99% of abandon cart sequences suck (and how to recover more sales this BFCM) (AKNF)


99% of abandon cart sequences suck (and how to recover more sales this BFCM) (AKNF)

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Welcome to All Killer No Filler the DTC Podcast

Abandon coupons for content in your Abandon Cart Flows and watch your revenue soar

The inspiration for this episode is from Eli Weiss' (CX Expert and eminent statistician*) recent tweet about how all brands have abandon cart email sequence, but most of them are just canned responses and blanket coupons that rarely work well.

This All Killer No Filler Podcast with Pilothouse features email and creative luminaries Jordan and Alex is all about how to think about your abandon cart issues from a strategic, technical, and creative perspective.

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  • Rules: These must be configured properly to ensure there isn't spammy chaos. Each of these four stages is a unique flow with rules that help someone progress down to the next layer, but don't push them back up.
  • Effort: There is nothing worth having that does not require sacrifice. Great care and effort must be put into these emails. They are your most important emails. Unlike campaigns, improvements made to these emails are long-lasting.
  • Message: Each stage has a unique value proposition you should convey to the subscriber, starting at the subject line. Rather than saying "You've got great taste", say "We've selected products just for you" (Recommendations). Rather than saying "We saw you looking" say "Products trending right now" (Social proof). Rather than saying "You've left something in your cart", say "You've left youthful beauty in your cart" (Aspirational), or "10,000 customers served | Finish your purchase" (Security).
  • Design: These should be your most beautiful messages. Quality of digital assets infers quality of products. This is the moment users decide to pull out their wallets, show them you're worth spending big.

Results: We replace coupons with content and results improve. CTRs are between 5% and 20%, depending on the stage. These emails approximately triple revenue from reactivation campaigns to stale addresses by supporting a users reintroduction to the brand catalogue.

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