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May 21, 2023
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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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📦 Perry Belcher on ecom tripwires, premiums, and making sure the cheese is worth the squeeze

📦 Build, launch, and maintain your app with Tapcart

📦 A Chrome extension to fix your image saving problems

📦 Insense – the ultimate platform for high-quality UGC acquisition at scale

📦 How to set up Google Enhanced Conversions

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“After launching our app last year, we doubled our retail revenue…”

📱 Apps give you the power of push notifications (which have open rates as high as 90%!) and the ability to drive customers back to your store at no cost.


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🎧 This week on the pod, we were lucky enough to chat with a true legend in direct marketing, Perry Belcher!

You may know Perry as the co-founder of Digital Marketer and the epic Traffic & Conversion Summit or as the legendary sales and copywriting expert behind hundreds of millions in eCommerce and info-product sales.

Tune into this episode to get Perry’s take on AI copywriting, the future of retail, the best ways to sell info-products, predictions for an automated future, and many other juice rabbit holes.

‍The Takeaways 👇

👨‍🏫 Tripwires vs. premiums vs. bonuses:

Since they often get mixed up, Perry walked us through the difference between tripwires, premiums, and bonuses and how to use each of them when selling your product.

Tripwire. An impulsive, small purchase that you use to drive a sale.

Example: something that’s incomplete but still useful, like a cheat sheet or short “how-to” guide.

Premium. A good premium only has to be something someone wants; it doesn’t even need to be related to the product.

Example: a free toaster from your local bank when you sign up for an account.

Bonus. Something you add on at the end of a sale to sweeten the deal.

Example: some of Perry’s very best bonuses are mystery boxes.

And one final tip? All three of them tend to perform better if they’re physical products!

📚 3 ways to sell info products:

If you’re in the business of selling information products, Perry suggests taking one of the following sales approaches:

  1. Publish your product on all available platforms, and let them sell your product for you (Udemy, Kindle, Audible, etc.)
  2. Release free, incomplete versions of your content (e.g., on YouTube), and monetize the course/complete version
  3. Bundle info-products into physical products (e.g., bundling a ukelele with a book on how to play the ukelele)

🤖 The future of AI copywriting, automation, and more:

What does an expert copywriter think of AI copywriting tools? You might be surprised…

“I use them every day…You give [someone] an AI tool and a little bit of training, and you can make a copywriter out of just about anybody.” (Controversial opinion, we know!)

Perry thinks we’ll probably be living in a fully autonomous in 10 years, so we may as well embrace it. 🤷

However, this may mean big shifts ahead for eCommerce biz. Depending on what you sell, your product could become obsolete (or at least undesirable) in just a few years.

His advice?…

If I were gonna be in eCommerce, I would sell consumer goods…Food items, processed food items, chemical products…those are all really high-margin, pretty easy to market things that people need.”

Perry’s Pretzels, anyone? 🥨

👉 Listen to the full episode with Perry here  and stay tuned until the end when he gives out his phone number so you can personally text him your questions (not joking!).


Brands are seeing huge spikes in their ROAS – but how?

Gather 'round DTC readers…

Are you looking for ways to make that ROAS soar in 2022?

Brands have been seeing HUGE improvements in their ROAS from this guide on generating high-performance UGC ad creative.

Insensethe ultimate platform for high-quality UGC acquisition at scale – has put together the UGC + Creator Ads Blueprint to source, scale and test ad creatives to increase your ROAS.

🛠 This guide will give you the tools to:

  • Improve your paid social ads
  • Find an effective ad testing formula
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How to Set Up Enhanced Conversions in Google Ads

Google Ads' Enhanced Conversions improve conversion tracking accuracy, making it easier for DTC brands to optimize search and video ads and earn a better return on advertising spend (ROAS). 🤑

Using Google's global site tag, an eCommerce site can pass hashed first-party conversion data directly to Google Ads in a privacy-safe way.

👀 Why enhanced conversions are important

Recently, new legislation, the demonization of tracking cookies, and changes to Apple's iOS have made it relatively more difficult to follow shoppers across sites and devices using "standard" ad attribution. Call it signal loss.

Enhanced conversions rely on first-party data transmitted in a privacy-protecting way, so it restores the signal. Here are two example scenarios.

🛍 Shopping at work

Jennifer works at an insurance firm in Vancouver. She had just finished a long, stressful video call when she decided to take a quick mental break. She searched Google for "self-care" from her work computer, where she is signed into her work profile.

Jennifer saw an ad for Sunwink, clicked it, and was interested in Sunwink’s "De-Stress Tonic Pack — fueled by over 4000mg of functional superfoods." But before she could complete the purchase, she was interrupted.

Later that evening, Jennifer returned to the Sunwick website from her mobile phone and purchased the tonic pack.

If Sunwink uses enhanced conversions, it can pass information like Jennifer's phone number and email address to Google Ads. Since Jennifer uses two-factor authentication for her work email, Google Ads recognizes her phone number and connects the dots between the ad she saw and the purchase.

▶️ YouTube ads

Imagine that Juan is watching YouTube on his mobile while he rides the bus downtown. He sees an ad for Hubble contact lenses. Juan is excited about the company's "Try a box for $1" offer and is ready to buy. But he needs his prescription information, and he is almost to his stop.

The next day, Juan opens his MacBook Pro, heads to the Hubble site, and places an order. If Hubble uses enhanced conversions, it can safely and securely pass Juan's email address to Google Ads. Now Google Ads can attribute Juan's conversion to the video view.

To learn how to set up Google enhanced conversions (or to share with your Google savvy friends) read the full article here!


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🍊 Florida-based Tropicana introduces cereal specifically made for orange juice.

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📸 TikTok deepens AR investment with Camera IQ tools.


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