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May 21, 2023
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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Something looks a little different… to meme or not to meme, that is the question.

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🧑‍💻 Brand Breakdown Part 3: Liquid Death’s Website

📈 Subscription performance and insights from Recharge

🏆 A peek into Liquid Death’s 2022 Super Bowl ad

🔥 ProQuo AI’s report on becoming a stand-out brand in the D2C space

We’re back in action with a website breakdown on Liquid Death. 🧻

The team at Oddit did a deep dive analysis into Liquid Death’s site and pulled killer insights on design hierarchy and leveling up your points of conversion.

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Before we dive into the website analysis, we’re here to give you some timely Liquid Death Super Bowl ad creative.

If viewers weren’t familiar with Liquid Death before the ad, we’re pretty sure they are now… shock value, amiright?

Liquid Death took the concerned look from strangers at young Liquid Death consumers and spun it into this 👇

Kids. Tallboys. Water. We think they certainly hit the mark.

We’d love to know what Liquid Death’s search volume looked like after this one. 👀


Grow your subs to new heights with these insights

When times are uncertain, consistency is a comfort…

After all, there’s nothing quite as soothing as getting your favorite products delivered directly to your doorstep each month without ever having to lift a finger. 🥰

So it’s no surprise that in the past two years (AKA the epitome of uncertainty) subscription programs have exploded.

In their latest report, The State of Subscription Commerce, Recharge analyzes the subscription performance of 12,000 merchants to provide you with actionable insights into improving your subs program.

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🏡 Let’s start with the homepage

Ahh, the homepage. The first place new visitors interact with your brand.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so use the homepage to really show people who you are.

Liquid Death does a great job of this by using unique content that (let’s be honest) definitely differentiates themselves from the rest of the ‘water brands’ crowd.

Although a unique header is a failsafe way to grab attention, don’t forget about that first possible conversion point shoppers see.

Current 👇

Updated 👇

Oddit’s  suggestions:

1️⃣ Simplify the top navigation. Consider separating the menu and cart to opposite sides and put ‘shop’ in the mobile menu.
2️⃣ Ensure CTAs over videos pop. You want users to take action, 2x the font size, and make sure your action is full width.
3️⃣ Make everything easy to reach on mobile. If action buttons are short and in the middle or too far to the left/right, they can be difficult to reach on mobile devices.

🎆 Onto the cross-sectionals

Liquid Death’s cross-sectionals are one to take inspiration from. They’re bold, eye-catching, and bring across the brand's sense of adventure.

Adding a banner highlighting key product features may just be the best way to level it up.

Current 👇

Updated 👇

Oddit’s  suggestion:

1️⃣ Add a ticker banner between the first two video sections that showcase key product features scrolling side-to-side. Try the following:

  • 100% Mountain Water from the Alps
  • Water Made By Nature, Not In a Lab
  • Infinitely Recyclable Tall Cans
  • 2X More Electrolytes than Essentia, SmartWater, LifeWtr, Core, Aquafina
  • Instantly Murders Your Thirst

🛒 Let’s check out the cart

Something to remember: your cart is a conversion point—make sure you utilize it as such.

Current 👇

Updated 👇

Oddit’s  suggestions:

1️⃣ Add some brand voice to your empty cart in the form of a headline!
2️⃣ Give the visitor multiple specific options rather than the standard ‘continue shopping.’ Only having two primary products means there’s no reason to force visitors back into a generic action.
3️⃣ Call out that free shipping offer!


Consumer motivation revealed

D2C marketing can be tricky. How do you know what consumers really want?

The pandemic undoubtedly accelerated growth in the D2C market, but does purchasing behavior look the same as it did two years ago at the start of lockdown? 🤔

In their latest category deep dive, ProQuo AI shows you why consumers love brands like Daily Harvest, Recess, and Bombas and how you can apply their strategies to your own brand.

Get the report and learn how to become a stand-out brand in the D2C space:

  • Gain in-depth analysis of leading brands in D2C, with a specific focus on the strategies that led to their category dominance
  • Uncover the motivations of the consumers in these categories
  • Get clear guidance on how to make use of this data to elevate your own D2C offering

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📱 Let's take a look at the mobile menu

When visitors open your mobile menu, you want to easily drive them to where you want them.

We’re looking at you, sales conversions.

Using a design hierarchy to direct visitors is a great way to ensure shoppers are headed in the right direction!

Current 👇

Updated 👇

Oddit’s  suggestions:

1️⃣ Pull out your products into cards at the top, and visualize them for visitors! These are your primary actions.

2️⃣ Keep all of your page links in the middle of the menu. These are your secondary actions.

3️⃣ Call out social channels, contact, and account at the bottom. These are tertiary actions.
4️⃣ Reiterate the primary action at the bottom with a large, full-width button to shop your water.

📸 A peek into the product page (images)

With brand affinity as strong as Liquid Death has, it’s no surprise that their product pages feature UGC images.

The images are great, but why not consider incorporating some video?

Current 👇

Oddit’s  suggestion:

1️⃣ Consider pulling in some UGC videos from the homepage or social media into the image carousel on the PDP.

🤑 Onto the product page

Your PDP is undoubtedly the most crucial conversion point on your site.

Implementing a design hierarchy that is easy to scan and act on is an amazing way to convert those viewers.

Current 👇

Updated 👇

Oddit’s  suggestions:

1️⃣ Refine the reviews line to be higher up and underline the reviews to allow action that scrolls visitors down to read them.
2️⃣ Pull in a single line from a customer review—something on brand and loud.
3️⃣ Make your quantity selector full width on mobile for accessibility and be clear with its content. Rather than saying ‘1’, say ‘1 case’.
4️⃣ Make the frequency options feel more clickable by formatting them like buttons/cards instead of just radio selectors.
5️⃣ Collapse subscription details into a secondary action, and place it below the subscription button.
6️⃣ Make your add to cart full width, pull in price, and make it the loudest thing on the page.
7️⃣ Finish off with another free shipping callout.

💬 Check out the reviews section

We’re avid review readers and strongly believe in the power they hold.

Not all viewers are taking the time to read every word on your page. To ensure visitors get your main message, implement type styling, so even scanners are in the loop.

Current 👇

Updated 👇

Oddit’s  suggestions:

1️⃣ Update the headline to include a callout to the total number of reviews you have.
2️⃣ Simplify the stars/review total to be on a single line rather than feeling disconnected.
3️⃣ Make sure ‘write review’ and ‘sort by’ are styled differently—they’re different actions. Writing a review is also secondary, as it’s for returning customers, not new ones!

If you want these kinds of tips for your site, start your own Oddit for FREE   and improve your UX instantly!


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