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July 11, 2023
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Friday, July 7, 2023

Welcome back, and happy Friday! Here’s to a great weekend filled with rest, relaxation, and whatever brings you joy. 👏

Let’s dive in: 👇

1. The global venture funding slowdown continues

Venture funding in Q2 2023 fell over 45% to $65B and continues the decline from the last four to five quarters. Close to a fifth of global venture funding came from the AI sector fuelled by Open AI and ChatGPT.

Around 6k startups secured funding in the past year compared to last year’s 9.5k. Deal volume is also down 37% year-over-year, and each stage presents a decline of over 33%. Click here for further details.

2. Happy Q3! Are you confident in your strategy for the remainder of the year? *

And just like that, Q3 is here! If you don’t have 100% confidence in your current agency, now is the time to make a change.

If your current agency (1) isn’t creating value through rapid iteration of winning ad creative/campaigns, (2) isn’t truly aligned to your profit goals, (3) isn’t creating a plan to maximize profits in Q4, then you might want to explore your options.

Take it from Elliot Roazen from Unilever, don't accept any old average agency. Make sure your partner's goals are as big as yours.

Pilothouse, DTC’s sister company, has a few spots open from Q3/Q4. Chat with someone on the team now - no obligation.

3. Threads unraveled: The new social site on the block

Meta released its new mobile app, “Threads,” designed to be the first high-profile competition to Twitter’s text-based platform. The platform is taking off with 10M+ downloads in less than seven hours after release.

For a deep dive into what Threads is, why your brand shouldn’t hesitate to get onboarded ASAP, and what to expect when you sign up, click here to keep reading.

4. Get high-quality UGC content, and get it shared with new audiences.*

Brands like Care/of, Hydrant, Imperfect Foods, Love Wellness, and Ceremonia use minisocial as their go-to UGC Solution.

That's because minisocial makes getting high-quality, fully licensed content from micro-influencers easy. PLUS, their influencers automatically share it with their followers. Meaning you get an increase in audience size!

It also makes budgeting easier, with no commitment, pay-per-project, and accessible pricing starting at $1.7K.

More content and reach with less fuss. Get this powerful two-in-one solution and mention DTC to get 15% off!

⚡ Quick Hits

✈️ Safely promote your brand with commission-only influencers. Looking to promote on auto-pilot? SARAL's automation and services can get you 50 influencers in < 3 months. Grab a time to speak with their team! *

♾️ Meta has officially launched Threads. This is the first high-profile competitor to Twitter that integrates seamlessly with your existing Instagram account.

🐦 Tweets are reappearing in Google’s search results following previous restrictions imposed on Google’s ability to crawl Twitter.

🌍 Easily expand your eCommerce business into international markets. Check out these nine simple steps to successfully growing your brand globally. Download the guide here.*

📷 Instagram increases the number of collaborators on any post or Reel. you can now include up to three collaborators on any of your content.

📺 Youtube adds the ability to hyperlink keywords in video comments. This can help creators see increased viewer retention by expanding what’s possible on the platform while streaming video.

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