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June 21, 2023
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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Hello hello, and happy Wednesday! We’re back with another condensed version of DTC.

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1. Limitless potential from a tapestry of insights.

  • This week on the DTC Podcast, we were joined by Jeremy Kopek, cofounder of Noa Home. Noa Home is a game-changing digital-first furniture company revolutionizing how we decorate our living spaces.
  • To get a behind-the-scenes look at building Noa from the ground up, steering the ship through the COVID-19 pandemic, and leveraging brand partnerships, click here to read or click here to listen to the episode!

2. US businesses must know these top four things before shipping to Canada.*

  • Forward-thinking US-based brands are looking to expand internationally to grow their revenue streams. The first and easiest target? Canada
  • But before you start successfully shipping to the Great White North, there are four key things US businesses need to know.
  • They would need to learn the total Canadian e-Commerce market opportunity, the importance of transparent pricing at checkout, Shipping options to Canada, and all the Rules and regulations you have to know.
  • That's why Passport created this handy guide that covers everything we just mentioned and everything you need to expand successfully. Download the eBook here!

3. Why your Amazon listings should be more than just a pretty picture.

  • The Pilothouse Amazon team dives into why your Amazon listing images should be more than just product pictures on a white background.
  • Your images have the ability to (1) address pain points, (2) highlight product benefits, and (3) combat an objection with the goal of increased sales.
  • For inspiration and examples of brands crushing their listing images on Amazon, click here.

4. Stop gambling with your marketing budget with insights from the 2023 US Media Consumption Report*

  • Your media spend should be based on hard facts and data instead of hunches and guesses.
  • Being informed on the most popular genres of podcasts, the fastest-growing TV streaming platforms, and where most of the population is listening to music (hint: it's not Spotify).
  • Let you confidently build an advertising plan to reach your target audience on the highest-ROI channels.
  • Attest's new 2023 US Consumption Report is our recommended way to find all the insights and more! Get your copy here!

5. Alibaba announces new CEO and chairman in major management reshuffle.

  • China's Alibaba Group is undergoing a major management reshuffle and restructuring into six business divisions to adapt to changing technologies.
  • Eddie Wu will succeed Daniel Zhang as CEO, while Zhang will become CEO and chairman of Alibaba's cloud computing unit, expected to be listed within a year.
  • Joseph Tsai, Alibaba's current executive vice chairman, will become the chairman of Alibaba Group, and the reorganization will allow most business divisions to raise outside capital and go public. Click here for the full scoop.

6. Outside the content box: more ways to use ChatGPT.

  • On Monday, we dove into using GPT for code. Today, we explore how Chat GPT can elevate your customer service support and streamline your data analysis.
  • If you’re looking to become an AI wizard and want the full deets on how to use it for data and support, click here.

7. Hacked Reddit data to be published unless API changes are dropped, hackers say.

  • The BlackCat ransomware group hacked into Reddit servers, gaining access to internal documents and codes, but there was no evidence of breached user accounts or production systems.
  • The group is now demanding $4.5 million and the reversal of API pricing changes, threatening to publish 80GB of stolen data if their demands are unmet.
  • What specific data was stolen remains unclear, but BlackCat claims it includes user statistics and information about Reddit's censorship practices. Click here to read more.

⚡ Quick Hits

🤔 "Anonymous" vs "Known" Users. 86% of ecomm users “checkout as a guest”—but "known" users see 129.9X more purchases. Here's how to convert those users + more industry engagement trends! *

👽 Reddit users evolve their protesting strategies following recent API changes to the platform. By altering the content of popular subreddits, casual users are likely pushed away from the platform.

🐦 Twitter develops a plan to stop brands “trendjacking” with replies on trending Tweets. This could limit the artificial growth strategies of some brands on the platform.

✅ Get exclusive access to Pilothouse's strategic blueprint for Meta account simplification at DTCx Northbeam's Media Buyer Summit. Click here to register for the June 28th virtual event and join brands like Sur La Table, TikTok, Hexclad, and more! *

🤖 Google tells staff to stop using code generated by Bard for internal purposes. Alphabet wants to ensure that “delicate code” is not referenced by the AI.

📺 Youtube TV begins placing ads within “Zen Mode.” Users have noted that the experience is disruptive and compromising.

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