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June 19, 2023
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Hello hello! Welcome back to another Wednesday edition of DTC. 😃 Today’s newsletter may look a little different… but we promise it’s all the same DTC information you’ve come to know and love. ❤️

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1. Turning bedrooms into snuggle-central with Vivian McCormick, co-founder of Wilet

  • Tune into the newest episode of the DTC Podcast, where Vivian McCormick gives the inside scoop on what it takes to rebrand (and craft a new name from scratch!).
  • Listen for all the re-brand details as well as Wilet’s influencer strategy through whitelisting. Click here to read more, or click here for the full episode!

2. Understanding 2023 media trends is the key to your marketing ROI. We recommend Attests new report.*

  • Are newspapers having a resurgence? Is Spotify still the king of music streaming? How is a potential TikTok ban affecting Americans' use of the platform?
  • These questions could make or break your marketing plan in 2023. All the answers (and more) are in Attests 2023 US Media Consumption Report,
  • Find out which platforms are on the rise. The overall trends consumers seek, tips, and actual data to strategize your budget this year.
  • This report might change your 2023 marketing plan. Read it now.

3. Have you tried out Photoshop generative fill?

  • Adobe recently released Generative Fill — a tool that allows users to expand images through either text prompts or AI.
  • For details on how to access Generative Fill and the ten steps you need to take to get your new image in tip-top shape, read the full article here!

4. Download this guide for the 5 simple techniques every marketer should know to unlock AI marketing magic.*

  • You're already lagging if you're not using AI to improve your marketing game. But we get it, there's so much content out there to digest, and so much of it is the same.
  • That's why the Tresl Segments team has sifted through the noise and reviewed dozens of research papers on prompt engineering to bring you 5 essential prompt techniques every DTC marketer must know.
  • This guide is short but packed with tips and examples from actual companies. So you can see it work.
  • Download the guide today and bring some AI magic to your ecommerce company.

5. Dial in your competitor ASIN Campaigns

  • The Pilothouse Amazon team revealed that you should be running low bids with high product page multipliers on competitor ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) campaigns.
  • A little lost? No worries! Click here to read all about what this means for your reach and competitiveness in a crowded market.

⚡ Quick Hits

📈 Using Klaviyo or Meta? Black Crow AI’s Smart ID turns your performance marketing into a profitability flywheel - even after iOS 14.5 and ITP. See for yourself with a 30-day free trial. *

📺 YouTube lowers the barriers to the Partner Program. Eligible creators must have 500 subscribers, 3 public uploads in the last 90 days, and 3k watch hours or 3m Shorts views.

👽 Reddit is facing protests from its communities over increased API pricing. Affected communities consist of 2.7b users, which could affect engagement levels on the platform.

🎵 TikTok publishes the Creative Codes for success on the platform. These 6 insights offer further guidance to create appealing content and grow your following.

🐤 Twitter’s new restrictions for DMs aim to combat spam messaging. Most notably, Blue subscribers will be the only users able to request a DM thread with another user who doesn’t follow them.


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