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June 26, 2023
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Monday, June 26, 2023

Happy Monday, DTC readers! We’re back with another condensed version of DTC. P.S. If you’re missing the meme, be sure to scroll to the end!

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Let’s get into it: 👇

1. Are you effectively leveraging your post-purchase email flow?

  • Your post-purchase flow is more than just a series of emails. It’s a chance to strengthen relationships with consumers, collect post-purchase data, and boost revenue with those sweet sweet cross-sells.
  • Your post-purchase flow should include (1) a confirmation, (2) shipping updates, (3) education, and (4) a post-purchase survey. For more info on maximizing your post-purchase flow, click here to keep reading.

2. Are you working with the right partner to effectively scale your brand? *

  • Are you ready to improve your ROAS and smash 2023 growth targets? Look no further than Pilothouse, the leading performance marketing agency trusted by successful DTC brands worldwide.
  • Pilothouse has driven over $500M+ in partner revenue, has proprietary data analysis to analyze campaign data and drive maximum efficiency for scale, and in-house creative expertise.
  • If you don’t have 100% confidence in your current scale partner, it’s time to make a change. Get in touch with Pilothouse today.

3. Lead Magnets 101: Creative Ways for Brands to Capture Email/SMS

  • In today's competitive marketing landscape, where paid ads are expensive and social media platforms are risky, it's crucial to have direct communication with customers. Email and SMS are highly profitable channels for retention, but gaining consumer trust is becoming harder.
  • Consider lead magnets, valuable incentives in exchange for contact information, to build your subscriber lists and foster long-term brand loyalty.
  • Click here for five examples of lead magnets your brand can steal today!

4. AdRoll releases the most comprehensive guide to crushing social network advertising *

  • This FREE guide from Adroll tells you everything you need to know to run high-ROI campaigns, and we mean everything.
  • Find out the most popular demographics on each platform, see a step-by-step process for launching ads, learn about salient metrics to measure your success, and read advice on unifying your ad reporting.
  • Regardless of what social platform you are on, running a successful ad campaign can make all the difference.
  • Social platforms are growing! If you’re eager to add social ads to your marketing strategy, this guide is for you. Get your copy here!

5. Can you market your brand in 30 seconds or less?

  • An elevator pitch could be the catalyst your brand needs to open a world of new opportunities. If given the chance, are you ready with the perfect pitch?
  • Focus your vision, brand, and solution into the best 75 words you’ve ever written to open doors you’ve only dreamed of. We have you covered if you need a little guidance.

⚡ Quick Hits

💰 Get up to 90 days extra to pay for your ad campaigns. Juni Capital for Invoices gives you flexible credit lines of up to €20million. Buy Media, Pay Later. *

🚛 The FTC alleges Amazon makes it significantly more difficult to unsubscribe from the Prime than sign up. Other claims include the breach of multiple consumer protection laws.

👽 A new report from Reddit details consumers’ product research habits despite ongoing protests on the platform. The report highlights the importance of first-hand experiences and word-of-mouth marketing.

👀 Keen to learn from the best and brightest in media buying? Join TikTok, Sur La Table, PetMeds, Hexclad, Ridge Wallet, and more at Northbeam's DTCX Media Buyer Summit. Click here to register for the virtual event on June 28th! *

🐦 Twitter execs plan to meet with the EU Privacy Commission to ensure compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA). Twitter recently withdrew from the voluntary Code of Practice for online disinformation.

🎵 TikTok wants to push online shopping according to new reports that detail a new feature called “Trendy Beats''. This could allow products in trending content to be identified and manufactured by ByteDance.

👀 Banter

So the planet then, yeah? 🙃


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