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May 21, 2023
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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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📦 Establishing the foundation of loyalty with Bluecore

📦 Simple, subtle nods in your creative stills

📦 Generating engaging UGC content with Minisocial

📦 How to use dynamic content in your email campaigns

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What is dynamic content?

The generic definition = any digital content that changes based on data and user signals.

More concretely, dynamic content is the answer to your personalization prayers. 🙏

Dynamic content is the key to overcoming Generic Marketing Syndrome and helps you display unique, highly-personalized messages to diverse members of your audience.

With dynamic content, DTC brands can:

  • Change images and ad copy on a website/email to match the geo-location of subscribers (airlines do this).
  • Switch out product content based on what a customer has already purchased.
  • Map unique content to customers in different stages of the buyer journey.

Check out these examples of brands crushing dynamic content:

⏫ American Tall

American Tall starts its dynamic content journey by asking subscribers if they’re interested in receiving content for men, women, or both.

This simple question can help American Tall collect relevant user data.

Here’s how they do it 👇

It filters subscribers based on their responses and puts them into a personalized preference-based welcome flow by creating one email but switching out content blocks to match user data.

(Added bonus! The rest of the subscribers' email flows and future content will match the subscribers’ predetermined preferences.) 🥳

For more on American Tall and examples of brands using dyamic content to their advantage, keep reading here! 🔥


Retention is important — but loyalty is essential

When retailers focus on snagging that initial purchase — and that’s usually their aim — they’re inclined to overlook a massive opportunity: the opportunity to strategize around what comes next.

Every time your shoppers make a purchase, they become more likely to buy again. 🔁

Second-time buyers are 57% more likely to buy than first-time buyers– with a 101% increase in lifetime value!

It's time to prioritize what happens after the first purchase. Doing so will help your brand form longevity and forge loyalty.

Discover how to keep your shoppers for life with Bluecore’s Retail Marketer’s Guide to Loyalty and establish the foundation you need to:

  • Identify three key behaviors shoppers need to achieve to be considered loyal
  • To ensure shoppers never get brand burnout
  • Build a dynamic lifetime plan for each individual shopper

👉 Learn how to keep your customers on the hook.


Less is more: Leave space for users to connect the dots

Here's what the Pilothouse Creative  team thinks: 👇

The ads above are both minimal and impactful. The single product/focus with tons of breathing room is easily digestible and clean for users scrolling to make a connection.

This McDonalds Father's Day ad features one of their hamburgers looking like the bald head most of us know and love.

The coffee ad uses their imagery and copy to show that drinking their product will enhance your creative efforts. Their use of a coffee bean as a brain is brilliant.

When thinking about your future creatives, remember how impactful it can be to use a product as a subtle nod to something most are familiar with.


Jump start your TikTok with UGC!

TikTok dances and trend-chasing not cutting it for your brand? 👯

Minisocial can help you, and your brand generate engaging UGC content that you can repurpose while partnering with dozens of micro-influencers on TikTok!

The proof is in the pudding 🍮

Brands like:

Spotlight Oral Care: Scaled their TikTok micro-influencer campaign with minisocial and saw a single post generate over 5 million views.

Loop’s masks reached out to creators to share why they incorporate loops into their beauty routine. The campaign generated over 50 assets, which they then repurpose as organic TikTok's and Instagram Reels.

Jot worked with minisocial creators to produce TikTok-style content to build a library of organic posts for their social channels.

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📺 Instagram is removing in-stream video advertisements.

👯‍♂️ TikTok is breaking records with in-app spending.

📖 Tiktok is releasing a new marketing education initiative.  

📱 Twitter plans to launch new advertising formats.

📈 Apps are being used more, and global ad spend jumped in Q1.



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