AKNF - Omnichannel Q4 Checklist - Part 1


AKNF - Omnichannel Q4 Checklist - Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of Q4 Omnichannel Planning. This series is truly the definition of All Killer No Filler.

Join us as we chat with Pilothouse powerhouses on their top tips to make this year the biggest Q4 of all time!

This week we’re hearing from creative and Facebook: 👇

🔥 Creative:

For creative, the proof is in the planning. Using a calendar, spend time plotting and understanding your promo schedule.

Understanding and visualizing your promo schedule gives you the opportunity to reverse engineer your content schedule.


Diversity: Remember that you’re fighting with brands pushing amazing deals. Your content has to have the potential to break the scroll and having a diverse library of content increases your chances.

Consider scrappy content: Viewers love content that provides value and is entertaining (think UGC). Performance is skewing to scrappier content, think outside the box!

Reuse creative assets: If you have tried and tested creative (backed up by historical data of course) reuse it. Bring old ideas back to life.

Create awareness: We all know shipping delays are the theme of 2021… get ahead of them. Make customers aware.

🔥 Facebook Tips: 

Be flexible and pivot: Having an established content calendar means no surprises. 

Knowing what needs to be built in advance for the buying and creative side provides flexibility later down the line.

Gifting: Create offers that are well tailored to gifting. 

Make it easy for people to understand why your product is a great gift, and test early. Gifting ramps up very quickly as the quarter goes on.

Increase prospect budget: Increasing your prospect budget creates an opportunity to retarget in your email audiences in the months to come.

Increasing ad costs: Don’t forget that ad costs and buyer intent go hand-in-hand. The closer we are to the holidays, the higher they’ll be!

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