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August 17, 2023
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Friday, August 11, 2023

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1. Data-backed strategies to crush your Display Ads

We have four quick and easy tricks to help your brand set the standard for what Display Ads can do for your marketing strategy.

Visual psychology, heat maps, and a delicate Goldilocks balance all play a key part in maximizing your screen space and guiding your consumers straight to your checkout.

Check out the full write up here.

2. How Wondercide grew their owned channels with just one click. *

Wondercide, a brand dedicated to delivering safe pest control products for pets, was experiencing fluctuations in the performance of their Klaviyo campaigns. Recently, they were looking to grow their owned channels like email, SMS, and organic SEO.

Previously, they relied on paid media to feed the top of their funnel. Because of the increasing cost of paid marketing, they wanted to maximize their existing customer data. So they turned to Smart ID from Black Crow AI to give their campaigns a boost.

In just 30 days, their Klaviyo campaigns experienced a 30x ROI without requiring the Wondercide team to make a single change in-platform. Plus, they generated 78% more revenue!

Your existing customer data can hold a ton of power to increase revenue and reduce CPA & CPC. Read the entire case study and discover how Smart ID can help!

3.  Perfect your landing pages for Q4 (aka Q$)

With less than four months to go until Black Friday, is your brand ready to bring its A-game?

Now is the perfect time to nail down the perfect landing page ahead of Q4 so your brand wastes no time raking in the cash this BF/CM season.

We’ve got a few tests that optimize your landing pages to drive conversions and data backed by the Pilothouse Meta team with the help of their proprietary testing platform, Warpdrive.

Read up on the results here.

4. Visual Power Unleashed: Elevate Conversions with Captivating Product Images *

We are all looking for ways to boost engagement, showcase product features, and leave a lasting impression on our audiences. That’s why we recommend eko as the ultimate solution for your video needs.

eko helps you captivate our audience’s attention with stunning product videos, demos, insightful comparisons, and exciting unboxings. There are no limits to the types of videos you can create.

In fact, eko users see a 47% increase in conversions and a remarkable 72% boost in engagement with impactful videos.

Step into the world of endless possibilities with eko today. Elevate your video content, engage your audience, and drive business results. Enhance your store with a continuous flow of captivating videos in no time!

5. TikTok Requires Users to Label AI Content

TikTok has introduced new rules requiring users to tag AI-generated content within the app to address legitimacy concerns in the rising trend of AI-generated content.

Users must label content that portrays "realistic scenes" as being generated by AI, or it may be removed from the platform by moderators.

The significant rise in AI-generated content necessitates a more vigilant approach across all social platforms, as distinguishing such content from genuine material becomes increasingly challenging.

Click here for further details.

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🏔 Gear up for Peak Season! Acquisition, discounts, loyalty, and returns. Are you doing everything you can to drive new and repeat purchases before the holiday rush? Get your guide. *

🧘 Influencer marketing simplified. Tools like SARAL make building in-house influencer programs inexpensive and straightforward. Save $1000s on expensive tools and agencies. Book a demo or start your free trial. *

🧵 Users can verify a Threads profile on Mastodon using “rel=me” links. This new feature alludes to Meta’s ultimate goal of establishing an interconnected fediverse.

🔎 Google renames “in-stream ads” to “skippable ads.” There won’t be any changes to the creation workflow but “Structured data file entities” will still reference “in-stream” ads.

📺 Australia’s national broadcaster abandons X. The migration comes amidst growing concerns over increasingly hostile content being directed towards the broadcasters employees.

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