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August 14, 2023
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Friday, July 28, 2023

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1.  Twitter offer discounts on ad packages

It’s no secret that Twitter’s rebrand to "X" could have a negative impact on the public’s perception of the platform’s stability. The rebrand also carries the weight of lost brand recognition, which could influence a marketer’s spending decisions.

In response, Twitter/X is trying to win back ad partners and emphasize the benefits of their ads. The newly amplified ad campaigns within the app are meant to increase reach and enhance the value of their ad offerings.

Ad partners can take advantage of up to a 50% discount to maintain their alignment with the app. Twitter/X has been reported exploring new opportunities with larger brands.

Despite these efforts, Twitter's ad business is still facing challenges, with total ad revenue down 50% year-over-year. The debt is affecting the business, with Musk having loaded $13B in bank loans, leading to significant interest payments each year.

Click here to read up on further details.

 2. Here's how the biggest Shopify Plus brands are protecting their stores this holiday season. *

90% of store issues (dead links, broken add-to-cart buttons, etc.) are human errors, and the average store makes thousands of theme updates every month.

Uptime makes it easy to monitor, detect, and resolve issues on your Shopify store through automated UI testing, real-time Shopify platform & app outage alerts, and more.

Brands like Mr. Beast's Feastables, Soylent, OVO, Reef, Nike, Madhappy, and hundreds more trust Uptime to protect revenue and ad spend, by detecting store issues in real-time, saving over 9 hours per month from manual QA testing, not to mention decreasing lost customers due to bad experiences.

With the 2023 holiday season around the corner, if you're not 100% confident in your store protection, then it's time to get Uptime. Plus, for a limited time, DTC readers can get 25% off.

3. Harness the power of nudge marketing to boost conversions

Nudge marketing is a powerful strategy that leverages subtle sensory cues to influence consumer behavior. Colors and audio play a significant role in this tactic.

For example, yellow evokes optimism and red creates urgency in your ads while catchy background tunes and jingles shape consumers’ perception and sway purchase decisions.

Our write-up has all the hot tips you need to make a lasting impression on your consumers and steer purchase decisions.

Click here for the ‘deets.

4. You have marketing problems? We give you solutions! *

Imagine this. Instead of being offered a solution, what if somebody simply asked you your problem and then gave you the perfect solution?

If it sounds like magic, we assure you it's not. This is exactly what Bloomreach's Use Case Library does. They’ve collected all of the most common and hardest use cases, so you can explore the limitless solutions to whatever marketing challenges you face.

We don't say this lightly, but this is a resource every marketer should be looking at. So grab your problems, dive in, and start getting solutions.

5.  Meta Ads Test Results featuring a 20% increase in ROAS

This week’s All Killer No Filler podcast brings the results of Pilothouse’s latest pod test with brands who seek a jump in their Meta Ads Campaign performance.

The series of tests included a comparison between bid cap and cost cap strategies, pushing the limits of Meta’s campaign automation, and some experimentation with custom frames on ad carousels.

Check out the write up or the full breakdown in this week’s AKNF.

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🏠 Build an in-house commission-only influencer marketing program. Like Lululemon & Gymshark but at a lower cost. SARAL installs this system into your brand, automating your influencer marketing. Schedule your meeting here. *

👽 Reddit tests new “Official” labels as concerns continue to rise in the interest of verified content. Users will notice the new label on select profiles.

🧵 Threads adds a Following tab for users to see the content of accounts they’re interested in. Threads’ previous recommendation methods significantly dampened the retention rate of the platform.

🪟 Microsoft’s latest earnings release highlights their cloud services driving continued growth. Search and advertising revenue increased about 8% excluding acquisition costs.

👻 Snapchat’s user base reaches nearly 400M as detailed by their Q2 investor letter. The company also reports more active advertisers in the same period.

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