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May 21, 2023
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Saturday, September 3, 2022

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📦 Measure, optimize, and report your performance in real-time with #paid

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From a small coffee business that started back in 2012 to a MEAN 8-figure giant… The last few weeks have shown us that Death Wish Coffee definitely knows what they’re doing with creatives and customer experience.

Up next? We asked the most gallant Google Team to take a deep dive into their Google Suite.

Let’s see what they’ve bean up to (coffee pun intended). ☕️

👀 The search ad

⚡️ Quick brew

1️⃣ Death Wish could benefit from image extensions to help ad popups.

2️⃣ Implement callout extensions to better showcase their high points.

3️⃣ If a product has a written description, the sitelink should direct to that specific product

🤿 Slow brew

Death Wish curates a certain aesthetic for website visitors, and we think they should share some of that aesthetic for ad viewers.

We searched far and wide for image extensions (images that accompany text ads) but ultimately found none.

We think the skull and cross aesthetic is fun, why not show it off? Image extensions are always a killer for increasing click-through rate (CTR) from curious browsers. ☠️

Image extensions aren’t the only extensions that could level up the search game. Callout extensions, short snippets where your brand gets to strut your stuff are fabulous ways for brands to showcase high points.

And it’s no surprise that Death Wish Coffee has a lot to strut… Strongest Coffee, Double Strength, USDA Certified Organic, you name it. Watch the character limit, though. They’re called snippets for a reason. ✂️

Ads can contain up to 10 callout extensions… they may be small, but together, they sure are mighty! And by mighty, we mean by taking up that sweet, sweet screen real estate to show off your unique selling points.

The descriptions on some of their sitelink extensions seem strange… the  “merchandise” description tells us all about a super cool one-kilo coffee canister, but the link sends us to their whole category of merch. 🧐

If a curious potential customer is interested in knowing more about the one-kilo canister for coffee right now, it’s a wise idea to send them directly to the product page.

We’re also always offered the same four sitelinks. Our team recommends loading up your sitelink extensions and allowing the cream to rise to the top (of your coffee, in this case). You can always disable what’s not working after some solid testing.


The Question We All Dread, “How Did It Perform?”

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You didn’t have answers, only questions.

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Because #paid measurement suite delivers ✨custom and exclusive✨ research methods, you can measure, optimize, and REPORT your performance in real-time.

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👉 Find the perfect match for your brand (and lower your blood pressure when they ask how it performed) with #paid.


Short-term promo code memory 🤔

⚡️ Quick brew

1️⃣ Utilizing a banner at the top of the site to consistently remind consumers to secure the promotional offer.

2️⃣ For consumers to access the offering, they have to actually remember the code from the main page all the way through the checkout process. This may increase bounce and/or abandoned cart rates.

🤿 Slow brew

There’s mention of this mysterious “20% off variety packs” offer on the homepage; however, the “shop” button simply leads to the bundle's page—no deals mentioned here. 🤷

What does this mean? For shoppers to access the sweet promo (who doesn’t love a discount 🛍️), they have to actually remember the code from the main page all the way through the checkout process.

The Pilothouse Google Team recommends sticking a friendly banner at the top of the site as a consistent reminder of the offer to turn browsers into buyers.

🎉 Shopping W’s

⚡️ Quick brew

1️⃣ They’re bidding against themselves and running listings on Amazon.

2️⃣ Death Wish Coffee gives shoppers ample information to encourage ad clicks on their Shopping listings.

3️⃣ Lots of helpful information provided for the consumer, including product reviews as well as store reviews!

🤿 Slow brew

Shopping ads seem like a no-brainer. It looks like Death Wish Coffee is bidding against themselves and running listings on Amazon as well… and coming in a bit behind those listings.

But they’re still strong on direct Shopping listings, though, with a ton of information on the listing—the products we’ve focused on here are the two on the right in the below screenshot.

Death Wish’s direct Shopping listings offer lots of helpful information for the savvy shopper.  

They show:

  • Product reviews and store reviews (double whammy!)
  • Delivery prices
  • Free 30-day returns
  • An applicable promo code that they’ve set up using Merchant Center

Remember that the more information your shoppers have, the easier their decision to buy becomes!


Meet Juni – The Financial Platform Built by Ecommerce Merchants for Ecommerce Merchants

As you know, managing ecommerce cash flow and finances naturally comes with challenges. 😓

You, know. Like…deciding whether you should stock up or scale this holiday season or if you have enough ad spend to capture new customers.

Good news! With Juni, you don’t have to make these complicated trade-offs.

Juni is the financial platform built by people who’ve lived in your shoes.  And they’ve made it easy for you to plan your budgets, manage your finances, and maximize cash flow.

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  • 2400+ integrations including Google Ads and Facebook Ads

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* Credit is for UK companies only, upon eligibility. Terms and conditions apply. Penalties and interest may apply for customers that default on payments. See their website for details.


📏 The coffee costs HOW much?

⚡️ Quick brew

1️⃣ Even though Death Wish’s listing effectively utilizes additional customer reviews, a promo code, and a free delivery callout, the price is amiss.

2️⃣ When you click the featured link, it links out to a 64 pack, not the 8 pack!

🤿 Slow brew

Something looks funny here… $89.99 for an 8-pack of coffee?!

We love how much love Death Wish puts into their listings (we ❤️ you, social proof), but the mismatched product and price here may throw off scrollers who see the ad.

We did some digging, and upon clicking the link, it actually links to a 64-pack, not the 8-pack! Ensuring proper product titles is key, and item quantities are an easy miss.

Unfortunately, conversions are also an easy miss when this goes unnoticed, and the other ad prices are much more attractive (even though the price per unit on the 64-pack is actually cheaper.)

No YouTube? 😔

You can’t break down the Google Suite without peeping over at the ol’ faithful… YouTube. Sadly, we weren’t getting retargeted on any videos after pumping up our accounts with search history for the brand, even on videos directly related to the product.

Their YouTube channel has some fun and punchy commercials from a few years ago, but to be competitive in the ads space, snappy editing and some cleverly placed CTAs would be beneficial.

The low down 👇

Overall, Death Wish Coffee knows how to capture Google scrollers. Their shopping listings were detailed, informative, and effective.

Though our glorious Google team provided a few recommendations, there is no doubt in our minds that Death Wish is killing it!

Catch ya next week for Part 4 of our Death Wish Coffee brand breakdown. 👋


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