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June 5, 2023
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Friday, May 19, 2023

If you’re not all in on your customers, are you really in at all?

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📦 Is zero-click content on your roadmap?

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Zero-Click Content

Zero-click content, as the name implies, is content that’s shared without the goal of a click.

Counterintuitive? Indeed.

And we’re going to tell you why you need to do more of it. 👇

For one, people have changed.

They’re busy, distracted, and probably multitasking.

We all do it. Scrolling Instagram while waiting in line at the grocery store, checking LinkedIn between work calls, watching TikTok with a newborn asleep in your lap (with the sound off, of course).

As a result, most consumers are seeking quick-hitting entertainment and information. ⏩

That also means the days of your audience gladly clicking to read your 2,000-word blog post are numbered – unless you can convince them that it’s worth it to do so.

People want you to get to the point. Pronto. 👉

And to appease changing consumer behavior (or could it be a cause of it?), content platforms have changed, too.

Google is constantly updating its search results to show images and text snippets so that users don’t even need to click to get the information they’re looking for.

In fact, nowadays, more than two-thirds of Google search results don’t end in a click at all! 🤯

And, to no surprise to any digital marketer, social media channels heavily reward the same zero-click content. Most prioritize native content, some even “penalize” you for linking out, and others don’t allow external linking at all. They want users to stay on their platform.

While these changes are convenient for users, it’s been challenging for online businesses.

In a world where clicks are cash but as rare as diamonds, what’s a marketer to do? 💠


The Affiliate Platform that Asics and Farfetch Use as a Revenue Channel

From ecommerce to software, more and more brands are now leveraging creators to increase their sales. 🤑

Why? Because pay-per-click ad costs are running high, and people trust people more than ads. DTC brands see 10x ROI when hiring creators with an established audience.

These brands are now looking for an all-in-one platform to manage their affiliate campaigns to eliminate 90% of the manual processes that slow them down. Look at Asics, HelloFresh, and FarFetch, which all use affiliates as key revenue channels.

With Upfluence, you can seamlessly search and communicate with creators (even draft messages with ChatGPT compose), send and approve briefs, ship, and track products, create custom codes, manage payments, and track sales and ROI.

The best part? You do it all without leaving the software.

👉 Turn creators into revenue today–take Upfluence for a spin here!

Zero-Click Content

Enter: 👉 Zero-click content.

This isn’t a new concept. Zero-click is one of the oldest marketing strategies in the book. High-level creators have been doing it for years: giving out their best content for free, asking nothing in return, and hoping it will pay dividends over time.

But with the rise of more data visibility and performance-driven marketing, zero-click content has become a bit taboo.

If you don’t have clicks to track, how on earth do you measure success?! 😕

That’s the risky part of zero-click content, but also the magic of it, too.

Source: @amandanat

Consistently delivering zero-click content creates a positive feedback cycle between platforms and audiences:

Delivering your best, juiciest stuff “for free” <> Builds know/like/trust with your audience <> Generates more visibility, engagement, and reach <> Makes content platforms happy.

…Which, with time and consistency, will hopefully lead to more leads, sales, and success. 📈

Ready to get started? Here are two concrete ways to use more zero-click content in your marketing strategy. 👇

1️⃣ Social Media: Post content that provides value without linking out.*

An easy way to do this is to take your long-form content (blogs, videos, webinars, eBooks, etc.), break it down into its juiciest parts, and redistribute it in the appropriate medium across channels.

In this example, Zain Kahn summarizes the main points of a newsletter topic in a graphic posted on LinkedIn. He’s essentially “giving up the punchline” without requiring you to click but still leaving out just enough information to generate interest. He does this consistently on LinkedIn, so you don’t *need* to sign up for his newsletter to get value from him, but if you want to learn more, the option is there!

*If the platform allows it, you can leave the click as an option, but the point is that you don’t require it. Some creators add external links to the comments of their posts to get around external linking “penalties.”

You could also post:

  • YouTube clips of great interview moments
  • Twitter threads that expand on one topic of an article
  • Instagram Reels or carousels giving away the best tips from an ebook

You’re probably already doing some level of zero-click content marketing on social, but here’s the key to success: short, sweet, and insanely valuable. Remember, people are distracted! 👀


Dr. Squatch and Qalo are Doubling SMS Revenue with Proactive 1:1 Sales Outreach

Think about the last time an in-store sales associate helped you find exactly what you were looking for. 🛍

What if you could replicate that sales experience online for your eCommerce store, guiding your customers' shopping journey in real-time?

With Postscript Sales, you get a team of US-based SMS Sales Associates who identify high-intent shoppers and proactively start 1:1 conversations with them over text.

These trained associates:

  • Answer shoppers' questions
  • Handle objections
  • Nurture shoppers toward conversion
  • Create unique, amazing, memorable online shopping experiences

Brands like Dr. Squatch and QALO are seeing 30% more net new conversions and 2x more SMS revenue using Postscript Sales.

👉 Check out how it works here.

Zero-Click Content

2️⃣ Website/Blog Content: Optimize your posts for Google’s featured snippets.

As anyone who’s tried to rank on Google before, this isn’t an exact science or guarantee, but here are a few ways to increase your chances of getting your content featured as a snippet:

  • Implement all SEO-best practices. Google typically only features the top 10 ranking pages in Snippets, so make sure your content is optimized for general SEO!
  • Target question-like keywords, especially in your H tags, and answer those questions directly below the headers.
  • Use concise language to answer questions. Most featured snippets have 40-50 words.
  • If applicable, include images, lists, tables, videos, and graphs in your post – especially if they answer a question or query.

In this example, Red Bull’s article gets pulled into a featured snippet, in part, because they quickly answer the query in a list format at the beginning of the post:

Remember, when looking at your analytics data, featured snippets don’t always translate to clicks (most of the time, they don’t). But the amount of brand visibility you’ll earn is worth it!

“Does [zero-click content] mean you need to give away all the spoilers of your long-form content? No. But in a time when content saturation is higher than ever before, you need to be value-driven. You need to continually win over your audience’s attention. Even if they staunchly refuse to click.”

–Amanda Natividad, who wrote a great post on Zero-Click Content here!

✨ TL;DR?

  • Clicks are harder than ever to get.
  • People are busy and distracted. Most content platforms encourage users to stay on their platform and discourage creators that link out.
  • Creating more “zero-click content” – content that delivers standalone value without requiring a click – could benefit your brand.
  • This isn’t a new concept. Creators have been delivering zero-click content for years. But with the rise of data-driven performance marketing, many brands have shied away from it because it’s nearly impossible to measure success.
  • Two ways to incorporate it today:
  • Consistently deliver some of your best content “for free” on social media
  • Optimize your blog content for Google snippets, which don’t require clicks
  • The key: short, sweet, and insanely valuable. Go ahead, give away that punchline! You may just be rewarded for it.


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