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May 21, 2023
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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

*Deep focus stops, all work comes to a screeching halt, and sing-along commences.

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📦 Why your brand needs to be all in on organic content

📦 The secret weapon behind Princess Polly’s retention strategy

📦 Avoiding the creative death spiral

📦 How a localized approach can help you crush in new markets

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Are You Using Organic Content to Its Full Potential for Scale?

🎧 On today’s episode of the DTC pod, we're diving headfirst into the world of beauty and the power of organic content.

We put the spotlight on the 8-figure beauty empire, Trinny London, which has been making waves in the industry with its unique, founder-led, content-driven approach. Trinny London CMO Shira Feuer is here to share insider perspectives and invaluable lessons from her journey. From harnessing the power of Trinny Woodall's influential persona to the challenges of scaling a DTC brand internationally amidst fierce competition—today's episode is a treasure trove of insights.

‍The takeaways 👇

🚀 Scaling skylines

Navigating through the bustling beauty industry, Shira echoes the importance of highlighting a brand's unique selling point. Just as the North Star guides sailors, a brand’s unique selling point should guide all of its content.

But the journey to scaling isn't just about having a lighthouse; it involves mastering the art of adaptability. It's about swiftly adjusting sails when the market winds change. Trinny London's voyage to success serves as a shining beacon, reminding us how flexibility and resilience can fuel a brand's growth.

But the real triumph? Shira reminds us that it lies not just in the climb, but in standing tall amidst the dazzling skyline of competitors, admiring the view, and knowing you've carved your unique space.

🎭 Content encore

To Shira and her team, content deserves more than a standing ovation—why not an encore! On the pod, Shira discusses Trinny London’s masterstroke—the strategy of breathing new life into organic content for paid ads. She offers a backstage pass into their content strategy, revealing how it's more than a mere rinse-and-repeat game. It's an art form that involves nurturing, refining, and re-staging content for another grand performance.

The Trinny London team keeps the show lively, constantly experimenting with different moves to maximize their return on ad spend. But their content love story doesn't end on a single stage; it spreads across multiple platforms, from the intimate world of emails to the glittering arena of influencer content. Shira emphasizes that it's all about keeping the applause going for your content, ensuring it never fades into the wings, but continues to dazzle and engage.

💰 What Shira would do with an extra $100K:

She would seize the opportunity.

Shira talks about taking her production team on a transatlantic trip to film a season of ‘The Trinny Takeover Show’ in the United States. Despite the UK being the primary stage for their content creation, Shira sees the potential and value in expanding their on-ground presence to international markets.

Her idea underscores the company's commitment to global growth and their dedication to delivering high-quality content that resonates with their audience, no matter where they are in the world.

👉 Listen to the full episode with Shira Feuer here!


The Secret Weapon Behind Princess Polly's Retention Strategy

From fashion and CPG to beauty and home, top brands are getting a mobile shopping app across all categories. 📲

Why? Because mobile apps make your retention strategy stronger—and customers stickier.

Think of your app users as your diehard fans. They'll generate more revenue per session, have a higher lifetime value, and have higher conversion rates than mobile or desktop web customers.

Just look at Princess Polly, whose mobile app is now the brand's second-highest revenue channel. 🤯

With Tapcart, you can seamlessly launch an app for your store in just two weeks, and their hands-on support team will work with you to craft the perfect mobile app strategy, so you can create a new revenue stream ASAP.

👉 Turn your Shopify store into an incredible mobile app experience.


Who are you making creatives for?

🤔 Who’s it all for?

Look at your recent ads and consider who you created them for. It’s an unusual question but a crucial one, and finding that answer is the topic of this week’s All Killer No Filler.

DTC is joined by the Content Managers and Marketing Director from Pilothouse to completely recontextualize how your brand should plan the content. Let’s dive into what it means when we create with consumers in mind and how to avoid the infamous creative death spiral. 😱

👑 Data is queen

The spiral starts with a trip wire of poor performance. We all use analytics to compare our ads against one another, but to get the most out of your data, you need to dig deep.

When you decide on your creative strategy, it must be based on data. Otherwise, grab a crayon, blindfold yourself, and design your next thumbnail. It may as well be that difficult without reading and truly understanding the essential data that Meta provides us.

🥵 Perform under pressure

The lack of performance often comes from the lack of meaningful communication about your creatives. These are the three layers you must address before the spiral begins. 😵‍💫 Ask yourself:

1️⃣ Is the performance of your content up to the standards you set?

2️⃣ If not, have you received feedback from your team about why your content isn’t performing?

3️⃣ If not, what creative strategies have you tried, and where is there room to expand?

🌋 Fighting an uphill battle

Keeping this spiral in check is difficult, but you can fight back with trending content and feedback from your audience—in other words, data. Your content must adapt to the fluctuating environment of Meta Ads.

Truthfully, specific content just works at different times. When your brand lands on a winning piece of content, lean into it and uncover what makes it so compelling.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Humanize your content

You’ve likely heard about getting “scrappy.” It symbolizes an efficient creative feedback loop that brands often use to produce content in a testing phase. The term “scrappy” isn’t always appealing, as brands can be so attached to their style guides and brand colors.

It’s time to ditch “scrappiness” and your style guide to humanize your content. Consumers don’t always need highly polished studio content for your brand to make a lasting impact.

💪 It’s time for change

What’s the next step in the journey to finding your next big winner? Check out this week’s All Killer No Filler to stop the spiral, take the ego out of your design, and achieve the perfect balance of polished and humanized content.


Q: What do Body Engineers, Commodity Fragrance, Tory Burch and Karhu have in common?

Why Europe, you ask?

No, not for its history, culture, or art.

It's strictly business: Europe harbors 4 of the 10 biggest ecommerce markets in the world! 🌎

With some exceptions (👋UK), countries in Europe have the same currency, VAT, and legislation.

However, due to vast changes in culture, trends, and languages, a localized approach is crucial to reach high levels of success!

With the help of a local expert like Salesupply, you will be able to compete like a local everywhere.

👉 Get in touch with Salesupply to start your World European domination today.

Quick Hits

🤳 Brands like QALO, Dr. Squatch, and Feastables drive up to 30% more conversions and 2x more SMS revenue with proactive, human-led sales outreach. Learn more here.*

🐤 Twitter’s new video playback controls hint at a video-focused future. These features come after Twitter previously announced other video features like picture-in-picture that have yet to be released.

🎵 TikTok launches new initiatives for Mental Health Awareness Month. These updates are “aimed at promoting positive mental well-being, combating stigma, and providing support to our community.”

♾️ Meta adds resources to the Professional Dashboard to help creators’ performance. The guides include best practices on Meta platforms and educational content to empower creators.

🔎 Google announced tools to detect AI-generated images at their recent I/O event. The first feature, “About this image,” provides information like when the image was indexed and where else it appears on the web.


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