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July 19, 2023
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Monday, July 17, 2023

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1. Elevate your AOV and scale your Brand with advice from Ryan McKenzie

Youtuber (and DTC legend) Ryan McKenzie is back with the tactics used by 10-figure brands to help increase your average order value (AOV) and scale your brand out of a sales slump.

One common tactic is to discount products within the customer’s cart. These discounts come in many forms like one-click sales and bundles, but there are even more creative ways to streamline the upsell process in a flash!

Shipping thresholds, price anchoring, and discount ladders are other proven strategies to increase AOV before the customer even sees the cart page.

For more clever tricks and real-world examples of these strategies in action, check out Ryan’s video here.

2. Here's how top brands leverage micro-influencer campaigns for increased views.*

Brands like Super Coffee, Love Wellness, immi, and Ceremonia are crushing organic social thanks to an endless library of fresh content and an active micro-influencer community. All thanks to minisocial.

Spotlight Oral Care: seamlessly scaled their TikTok micro-influencer campaign to hundreds of creators - their campaign has generated over 6 million views!

Corkcicle: created content featuring their Commuter Cup and turned that content into Reels. Highlighting authentic customer experiences, they saw a 92% increase in views compared to similar studio content.

minisocial is arguably the most brand-friendly option out there with NO long-term commitments - plus, they're offering DTC readers 15% off to get started! Get your brand noticed with mini social.

3. Unlock your potential and spy on your competition

One of the best ways to improve your brand is to reflect on where your brand is, where you want it to be, and what’s holding you back.

Conducting a SWOT analysis can help your brand outline your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

For a walkthrough on how to conduct a SWOT analysis for your own brand and to spy on your competitors, click here for all the deets.

4. Explore AI-generated creative that actually converts.*

As creative elements become the new frontier for targeting, the rise of AI-generated creative content is unmistakable. Many brands are now delving into the capabilities of genAI tools, enabling swift production and testing of ad creatives.

This is why we are excited about Treat AI. They uncover design concepts that resonate with your best customers. Then effortlessly generate on-brand, high-converting, ad creative, and lifestyle photography.

With Treat AI, you can cut down on creative costs and lengthy creative meetings while effortlessly generating and testing new ad creative faster. Get AI ad creative that converts with Treat AI.

5. Don’t want to edit your TikTok robot voices in app?

Psssst… Here’s a quick tip from the Pilothouse team to start off your week.

Don’t want to edit your TikTok robot voices in app? The team has been using this site to type out a script and choose a voice. They’re the same robo-voices you’ll find in app, so just as organic!

To try it out for yourself, click here!

6. Twitter starts sharing ad revenue with verified creators

Twitter launched a program where creators can earn a share of ad revenue from ads shown in replies to their posts, with payouts totaling $5 million.

Eligible creators must be Twitter Blue subscribers and have earned over 5 million tweet impressions per month for three consecutive months. The payouts are based on tweet impressions, and some creators have reported substantial earnings.

However, there are limitations on the types of creators who can participate. Click here for more information on the Twitter ad revenue sharing.

⚡ Quick Hits

🔥 Having a faster Shopify theme equals more sales. With each second of additional page load time, conversion rates decrease on average by 2.11%. Get Blum - The fastest Shopify theme. *

🍎 Apple halts downloads of a Threads knockoff app. “Threads for Insta” became a popular AI-content generator in Europe where Threads has not yet been released.

🧵 A study shows that brands are receiving more engagement per post on Threads when compared to their activity on Twitter. Positive engagement metrics are up to 8x higher for some brands.

♾️ Meta blocks Threads access via VPN in Europe. Meta reiterated the EUs importance in their community promising further efforts to make it available globally in the future.

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