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August 14, 2023
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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

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1. Omni-channel marketing strategies from Feastables

We speak with Joseph Siegel, the Director of Retention at Feastables and pioneer in omni-channel marketing. His efforts in online visibility, SMS campaigns, and community nurturing helped create an innovative and seamless customer experience like no other.

Find out how Feastables elevates their approach to SMS marketing, how a surprise discount became a successful top-of-funnel initiative, and why the development of in-house tech is so important for a delightful customer experience.

Check out our write up or listen to the full episode with Joseph here.

2. The #1 way to improve results from your ads is by shipping better creatives. *

For most teams, media buyers speak in numbers and spreadsheets. Meaning if creatives want to understand performance metrics, they can't. So brands and agencies turn to Motion to bridge this gap, analyze creative performance, and ship more winning ads.

No more spreadsheets and trying to find patterns in Ads Manager. Motion answers questions like (1) "What are the best-performing ads this week? (2) Are static ads working better or videos? (3) Which hooks are killing it?"

Start your free 14-day trial here. Or Book a demo for a free report bundle, including the Top Creative Investment Report, Video Hook & Hold Report, and Performance & Storytelling Metrics Report.

Get custom reports based on the analytics you'd like to discover. Remove the awkward guesswork and get a clear picture of your ad performance with Motion.

3. Craft a compelling story that sells

We all know a good story when we hear one. From our childhood favorites to watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the elements of a functional story are largely the same.

A captivating story is much more difficult to craft when it’s about your for-profit brand. We’ve got the story-telling essentials you need to convert your story from a snore to a score!

Get a solid story-crafting strategy here.

4. Your customer won't wait around for your website to load. *

Mobile apps are the fastest way for your customer to shop. So if you're a business owner with a Shopify store, you need a product like SHOPPY to craft an intuitive and responsive experience.

Research finds that increasing speed by just 1 second will increase order value by 9.2%, Conversion Rate by 8.4 %, and decrease bounce rate by 75%.

SHOPPY allows you to create your mobile app with 0 technology skills easily. Creating a mobile platform that customers are more likely to remain loyal to, meaning more sales for you. Find out more here!

5. Twitter has been visually rebranded to ‘X’ following an announcement on Monday

The famous bird logo has been replaced with an "X," symbolizing Twitter’s vision of turning into an "everything app." The transition to X reflects the centering of the platform around audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking, all powered by artificial intelligence.

The company has already changed its name to X Corp., and the website domain X.com now directs users to Twitter's homepage.

The rebrand marks a significant shift in Twitter's identity under current leadership and, showcases their ambition to transform it into a versatile and AI-driven platform with a broader range of features beyond traditional ‘tweeting.’

Read up on an initial report here.

⚡ Quick Hits

🏆 This is the #1 Shopify Landing Page Builder. PageFly is no joke and is trusted by 180,000+ businesses worldwide. Effortlessly customize your online store down to the smallest detail. *

🤖 AI creative that converts. Treat’s AI generates on-brand ad creative and lifestyle photography that resonates with your best customers to help you acquire more of them. Here's how! *

🦾 AI Webinar Tomorrow! Join expert discussion to learn how to achieve true personalization and automate conversion rate optimization by combining Predictive AI and Generative AI. LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER. *

🎵 TikTok expanded text-based posts to all users. Formats include Stickers, Tags, hashtags, background colors, sound, and drafts to help streamline the creation process.

📈 Post-purchase surveys have been introduced by TikTok for brands to better understand their audience. A partnership has been formed with KnoCommerce and Fairing to add more data to the platform’s analytics.

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