Noa Home: $50K to $21 Million: How Noa Home Scales Furniture Globally (and 4x ROAS Profitably)


Noa Home: $50K to $21 Million: How Noa Home Scales Furniture Globally (and 4x ROAS Profitably)

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🎧 On this edition of the DTC pod, we learned how Jeremy Kopek grew his company Noa Home to $21M with just five employees.

Noa Home (our first furniture brand on the pod) started with a $50,000 investment, a clever international strategy, and a burning desire to reinvent how furniture is sold online. Now, they’re a household name in Singapore and have also expanded to the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Take a seat on your comfiest couch and get ready to learn:

  • Why starting your DTC biz in international markets can be a game-changer
  • Why a custom-built ERP is the secret to a killer ROAS
  • How virtual consultations have become Noa’s best conversion tool

‍The Takeaways 👇

🗺️ Perks of starting international:

The founders of Noa are Canadian, but when starting out, they made a strategic decision to launch the company in Singapore.

Starting international can have a number of perks for new DTC businesses. It can increase your chances of being first-to-market in a country, reduce competition and allow you to stand out, and, oh yeah… CPMs can be up to 60% cheaper, too. 🤩

“What a customer wants in Singapore for their home…is no different than someone in Toronto, Ontario, or New York City.”

🚀 Custom ERP = 400X ROAS

Noa has been able to keep its ROAS at an impressive 400-600% over the last several years.

But how?

For starters, Jeremy created a custom ERP to track their data down to each individual sale. This means they’re not reliant on Google Analytics or Facebook for data (which are not always accurate), nor are they impacted by changes to those platforms.

“Being obsessed with data really helps.”

Other ways they’ve maintained their ROAS:

  • Avoid going out of stock (a killer for the furniture industry)
  • Offer virtual consultations in their retargeting funnels for customers that need a higher-touch experience
  • Focus on creating trust with UGC and whitelisting, including a fair return policy (have YOU ever tried to return a couch? 😓)

Oh, and a high AOV helps, too (theirs is close to $2K). It’s furniture, remember?

💰 What Jeremy would do with an extra $50K:

He would invest the money into improving their virtual consultations.

“They’re novel, interactive, engaging, and [they’re] a conversion tool. We want to convert, we don’t want to just put dollars in this black box…and not know where those dollars are going to go.”

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