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May 21, 2023
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Monday, June 27, 2022

99% beef, 1% making memes to bring in the moolah.

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📦 What going viral on TikTok ACTUALLY means for your brand

📦 Make your subscription app as seamless as your favorite yoga pants with Yotpo

📦 The results of a dynamic content vs. timer split test (steal this!)

📦 Building your CX tech stack for eCommerce success with AdRoll

📦 The winning formula for creating killer landing pages

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What Actually Happens When You Go Viral

The ultimate goal of TikTok as a brand? Virality. Everyone wants videos with millions of views and a steady increase of new customers in their funnel.

But what does going viral really mean for your brand? Are companies genuinely raking in money with viral videos?

The answer is yes.

It’s hard to find concrete numbers of how viral TikToks impact brands, but Huha Undies Founder Alexa Suter spilled the tea about how her ‘brand story’ TikTok video skyrocketed sales.

Check out these stats: 👇

  • In 5 days, their TikTok account grew from 600 → 36,000 followers!
  • The video got 1.6 million views.

But here’s where it gets juicy. Normally in a 5-day period, Huha Undies would see:

  • $35,000 in sales
  • 380 orders
  • 1600 pairs of underwear sold
  • $8000 in customer acquisition

After their TikTok viral video, 5 days of sales brought:

  • $130,000 in sales (a 270% increase!)
  • 1382 orders (a 275% increase!)
  • 5204 pairs of underwear sold (a 307% increase!)
  • $0 in customer acquisition

If you’re still scratching your head about whether or not TikTok is right for your brand, it’s time to stop scratching. Try it out and start testing! You never know what’s going to take off on the platform.


“It was so easy to get up and running and I got my first subscription within 24 hours.”

Your subscription app should be just like your favorite yoga pants: seamless. 🧘

That’s why DTC Shopify brands choose Yotpo for simple, intuitive, and seamless subscription management. It’s quick to launch, easy to use, and fast to grow.

Plus, your customers will dig it, too!

Yotpo removes the friction of subscriptions by allowing shoppers to easily skip, cancel, or pause their subs. And we all know happier customers = better business.

So, got 8 minutes to spare?

🔓 Start unlocking more recurring revenue today (at no cost) with Yotpo.


Dynamic Headlines On Your Pages

The best creative team we know split-tested two landing pages so you don’t have to.

Steal these insights to fuel your creative decisions. 🔥

For Fathers Day, a split test was conducted between two pages. The first page had a countdown timer, and the second had dynamic headlines.

The team set up a custom script to have headlines change from to highlight the number of days shoppers had left to order before the shipping cutoff.

The page with dynamic headlines was changed daily. Here’s an example: “Don’t leave it to the last minute again – only 4 days left to order your gifts”.

The timer and the dynamic headlines were the only difference between the two pages… but man, oh man, did performance vary.

The test using dynamic headlines CRUSHED the timer in performance. When we say crushed, we mean it drove every 👏 single 👏 conversion.

If you haven’t tested dynamic copy on your pages yet, take this as a sign to give it a try.

If you don’t have the time to be testing, reach out. The team’s got you covered. 👌


Take your Shopify integrations to the next level!

No matter your target audience and business size, building an effective marketing and CX tech stack is essential for eCommerce success.

There's a MASSIVE opportunity for brands to offer more engaging customer experiences and tap into new sources of revenue, just by unlocking the power of best-in-class Shopify partners.

But you can’t just start building a tech stack willy-nilly – you gotta read up on AdRoll and partners' recent guide that gives you invaluable insights on how to:

  • 📈 Find new and powerful growth opportunities from Shopify Plus Certified App Partners.
  • 🔧 Utilize the advanced features and capabilities of your Shopify apps to help you achieve more sales and boost ROI
  • 💪 Uncover must-have insights and exclusive best practices for Shopify success

Ready to upgrade your Shopify brand with a tech stack that will have you countin' racks? 💸

👉 Read the full guide here.


🏆 The Winning Formula For Landing Pages 🏆

It’s not as easy to target potential customers as it was pre-iOS14.5 (thanks Zuck). 🙄 Now more than ever, you’re forced to put on your thinking hat to make conversions.

Getting up close and personal with your customers, and giving them all the tools and information they need to be comfortable enough to purchase, is a MUST.

The goal? Creating ads that reach your target consumer and peak curiosity enough to get them to the website and stay awhile!

Easier said than done. Ashvin Melwani, Co-Founder & CMO of Obvi,  posted 🧵 THE THREAD OF ALL THREADS 🧵, highlighting his formula for a successful landing page.

📝 What is a landing page’s purpose?

Landing pages are like a Disney storybook. They need to successfully take your consumer through a journey of why they absolutely need you (the knight in shining armor).

This is how he structured that journey: 👇

1️⃣ Display a hero image that directly highlights your product. The image should be accompanied by a strong hook/angle and an unbeatable offer.

2️⃣ Let shoppers know what problem your product is built to solve. Then transition the conversation into how your product is a solution!

3️⃣ Make it clear to visitors why your product is the best solution vs. your competitors.

4️⃣ Display quality reviews and testimonials, and use social proof to convince buyers that the product is a need and that people are already using it and loving it.

5️⃣ Show customers you’re committed to the success of your product in their life. Display your brand value propositions upfront and clearly. If you offer satisfaction guarantees, let people know—it could be the final push they need to purchase!

6️⃣ Feature your buy box. This is not the time to be subtle. Show users exactly how they can purchase the product!

7️⃣ Feature an FAQ that will educate your audience on your product. Use your FAQ to answer what have set out to be the most common questions for your past customers. Having answers upfront gives shoppers both brand and product purchase confidence.  

🧱 Create a landing page without a bunch of resources

You don’t have to break the bank to create a winning landing page! It’s all about utilizing already accessible information and details. Try:  

  • Researching competitors
  • Seeing what your favorite brand's landing pages look like
  • Reading up on the best practices for landing pages

Then you pull up those socks and start crafting!

Once you’ve built out four entirely different styles of landing pages and tested them all, you’ll find a winner in no time.

But the journey doesn’t end there! It’s time to make it better… But how?

  1. Glam it up: Make your landing page look and feel smoother and more approachable. This includes crisping up the images and ensuring your page's features are unique and creative.
  2. Improve page load time: Page speed matters! If your page load time is slow, it affects your customer experience, bounce rate, and revenue. We discovered a useful free tool worth checking out that can automatically determine the speed of your brand’s site.
  3. A/B testing: Your customers are constantly evolving, and your landing page should too! Test multiple different elements such as headlines, reviews, and UGC content, so you structure your page based on your customer's current wants and needs

Once you nail down your landing page, you’ll really start to see an improvement in your CPA.

Where have you seen success in your landing pages? If you have any other tips that we missed, reply to this email and let us know!


🚨 Convert skeptical visitors into new customers by placing the Norton Shopping Guarantee on your checkout page. Want to try it out? They promise 10:1 ROI in your first 90 days or your money back–their guarantee is guaranteed!!*

💸 Appsmith, a low-code platform for building business apps, lands $41M.

🐦 Twitter recently announced the re-launch of its ‘Chirp’ Developer conference.

🤝 Musk has outlined his final steps required to consummate the Twitter Deal.

🤖 eBay acquires an NFT marketplace named KnownOrigin for terms are currently undisclosed.



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