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May 21, 2023
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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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📦 Building a 7-figure business in less than two years with Peachy Shapewear’s Corey Nicholson

📦 Aspire’s one-of-a-kind influencer marketing platform

📦 How to write a TikTok ad copy that works

📦 How to optimize your TV campaigns like digital with Tatari

📦 The TikTok t-shirt – True Classic

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🎧 On the pod this week, we chatted with 20-year-old marketing phenom and cofounder of Peachy Shapewear,  Corey Nicholson.

Tune in to learn how Corey built a 7-figure business in less than two years, simple funding options for startups, no-nonsense email marketing tactics, Web3 predictions, and much more.

‍The Takeaways 👇

🔥 Influencer hot takes:

Peachy spent at least $50K on influencers last year, and while it was an overall successful investment, it wasn’t without its learnings.

For one, Corey has moved the brand away from retainers and more towards an affiliate model for creators. This can drive more incentive to create engaging content regularly.

When vetting influencers, they’ve also learned to focus less on vanity metrics, and more on that creator’s community.

“Instead of only looking at followers or view count or revenue, it’s more about the community that creator’s building. Are people engaging with their stuff constantly?… Does the creator have ‘true fans’?”

👀 Watch yo’ bias:

When it comes to ad creative, Corey recommends checking your bias at the door.

At Peachy, they’ve noticed that sometimes the creative their audience resonates with most is the least expected.

For example, a 3D animation they spent less than $100 to make was one of their best-performing creatives on both paid and organic social.

⚠️ Test, don’t guess!

💰 What Corey would do with an extra $50K:

First, he’d invest $20K into inventory (any Inventory or Ops pros out there, hit Corey up on Twitter). He’d also keep some in cash, and use the rest for driving growth and building the Peachy team.

👉 Listen to the full pod with Corey here!


Grow your influencer program on autopilot

Aspire is the chosen influencer marketing platform for high-growth eCommerce brands like Purple, Glossier, and Coola.

Their one-of-a-kind platform allows you to:

  • Access the world’s largest creator marketplace
  • Drive trackable sales with best-in-class bulk promo code creation
  • Optimize your ad campaigns with whitelisted influencer content, and much more…

And none of it’s locked behind a paywall – no fees or commissions, ever.

Enjoy unlimited searching across social platforms, unlimited active creators, and unlimited campaigns.

“We now work with 500+ influencers on a weekly/monthly basis, and get guaranteed content from them. Our growth in this area has just been mind-boggling.” –Marketing Director at Coola

👉 Request a complimentary demo with Aspire today.


Writing ad copy that works

👨‍🦳 Back in the good ol’ days… When the advertising rules on TikTok were much more chill, our dear friends at Pilothouse did a li’l copy test for TikTok captions.

The winner was: 🥁

“-”... Nope, it’s not a mistake or a typo, just a dash.

Times have changed. While simplicity was better in the early days of the TikTok era, nowadays the ad copy is playing a much larger role in affecting CTR and CVR.

Prioritizing how you position your ad copy can impact viewer time, clicks, and sales!

So, if you’re looking to find a winning copy that you can use consistently, here are 3 quick TikTok tips:

  • 💯 Use your numbers upfront: Start with how many 5 star reviews you have, how many colors or variations, etc.

  • 🩳 Keep it short: TikTok ad copy only allows 100 characters and the ad only displays about half of it. Keep it as short as possible, and use all the most impactful information at the start. Attention for short-form video is hard to come by – make sure you give viewers your selling points upfront.
  • 👯 Match the energy of your creative: If it's an organic ad style, write in first person and leave the sales-y talk at home. “Quotes seem to work well!”

Reply to this email and let us know what quick tips you’d like to see in our up-and-coming newsies!


How to optimize your TV campaigns just like digital

Rising CPMs on digital? Social campaigns losing effectiveness? Your brand is ready to test TV.

Top DTC brands like Fabletics, Onewheel, and Nutrafol are partnering with Tatari to efficiently drive acquisition at scale on TV.

Tatari gives marketers digital-like control of their TV campaigns to:

  • Optimize: creatives, networks, publishers, and dayparts in real-time
  • Leverage: lookalike modeling to focus on outcomes, not audiences
  • Measure: campaigns holistically across linear and streaming TV
  • Drive: results across all stages of the marketing funnel (CPV, ROAS, CAC)
  • Programmatically retarget: your website visitors on CTV to drive down-funnel KPIs

Tatari will deliver the performance metrics that matter most to you and your brand.

Learn more and get started on TV with a small budget.

📅 Schedule a demo today.


T-shirts that actually fit

T-shirts don’t have to be boring. If it’s time to revamp your closets and get some shirts that actually fit you, keep reading!

Meet True Classic – the t-shirt brand that’s taken TikTok by storm. 👕

True Classic is so much more than a closet staple. Their mission is founded on giving back. They’re currently donating 15.5K shirts per month to communities in need and building homes for veterans in the US.

True Classic tees are designed to fit better than your normal ‘out-of-the-pack’ shirts and the consensus shows that buyers agree. 👇

Their top two TikTok hashtags #trueclassic and #trueclassictees have amassed almost a million views. With a product this good, UGC is sure to flow (if you don’t believe us, check out their Instagram tagged section!).

Check out True Classic’s TikTok for everything – from scripted shorts to t-shirt giveaways. 👀


🐦Twitter adopts ‘poison pill’ measure that could hinder a Musk takeover bid.

🔎 Google updates lens search to combine images and words.

💵 Democrats super Pac just announced an eight-figure paid media program.

🎞 Influencers announced that Instagram has been cutting Reels payouts.

📈 TikTok shares new tips on how to maximize content performance in the app.

👀 Amazon: Introducing suggested products sort option for Sponsored Products.


🍑 Building a 7-Figure Business in Sub-Two Years with Peachy Shapewear's Corey Nicholson.

💬 Dreamday and The Quality Edit’s Lauren Kleinman Pioneers a New Model for Performance PR and Publishing.

🍭 100 Million TikTok Views Slapping the Marshmallow with TheMarshmallow.co's Joel Twyman.

👀 If You Shelve It, Will They Come? With Fractional CMO Bryan Holladay.

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