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July 24, 2023
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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

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📦 TAXA Outdoors, Garrett Finney: Digital meets dealership, NASA Architect goes out of home for real

📦 Why 75% of marketing projects fail

📦 Flaunt your product’s versatility

📦 Acquiring customers with UGC on TikTok

📦 Advertising in YouTube lineups

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In this episode of the DTC podcast, Garrett Finney, Founder and CEO of TAXA Outdoors, discusses how the company is revolutionizing the camper trailer industry by adopting a DTC approach and embracing technology. The key takeaways: 👇

1️⃣ Halting the haggle: TAXA's innovative sales approach is inspired by the shift toward a DTC and omnichannel model, eliminating traditional haggling in favor of a seamless buying experience. Tesla's success in bypassing the dealership model serves as a prime example of how the automotive industry is evolving. As a result, even small dealerships must adapt and enhance their customer interactions.

2️⃣ Cutting-edge collabs: To expand reach, TAXA partners with complementary DTC brands like Athletic Brewing and Topo Designs. These collaborations introduce TAXA's products to wider audiences and connect with consumers interested in niche markets. Collaborating with compatible brands also helps reinforce shared social and outdoor missions.

3️⃣ Effective social media investment: Given an extra $50,000, Finney would invest in tailored content for social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, focusing on the different moods and needs of potential customers throughout the year. He emphasizes the importance of showcasing diverse experiences, from epic National Park trips to everyday adventures.

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This is why 75.0% of marketing projects fail

🙋 Lack of customer understanding.

So, if you want your projects to be included in the pool of success, you need to get to know your consumers better.

AKA, you’ve gotta do your research.

92.6% of US marketers say that expectations for teams are at the highest. And 93.1% say their market is more competitive.

You could devote time and effort to gather your own data, spend big bucks hiring a consumer research agency…

Or you could use Attest.

Their easy-to-use platform takes the time, effort, and cost out of consumer research.

  • 🖱️ With just a few clicks, you can reach 125 million consumers across 58 countries
  • ⏲️ Get your verified results in 48 hrs
  • 🤑 And it’s FREE to get started

Attest’s data is also triple-checked for accuracy, so you can feel comfortable using it to make big decisions.

👉 Get the unfair advantage that comes with access to great research.


Versatility is Vital

Chances are, your product is not only for single use in one specific scenario. That means your brand has the chance to show potential shoppers how versatile your product can be!

The Pilothouse creative team is running an ad for jewelry client Olive & Piper that does just that. 👇

The creator speaks over a screen-recorded video using the TikTok greenscreen feature. The key here? Show the product right up front and flaunt its versatility.

The hook in this ad focused on the premise that the earrings are perfect for “everyday or special occasions.”

👀 The results?

The Pilothouse team saw:

  • A 269% increase in month-over-month sales for this product
  • A 49% decrease in cost per action
  • A 74.7% increase in return on ad spend
  • A 210% increase in units sold when running the same creative format for a different SKU

Happy testing! 👋


Looking to learn how to use UGC on TikTok to Acquire Customers?

👋 Say hello to user-generated content (UGC) and visual user-generated content (VUGC) from the experts at Cohley! 😎

Cohley's highly successful TikTok Creative Brief Template and creator-led TikTok content strategies have helped thousands of brands achieve scroll-stopping, thumb-mashing campaigns. 🚀

Now you can access this information and more at their upcoming webinar, presented in conjunction with TikTok and Yotpo. Prepare to learn:

  • The best-performing content on TikTok
  • How to engage TikTok creators and incorporate UGC into your strategy
  • How to extend your UGC and VUGC beyond TikTok to benefit both your brand and your customers

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Advertising in YouTube Lineups

YouTube's latest enhancement, "Lineups," allows marketers to advertise based on users' musical preferences, ensuring that they reach the right demographic. By curating Shorts Feeds according to the music within each video, YouTube aims to engage viewers by providing content tailored to their tastes.

To leverage this feature, marketers can follow these steps:

🧠 Develop or expand user personas: Incorporate musical preferences into existing personas or create new ones based on specific types of music. This will help your brand target specific demographics that are most engaged with their favorite music.

🎵 Watch music videos: Music videos are filled with visual motifs and design elements that appeal to specific fan bases. Emulate these visuals in your ads to subconsciously engage viewers who recognize their favorite artist's aesthetic.

💅 Stay trendy: Keep updated on the latest trends, dances, visuals, and vocabulary to include in your ads. By putting a unique twist on a trend, your brand can create memorable content that resonates with fans of any music genre.

Advertising within YouTube Lineups can help your brand reach new audiences and ensure your products align with their tastes. By leveraging the power of music, marketers can foster a connection with consumers, paving the way for lifelong brand loyalty.

Quick Hits

🐥 Twitter has difficulty identifying verified users who earned it versus those who paid for it. Checkmarks will be removed from accounts that don’t pay for them, affecting their presence in the “For You” feed.

📷 Instagram and Facebook NFTs will be deactivated on April 11. This follows Meta’s previously announced shift away from the Metaverse and NFTs into AI-focused research.

📓 LinkedIn adds an algorithm to boost suggested posts. You will now see more suggested posts in your feed to expand your network. Or, as a creator, you’ll likely see more invitations to connect with others and impressions.

🔎 Google adds new travel features to help you save money on accommodations. Properties will have a swipeable feed of images supported by flight price guarantees and forecasting.

🔒 Passkeys are the latest development in online security. Google, Apple, and Microsoft are on board to adopt more ways to protect your information and make passwords a thing of the past.

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