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August 24, 2023
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Monday, August 21, 2023

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1. Feed the lead gen machine just in time for Q4

Consumers are very aware of the usual discounts that appear during Q4 and the BF/CM season, meaning there’s an inevitable lull in sales in the weeks leading up to the busiest time of year…but don’t fret! It’s the perfect time to strategize for your most successful Q4 yet.

Generate more leads leading up to BF/CM with our tips backed by exclusive data from the Pilothouse Meta team.

Check out our write-up here.

2.  Have you heard our latest podcasts?

📧 AKNF 331 - Jogo's Retention Bootcamp - The Welcome Series (2 of 3)

💥 Ned Samuelson - Criteo: Critical Q4 Tips

🐶 Jordan Karcher - Grounds and Hounds Co.: Spilling the Coffee Beans on Product-Centric 8-Figure Growth

🤖 Ben Kruger: Opening Pandora's Search Box: Google vs AI

🏗️ AKNF 329 - Jogo's Retention Bootcamp: The Pristine Data Framework (Part 1 of 3)

🤖 Shauli Mizrahi - REP: Unveiling the Future of E-Commerce with AI-Powered Concierges

3. Magic Spoon's budget approach to creating over 200 fully-licensed assets (all under $6k) *

We all know that user generated content (UGC) yields immense results by captivating audiences and increasing ROI. Magic Spoon recently used minisocial to create UGC at scale without breaking the bank.

minisocial connects brands with talented micro-influencers who craft compelling, fully-licensed content and share it across their social channels. A win-win: you get top-notch content and influencers showcase your products with their highly engaged audience.

minisocial stands out from the crowd by streamlining your marketing strategy. No commitments, just fully-managed campaigns, allowing you to focus on other priorities while catering to your always-on UGC needs. Still unsure? Check out Magic Spoon's content and case study!

Get started with 15% off on your first campaign from minisocial!

4.  Elevate your marketing with a few new Chrome Extensions

Google has made it very easy to expand the possibilities of your Chrome browser to fit your needs. 🤓

There are thousands of marketing tools available on the Chrome Web Store, so where is a brand to begin?

We have a list of useful Extensions to refine your workflow and take the busy work out of your day-to-day operations.

Check out our list here.

5. Transform your marketing strategy with this simple solution.*

Thirty days post-implementation, Kinder Beauty saw a 79% rise in incremental revenue, a 39% drop in CPA, and a 29% increase in ROAS.

Kinder Beauty faced problems with their Meta campaigns post Safari's ITP and other privacy updates. They began looking for ways to engage new customers without relying on margin-sapping promotions.

So, they integrate Black Crow AI's Smart ID. This innovative solution transformed the way they recognized and reached their users.

Explore the Case Study and sign up for a free 30-day trial of Smart ID.

6. Spy on competitor creatives with Google’s Ad Transparency Center

The Ad Transparency Center helps users discover ads published across Google’s network including Youtube or Search Results and the Discover feed.

Marketing teams can use this tool to research ad details like when and where the ad was last shown, its format, and all of its variations. It could provide insight into how brands were able to optimize listings and creatives for their specific target audience.  

The Ad Transparency Center also allows users to control the ads they see and what information Google uses to personalize them.

Check out the tool here.

⚡ Quick Hits

Here is your answer to every marketing challenge. If you haven't yet, check out Bloomreach’s Use Case Library. Start with a problem, and end with a solution. It's that easy. *

✖️ X will remove “block” as a feature. Leadership refers to “blocking” as redundant when users can “mute” however many users raise privacy and safety concerns.

🧵 Threads releases more features while usership continues to decline. Quality of life features like Voice Notes and updates on the desktop application have been released to generate hype.

📸 Instagram released an infographic series about four key metrics to watch and improve your ads. Engagement, interaction, reach and impressions are all featured in the post.

🌴 Amazon asked creators for content to populate it’s Inspire shopping feed. Payouts for creators amount to about $25 per video and creators are reluctant to accept the offer.

👀 Banter

Hey, not everything can be sunshine and roses right? 😂


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