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May 21, 2023
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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Yeah… You’ll want to steal these Google Suite tips… 😅

We’ve seen their Facebook Ads and emails – now we’re onto breaking down Mejuri’s Google Suite!

We tapped the most gallant Google Team to bring us all the best insights on how Mejuri optimizes its searches.

In this newsletter, you’ll find: 👇

📦 How Mejuri uses custom path URLs

📦 Access more working capital instantly to fund inventory and ads with Plastiq

📦 Testing landing pages and driving shoppers to your best sellers lists

📦 Transforming your customer account portal into a brand engagement hub with Smartrr

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🗺 Location customization

If you’re not a US shopper, Mejuri hasn’t forgotten about you! In fact, they’ve gone the extra mile to make you feel special. ✨

They’ve implemented a fabulous feature on Google Ads to let you know they’ve got you covered. The feature? Custom path URLs.

Using the custom path URL feature on your ad accounts lets you customize what the URL looks like to shoppers in different geographical locations.

Mejuri uses this cleverly so we Canadian browsers can click with confidence that we’re being sent to the right page – and being shown the right prices!

Check out what it looks like up here for us in the great white north: 👇

Rest assured, we know they’ll deliver to us just based on the custom field in the URL. It feels more personalized this way, too.

If you want to implement this into your own accounts, you can rely on knowing that this feature is backed right into the ads’ building process. No fancy code or clicking around to get it implemented!

🔗 Great organization of sitelink extensions

Mejuri is killing the game with sitelink extensions. Each sitelink they use actually feels practical – it doesn’t feel like they’re just trying to take up excessive space with links that no browser would be inclined to click on.

We love that each extension has a quick, snappy, and informative description of what each page contains. Hello, higher conversion rate! 🤑

As much as we’re loving the geography-specific call-out in URLs, we’re noticing a trend in these brand breakdowns… Non-US locations get less extension usage.

If you compare the image from the previous section that we Canadians see with the image above, you’ll notice that we have:

  • No callout extensions
  • Half as many of the sitelinks

These features are free to use in the Google Suite and populate that sweet, sweet on-screen real estate with your business information.

We’re in the business of giving away marketing secrets, so here’s one for you: use callout extensions and sitelinks in various countries. They’re free and can increase your click-through rate at no extra cost!


Access More Working Capital Instantly to Fund Inventory and Ads

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get more cash for big expenses right when you need it most. Scale faster with Plastiq and the credit cards in your wallet.

Plastiq helps DTC brands shorten the cash conversion cycle by enabling later payment of large expenses such as inventory, advertising, and shipping costs via credit cards.

👉 Pay with Plastiq to float expenses cash up to 60 days.

“Plastiq can help you extend the time to pay off expenses so you can keep your burn rate down, and delay payment until after you’ve already made the sale.” – Ronak Shah, CEO, Obvi

“We use Plastiq to pay Vietnam vendors with a next-day wire transfer. Facebook ad spend for January doesn’t have to be paid off until April. ” – Jason Rappaport, UniversalStandard.com

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🏆 The great landing page

When clicking on a Mejuri ad for their branded name, we’re funneled right into their best sellers page. They know what shoppers are loving and are putting faith in the fact that you’ll love it too!

Showing possible first-time clickers your top-rated and best-selling products is a killer way to get shoppers’ eyes on the heavy-hitting products you know convert.

If your brand hasn’t played around with the Google Ads experiment feature yet, our glorious Google team HIGHLY recommends it.

In less than 5 minutes, you can have a super sleek setup that will send your desired percentage of clickers to a different landing page. Google will then let you compare the results and see if there’s any significant statistical differences!

If Mejuri isn’t already testing different landing pages, the experiment feature gets a big thumbs up from us! It’s a great way to peep in to the conversion rate differences between their best seller and different landing pages.

🛍 Shopping

When thinking of places to shop for jewelry, most people could name quite a few possibilities just from the top of their heads! It’s no surprise that on the shopping front, Mejuri is facing some competition. The bright side? They’re not being swamped.

Their features are definitely helping them swim amongst the competition. Mejuri’s reviews are fully integrated, which creates a base of consumer confidence and social proof.

Seeing their products with 10K 4.5–5 star reviews is all we need to get clicking! ⭐️

Although not a Google Suite feature, it’s evident that Mejuri puts great care into their overall aesthetic and product pictures. Their images are cohesive, aligned with their branding and vision, and use an off-white background to stand out from the competition.

Changing your product picture backgrounds from the far-too-often-seen white may just be the push your brand needs to increase your click-through rate!

The colored background, general polish, and care taken toward their product shots, makes them stand out from competitors. As a bonus, their price points are well in-line with the competition.


The Strongest Subscription Tool in the Shopify Ecosystem

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Smartrr to introduce the strongest subscription tool in Shopify's ecosystem.

Smartrr transforms your customer account portal into a brand engagement hub both for your one-time and recurring business. Along with your standard subscription management options such as swap, skip, and send now, their customer account portal offers:

  • Giftable subscriptions
  • Reward opportunities
  • Refer a friend initiatives
  • Loyalty programs
  • And more!

Brands that use Smartrr see 2x in subscription revenue in just 90 days and an 15x increase in CLTV.

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📈 Organic vs. paid traffic growth

Mejuri has seen consistent year-over-year growth on the organic side for the past couple of years. When they started blowing up on the organic front, they scaled their paid traffic accordingly.

You may be surprised to know that Mejuri hasn’t kept up with their paid scaling.

Their paid traffic is actually lower now than it was in late 2019 or early 2020, despite climbing the ranks in organic traffic.

With how well thought-out their landing page setup is, and how in-line their prices are with competitors of similar caliber, we think it’s a perfect chance to scale paid traffic alongside their organic growth to see where Google Ads can take them.

This would also be a great opportunity for Mejuri to open up to YouTube ads, because we certainly didn’t get any for them while doing this deep dive!

📊 Organic rankings

Mejuri consistently ranks first for “piercing studio” organic searches – their highest-traffic #1 ranking (33K monthly searches!) – and it has a bang-up landing page to match.

There’s an ever-present “book now” button on the bottom left of the page. This means, the option to book an appointment is always there. They also feature quick links at the top of their page for hurrying browsers.

Although Mejuri sells jewelry, this landing page setup is a perfect outlet for Mejuri to capture new customers who may only be initially looking for a new piercing. The seamless start-to-finish, on-page experience may just be the push consumers need to be devoted Mejuri shoppers and advocates!

That’s all for now! Catch ‘ya next week for Part 4 of our Mejuri Brand Breakdown! 👋


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