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May 21, 2023
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Saturday, February 26, 2022

We see your NYT Wordle and raise you a Liquid Death Wordle. 👀

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☠️ Brand Breakdown Part 4: Liquid Death (social media)

🔥 How to tackle and streamline your TikTok creator campaigns with #Paid

👆 A guide to level up your first-party data with Black Crow AI

A great brand voice is consistent across all channels, and that includes each social media channel too.

For the last part of our breakdown of Liquid Death, we’re looking at how they carry their edgy, funny brand voice across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Tl;dr—they’re doing a killer job (pun intended).

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Does your packaging qualify as cool wall-decor?

How many times have you seen a Lululemon bag be used as a lunch bag? Or shoe boxes used to decorate collectors shelves?

This is a photo of a teenager's wall filled with Liquid Death packaging. 👆

Mike Cessario, CEO and Co-Founder of Liquid Death says their strong cult-like brand loyalty stemmed from treating their marketing as a separate product than their water.

He posed, “how much money might someone pay for your empty packaging simply because of how interesting it is? Would they hang it on their wall?” Even if the answer is a very small amount, Cessario thinks your brand is stronger than most others.

Is it time to reevaluate how you look at your branding? 👀


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Yep, closing those 14 tabs is gonna feel so good.

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💬 Twitter

Liquid Death’s Twitter voice aligns across ads, emails, and website content, following the same hilarious takes on death, religion, and plastic.

While most of their Twitter content features random writings and jokes, they sometimes promote their products.

They do a great job engaging with fans by retweeting their content and responding. More brands should spend time doing this as it helps nurture a relationship when you show customers that you see and appreciate them.

We wouldn’t suggest Liquid Death get too promotional on this channel (they’re already doing a great job with Twitter), but it may be helpful to share a few more Tweets about their products to drive conversions.

👋 Facebook

On Facebook, Liquid Death regularly reposts from other accounts. The brand gets a lot of organic UGC, and they know how to use it well.

Engaging with customers by repurposing their UGC shows appreciation and will encourage them to keep sharing.

For some of these posts, Liquid Death spins the original story to be about themselves, which is a brilliant way to be more promotional than they are on Twitter without coming off as outright salesy.

They share meme-style content, which is perfect for the channel because memes are still super popular on Facebook. They also pull some screenshots from their funny Twitter posts. We recommend they use more of these screenshots for Facebook.


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🤳 Instagram

Liquid Death cross-posts to Instagram and Facebook.

This isn’t always common practice, but it does work because a lot of their Facebook content is visual enough for Instagram and vice versa.

Liquid Death could do a few different types of content on Instagram, such as promoting more of their products and merch.

Every once in a while, they’ll share screenshots of their Twitter content.

We recommend doing this more because it’s a trendy way to repurpose what they’re writing on Twitter.

Plus, Liquid Death’s Tweets are super funny and on-brand; the Instagram audience would enjoy them too.

They do an incredible job at handling customer support. They have quick responses, lead with sympathy, add humor, and end the message with action (that they’ll message the customer to sort out the issue).

🎶 TikTok

Here’s one reason we love Liquid Death’s TikTok account: It’s not often that Liquid death actually posts their own content.

Okay, hear us out.

Liquid Death relies mostly on reposting videos from fans. While some social media experts may not advise on only reposting, for Liquid Death, it works well for two main reasons:

  1. It shows appreciation for the Liquid Death customers that are sharing this content in the first place.
  2. It’s a great way to use TikTok as a space for the Liquid Death community to engage with each other and show off their content.

Check out this video where the creator got pulled over for drinking a Liquid Death while driving. 👇

Liquid Death’s content is on par with the rest of TikTok, featuring trendy videos that could go viral. And some do.

That’s a wrap on our Brand Breakdown of Liquid Death. ☠️ To summarize:

Liquid Death is the embodiment of what it means to unify and perfect your brand voice. Their content is entertaining, outside of the box, and unlike any other. 🤣

From their ads, their emails, their website, and social media the push is always to sell an experience.

It goes to show that if you market well, you can create a following of people that support and love what you do.

What was your favorite tip or learning you got from the series? Reply to this email and let us know!

Catch you next Saturday, get cozy. 🤫


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