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July 20, 2023
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Friday, July 14, 2023

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1. Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke has announced an AI assistant for Shopify merchants called Sidekick

This tool integrates with a merchant’s Shopify admin as a text-based chatbot that can provide key market data and perform tasks within the platform at a merchant’s request.

Availability and differences that may correlate with Shopify’s pricing tiers have yet to be disclosed.

Sidekick could substantially minimize knowledge barriers and onboarding friction for the Shopify platform and entrepreneurship in general. Click here to watch Tobi’s announcement.

2. Discover untapped potential with this interactive use case library.*

Are you searching for strategies to enhance your business and stand out in your industry? Consider this an invitation to explore and improve your customer experience!

Harness the power of Bloomreach's brand-new interactive use case library! They've collected all your hardest, most impactful use cases into a vault of solutions so you can explore the limitless solutions to any challenge.

Engage with this resourceful platform and unlock the secret to becoming the ultimate champion in your industry.

Ready to tackle the challenge? The pathway to progress is now more accessible than ever — don't miss this comprehensive resource!

3. How Pilothouse is using Advantage+ to their advantage

Looking to take a win from a previous creative test to see if you can apply the learning across more products? The Pilothouse Meta team has been experimenting with testing creatives in an Advantage + Shopping Campaign (ASC) and a manual setup campaign.

A previous test revealed that a green background outperformed it’s competition for a specific product, and to see if it was true for others in the portfolio, they set up campaigns where each creative style got $150 in spend.

For the testing campaign structures and results, click here!

4. Explore AI-generated creative that actually converts.*

As creative elements become the new frontier for targeting, the rise of AI-generated creative content is unmistakable. Many brands are now delving into the capabilities of genAI tools, enabling swift production and testing of ad creatives.

This is why we are excited about Treat AI. They uncover design concepts that resonate with your best customers. Then effortlessly generate on-brand, high-converting, ad creative, and lifestyle photography.

With Treat AI, you can cut down on creative costs and lengthy creative meetings while effortlessly generating and testing new ad creative faster. Get AI ad creative that converts with Treat AI.

5. Improve your sender reputation for stellar email deliverability

Almost every DTC brand sends emails, and almost every DTC brand has most likely encountered issues with their deliverability at one point or another.

Building and maintaining your sender reputation is a pivotal step in ensuring your emails are getting the eyeballs they deserve.

For tips you can steal today, including (1) authenticating your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, (2) minimizing bounces, and (3) testing, click here to keep reading.

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🌎 The nine simple steps to growing your brand globally. International expansion can consume unnecessary amounts of time and money. Download this free guide to make it easy and successful. *

🐦 Twitter plans a new feature that hides a user’s blue verified checkmark. The feature aims to address any connotations associated with paid verification but may not hide the check in all cases.

♾️ Meta publishes its first Responsible Business Practices Report to detail the company’s commitment to the positive impact of its business.

🤖 Bard has launched in the EU and supports over 40 languages. Privacy concerns that arose from Google’s initial proposal for the rollout of Bard have been resolved.

🫧 Google has reportedly abandoned development for its chatbot built for Gen Z users. The chatbot, called “Bubble Characters,” would have had a digital character engage in conversations with a younger audience

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