they first started out, Laurel sent their product to a batch of different influencers to try. But she never heard back… 

A few months later, they mysteriously sold out of all their Amazon inventory in four hours! 💥

Turns out, one of the influencers they had sent product to (Hungry Girl) had highlighted Daily Crunch in her newsletter that day… To a humble 1M email subscribers.

“That’s when it really, for me, it was that lightning in a bottle… I realized that we were going for the wrong type of blogger or influencer at that time.”

Since the newsletter’s success, Daily Crunch has continued to crush it with Hungry Girl collabs.

Sometimes sending that shipment of free product pays off!

🚨 PS: DTC readers get 20% off their first Daily Crunch order with code ‘CRUNCH’ (expires 12/31/2021).

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