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July 11, 2023
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Monday, July 3, 2023

ATTN: Agency Owners,

We're cooking up some big things here at the Pilothouse group. We're on a growth mission and are looking for digital marketing agencies to join our thriving family.

If you've been toying with the idea of selling your agency, let's talk! Message jeff@pilothouse.co and let’s start a conversation!

On with the show: 👇

1. Don’t read this (three examples of reverse psychology marketing)

  • Marketing and psychology go hand-in-hand, but have you considered using reverse psychology to generate internist, curiosity, and motivation?
  • Reverse psychology triggers reactance, a feeling of rebellion that can make us want to do the very thing we’re told not to (hey, you’re reading this right now!).
  • Brands like Volkswagen, Patagonia, and Hilton Hotel are using these strategies. Click here to dive deep and view the ads.

2. This is the Amazon Blueprint that helped generate $500M in revenue last year.*

  • The Pilothouse approach to Amazon ads is rooted in two fundamental goals: (1) visibility, and (2) control. Failing to understand and quantify these objectives results in a weak foundation and convoluted data.
  • In this FREE whitepaper, they break down how you can leverage strategic keyword segmentation, effective naming conventions, and optimized campaign structures. Plus, real-life case studies to see it implemented on platform.
  • Don’t let a shoddy foundation limit your Amazon potential. Get your ticket to scale with this blueprint from the minds at Pilothouse.

3. Identify funnel leaks to maximize retention

4. Speed meets style: A lightning-fast Shopify theme for fashion brands.

⚡ Quick Hits

🎵 Bytedance’s music creation app ‘Ripple’ is currently being tested in a closed beta with select users in the US. The software and UI intends to mimic the workflow of conventional digital audio workstations (DAWs).

📺 Youtube is testing new content limitations for users who leverage ad blockers while streaming video content. A notification informed users that content would be blocked if their ad blocker wasn’t disabled.

🐦 Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s CEO, has outlined some areas of interest in the platform’s journey to establish strong relations with advertisers. Video content, AI integrations, and commerce options are all under consideration.

♾️ Meta published a “creative mini manual” as a guide to craft high-performing Reels content. The document contains best practices for creators to tailor content specifically for Meta’s user base and platform.

🎯 Pinterest is interested in a new AI tool that could improve the platform’s ad targeting capabilities. With a user’s permission, the AI would scan the content of a connected email inbox to understand a user’s interests.

👀 Banter

Ahh yes, exactly what we wanted… A Word doc interior design.


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