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June 5, 2023
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Friday, May 26, 2023

Think it’s not your department's problem? Surprise, it is! 😂

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📦 The psychological reason we’re willing to pay extra for guac (and how this impacts your email upsell strategy)

📦 Is your current agency leaving your hard-earned money on the table?

📦 Four examples of effective email upsells

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Understanding The Psychology Behind Upsells

Upselling is the art of “selling up” by promoting higher-tier versions, upgrades, or add-ons.

👉 Free-range eggs are cool, but how about organic, pastured, AND grade AA eggs for $1.99 more?

👉 Don’t get stuck in the middle. Secure that airplane window seat in advance for an extra $20!

👉 Or how about the ~ultimate~ upsell: adding guac?

The question is, why do we so readily toss out cash for a bit of slightly spicy mashed avocado? 🥑 (Other than the fact that it’s delicious, obviously!)

It all comes down to psychology.

When we see a premium, more expensive version of something, we intrinsically believe it’s better and worth the extra cost.

Higher price = higher quality.

🧠  Upsells tap into this human wiring. They encourage a shopper to spend more on a purchase by offering more value – whether that’s higher-quality materials, extra features, complementary add-ons, extended warranties, etc.

Now, you’re probably already doing some form of upselling on your website. Heck, adding upsells to your checkout process is as easy as installing a Shopify app.

But are you using emails to upsell, too?

You should be. Here’s why.

💰 Why you need an upsell email strategy

1️⃣ Target existing customers, who are 65% more likely to buy from you than new customers.

2️⃣ Send uber-personalized product recommendations based on past purchases, interests, demographics, and any other customer data you can access.

In fact, you can and should personalize upsells, as 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that “remember” their preferences and provide them with relevant offers. 💡


The Right Team Can Make or Break Your Brand

💥 Is the absolute best team working for your brand?

If you feel that:

  • Your current agency isn’t focused on moving the needle
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  • They’re leaving your money on the table
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Pop Quiz: Should You Upsell After an Abandoned Cart?

🔎 Let’s see some examples…

Upselling in an email takes a bit of strategy and finesse since you won’t have the convenience of reaching the customer in the middle of a purchase like on-site apps can.

But if you can master the art and timing of an email with an upsell, you’ll be rollin’ in the guac in no time. 🥑

Here are a few examples of how to incorporate upsells into your email marketing!

🛒 Use upsells in your browse and cart abandonment flows

If a shopper left your site, the right upsell may be just the ticket to bring them back to buy. If your browse and cart abandonment flows don’t include upsells already, this is the perfect place to start.


Dollar Shave Club’s browse abandonment email delivers an upsell opportunity with three membership levels. Those bearded-blessed fellas looking for a premium shaving experience can upgrade to “The Executive.” 🧔

People love having options, so offering price choices can be an effective way to upsell!

⌛ Highlight upsells at the end of a free trial or when it’s time to renew

Customers are especially primed to upgrade at the end of a free trial or when it's time to renew a subscription or membership. Use your renewal reminder emails as an opportunity to upsell to a paid or premium service.


This email from Grammarly does two things well (other than having impeccable grammar, of course):

1) Clearly illustrates the additional value of upgrading to Premium, and 2) combines the upsell with a limited-time offer to make it even more attractive! 💸

🍎 Launch upgrades to existing products

Creating new-and-improved versions of existing products is another ripe upsell opportunity (heck, this is Apple’s entire business model 😂).


This is a great example of how to position a direct upsell to an existing product: not by downplaying the older version, but by highlighting all the ways the new product rocks.


Customers Are Willing to Spend More to Get More — Offer More!

🎁 Combine upsells with bonus offers

To make upsells extra enticing, combine them with additional value like free shipping or discounted add-ons. Send these emails as seasonal campaigns or as a re-engagement strategy.


Evernote makes their upsell to a Plus or Premium membership extra juicy with a free six-month add-on. They also briefly describe what you’re getting with the upgrade (more space, devices, and features). However, it would be nice to see more details on the additional value.


KiwiCo offers a free book when you upgrade to a Deluxe subscription. We love how they lead with the free add-on in the header and then move into the upsell.

💡 Remember: customers are willing to spend more to get more.💡

Just think about the guac.


  • Upsells tap into our innate psychology of wanting a more premium experience or product and being willing to pay a higher price.
  • When “selling up,” focus on the additional provided, such as higher-quality materials, extra features, longer warranties, complementary add-ons, etc.
  • Emails work well for upselling because you can target existing customers with highly personalized recommendations.
  • Some ways to incorporate upsells into your emails:
  • Browse/cart abandonment flows
  • At the end of a free trial or renewal period
  • When a new product or upgrade launches
  • Bundled with additional offers

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