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May 21, 2023
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Monday, September 12, 2022

The truth of the matter is… you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every day to be ahead of the content curve. Reuse and repurpose for the win!

In this newsletter, you’ll find: 👇

📦 Building your lists and launching your Q4 deals with confidence

📦 Learn the fundamentals of subscription experience and best DTC brand practices with Ordergroove

📦 The rise of personalization: the future of retail marketing

📦 How to partner with Cohley to find the perfect TikTok creator matches for your brand

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Is Your Brand Ready to Launch Your Q4 Deals With Confidence?

We’re back in action with our Q4 series designed to help your brand get ahead of the curve. 💥

This week on All Killer No Filler, we asked a meticulous Meta team , ‘What are the most effective ways brands can build their lists this year?

👀 What should you be thinking about list building in Q4?

Cost of advertising goes up in Q4 and the holiday season. If you build your lists now, get potential shoppers off platform, and convert them for free later, you’ll be a step ahead of competitors.

🧐 Now’s not the time to be vague

Many brands are simply asking ad viewers to sign up to their list to get deals. This leads to an influx of shoppers that sign up to thoooousands of brands and never actually buy anything. Lost ad dollars and no conversions.

The goal here is to be specific and provide additional extra value. Shoppers want to feel important, and getting them on your list is a big deal! Try offering a discount or free gift with purchase to improve the lifetime quality of those who sign up.

If you’re a brand that has the ability to do product drops (ideally throughout the whole year), build hype campaigns and run purchase-objective lead campaigns. You’ll make revenue for your product drop and also have a massively valuable list when Q4 rolls around.

💅 The influential influencers

If you work with influencers for your brand, have them push your list in Q4! Again, ask them to be specific. Talk about how good the discounts and/or the offers are going to be!

If you have the ability to flex whitelisting and dark posting, utilize it!

🌟 VIP? Yeah you know me

Tis the season of early access and VIP sign-ups. Shoppers love exclusivity, and a simple page with a hero image offering Black Friday early access could be your key to success.

Offer shoppers:

  • Deals a few days early
  • Secured stock so they’re not chasing sold out products

The beauty of a VIP list? When offering early, brands have the ability to essentially test their Black Friday sale before the big day actually happens. You’ll have data on language, headlines, and what ads/images resonate with your audience.

For more on (1) building successful campaigns, (2) testing offers and using previous learnings, (3) differentiating your brand, (4) choosing which products to put on sale, and (5) the importance of working with creators, check out the full pod here! 🚀


The Secret Tactic Worth Trillions by 2028

👍 Consumers want it (because it helps them save money and be part of an exclusive club).

🙏 Brands need it (it’s expected to be worth $2.64 trillion by 2028).

So, what is this secret money-maker?

Subscriptions 👋

But, earning a slice of that $2.64 trillion pie isn’t as easy as simply setting up a subscription-based eCommerce model, and calling it good.

Building a thriving subscription model requires careful planning and understanding all the ins-and-outs of all things related to subscriptions.

Here's the good news: Ordergroove has your back.

They’ve created an easy-to-read multi-chapter ebook, The Complete Guide to eCommerce Subscriptions . The guide covers the fundamentals of subscription experience, what to consider before launching, and the best practices your DTC brand needs to succeed.

👉 Get in on the subscription action and access the guide here.


The Rise of Personalization: The Future of Retail Marketing

Consumers today have higher expectations for retailers than ever before. For shoppers to fully commit to that checkout page 💰, they want:

  • The best deals
  • Instant gratification
  • A shopping experience that feels both tailored and unique

To keep up with consumer demands, many retailers are turning to digital personalization strategies. This includes shifting their focus to create shopping experiences for consumers based on their preferences, needs, and purchase history.

Personalization, once limited mainly to specifically targeted offers, is now expanding to the entire consumer experience.

🏆 The win-win situation

Personalized marketing is a strategy that has been around for a while. Still, with the rise of technology, it has become extremely powerful. Retailers are now able to collect more data and use it to create individually personalized offers.

Implementing these types of strategies also allows retailers to provide one-to-one personalized added-value content for what consumers have already purchased. 🔥

A little lost? Here’s an example: if someone buys running shoes from Nike, they could receive an email with running tips or a list of running trails in their area.

Not all retailers offer personalized marketing experiences. Jumping on the bandwagon now provides you with a leg-up and competitive advantage over your non-personalized competitors.

🛒 How personalized marketing is changing the retail space

Personalized marketing is changing the way we shop. Because retail experiences are more and more tailored to each consumer, they are more enjoyable, efficient, and effective.

Consumers are now able to browse products they want and need in a space that feels like home, getting emails from brands who feel like their closest friends.

Retailers are now understanding that they need to make their consumers’ shopping experience convenient, fun, and personal if they want people to continue shopping there (and if they want to compete with other retailers in the same space 👀).

🗂️ Leveraging the power of consumer data

The digital age has made it possible for retailers to collect and analyze data about their consumers in ways that were once unimaginable. Diving into this data gives retailers a more holistic view of who their consumers are as individuals.

Consumer data is a powerful tool for DTC brands to leverage in order to create successful marketing campaigns and experiences for their shoppers.

Being able to provide consumers with recommendations for products/services that are tailored to their needs and interests is proven to have a limitless impact on repeat purchase rates. 🤑

So what does maximizing consumer data look like for a DTC brand? Here are just a few strategies that retailers can begin to implement:

  • Offering personalized product recommendations based on a consumer's Google search history.
  • Showing consumers products in their size/shade/interest category.
  • Customizing website content for individual consumers based on which consumer profile they fit.
  • Allowing consumers to customize their own products.
  • Targeting product ads to consumers who have viewed that product in the past.

🛍️ The future of retail

The importance of utilizing data to create a personalized retail experience for consumers has never been more prevalent.

Most marketing personalization today is segmented based on easily targetable personal details like age, gender, name, and location.

Now, the future of personalization in retail is looking even deeper, utilizing new and more advanced technology, new marketing strategies, and new avenues online and offline to ensure an individualized and seamless consumer experience.

Personalization in retail is about much more than convenience for the consumer, but even more so about caring, connecting, and creating one-to-one relationships with each person who lands on your ads, visits your website, or receives your email newsletters. It’s about gaining their trust, rewarding loyal consumers, and keeping the relationship open, ongoing, and full of enjoyable experiences. ❤️

To summarize… the future of retail is here and it's personalized.


Tune up your TikTok Strategy with Successful Creator Collaborations

There are over 50 million creators who are crushing content creation and spreading branded messages in authentic ways.

The best part? Consumers eat creator-lead content for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. 🍽

That’s why brands like Green Chef, Imperfect Foods, and Herschel use Cohley  to find the perfect TikTok creator matches for their brands.

But matchmaking isn’t the only reason why DTC brands love Cohley.

Cohley equips brands with their tried-and-true creative development process crafted from hands-on experience running thousands of TikTok campaigns.

Lucky for you, they're letting you in on their best practices with their latest TikTok Creative Brief Template. This template is chock full of their tools and frameworks for successful creator collaborations that drive BIG results.

👉 Download the brief now.


💰 Improve the revenue you’re generating from your Black Friday paid ads, SMS, and email marketing with these dynamic landing pages. *

🛍 Instagram scaling back shopping features amid commerce retreat.

💡 Meta launches ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ initiative to highlight emerging digital artists.

🍎 One year later, Apple’s privacy changes helped boost its own ads business, report finds.

💰 Instagram was fined $402 million for mishandling teens’ data in the EU.



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