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August 14, 2023
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Monday, July 24, 2023

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1. Unboxing the Unboxing Experience

A product’s packaging is so much more than a means of safe and reliable transport. Social media has transformed packaging and unboxing into a goldmine of content for all DTC brands.

We’ve got the ‘deets to dazzle your consumers, embrace the monumental trend of unboxing videos, and curate a growing community of hyped-up fans.

Check out our write-up in here.

2. 127 days until Black Friday. Are you ready?

The Superbowl of ecom is quickly approaching.

If you don’t have 100% confidence in your growth partner heading into the biggest sales weekend of the year, now is the time to ask hard questions.

If your current agency (1) isn’t creating value through rapid iteration of winning ad creative/campaigns, (2) isn’t truly aligned to your profit goals, (3) isn’t creating a plan to maximize profits in Q4, then you need to explore your options.

Pilothouse's support helped smash revenue records for brands like Big Blanket, Fellow, and Songfinch over the BFCM weekend. If you want to know more about their strategy and join the club, book a free call with their team.

3. AKNF 321: Mastering TikTok Advertising

This week’s AKNF podcast dives into the current vibe on TikTok to understand why it’s so different from other social media platforms.

Find out why TikTok is the new television, how it allows you to break the rules of marketing, and how brands can lean into the new TikTok experience with the Ad and Content teams from Pilothouse.

They’ve got the data on how users actually engage with the TikTok app, so you can create marketing strategies that lean into users’ habits.

You won't want to miss this one so listen up here.

4. Explore AI-generated creative that actually converts.*

As creative elements become the new frontier for targeting, the rise of AI-generated creative content is unmistakable. Many brands are now delving into the capabilities of genAI tools, enabling swift production and testing of ad creatives.

This is why we are excited about Treat AI. They uncover design concepts that resonate with your best customers. Then effortlessly generate on-brand, high-converting, ad creative, and lifestyle photography.

With Treat AI, you can cut down on creative costs and lengthy creative meetings while effortlessly generating and testing new ad creative faster. Get AI ad creative that converts with Treat AI.

5. All-star accessibility advice from Creative Director Selina Eshraghi

Your site accessibility is crucial in securing more sales and elevating your LTV. Check out these tools to see how small improvements to your site can make a big difference.👇

Google Lighthouse can check your website for code optimization issues. Brands often overlook the importance of proper nomenclature and tagging in their HTML files.

WCAG and ADA compliance allows your site to be legible and delightful to navigate.

For a quick tip about alt text and more resources to ace your accessibility, check out Selina’s thread here.

⚡ Quick Hits

🎟 15% Off High-Grade UGC. Top brands use minisocial for their UGC solutions. With high-quality, fully licensed content from micro-influencers and zero commitment, it's the ticket you need to grow your brand.

🤖 Expert Level AI Webinar this Thursday. Automate CRO and deliver authentic personalized shopping experiences by combining Predictive AI + Generative AI. Last chance to register!

🧵 A significant drop in user retention on Threads urges Meta to develop additional features and quality-of-life improvements. Meta responded with tips for growth on the platform and a new update.

🎵 TikTok released an Ads Starter Guide to help brands find their place on the platform. Brands can answer five short questions to quickly start building their presence on TikTok.

📺 Youtube announces changes to channel permissions. Permissions were previously accessible exclusively through Youtube Studio but have now been extended to Youtube’s desktop and mobile platforms.

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