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May 21, 2023
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Friday, April 21, 2023

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We’re not ones to leave you hangin’. We keep our word just like our pals at Pilothouse, who bring you the rest of the email campaign breakdown with Dr. Squatch.

After some time to sit with their thoughts, the Pilothouse email team has so much more to say on what’s shaping up to be a very effective campaign. Take it away, Pilots!

📐 One angle too many

There are too many angles here. The email is about a 30-day guarantee, but it doesn’t go into further detail about it. We think there’s room to unpack that a little more. Guarantees can seem like a gimmick and play into the ‘risk-free’ trope. It would be more useful to explain what value this guarantee offers to the customer.

Include social proof from people who love your products and be cheeky about why future customers won’t need the guarantee.

What they are doing is communicating the savings in the merchandising section, as we mentioned earlier. We’re hoping the trend continues because of how effective a reminder it truly is!

In the SMS section, they could standardize all that content as a footer or banner at the end of the email. It doesn’t have to be a big component of the email messaging every send, but brands should try to contextualize it as a friendly reminder. Then, incorporate that standardized template throughout other future campaigns and flows.

😋 Face value

We can’t dive too deep into this one because the messaging is pretty clear - 10 days, 10 deals. With such bold visual elements, the product code in the top banner can easily be missed. To a customer, that’s arguably the most important part because, without that code, there’s little point in receiving this email. 🙃

Leverage these strong visual elements but don’t forget to provide value front and center every chance you get. In this example, the code should be placed closer to the CTA or found more boldly in the copy.


Decrease Your Abandoned Carts. Increase Your Revenue.

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Customers make extensive wishlists with their online carts.

Then ghost over the checkout process. 🤦

And while you might not be able to call the Ghostbusters 👻 (yet), you will find answers in this guide from Adroll.

Reducing online window shopping starts with understanding WHY your customers leave without purchasing.

Find information like this and more in The Abandoned Cart Recovery Guide, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand and address the different causes of abandoned carts
  • Eliminate negative checkout experiences and lower purchase friction
  • Implement powerful psychological cues to reduce cart abandonment and increase ROI
  • How to increase purchase rates on the first visit and encourage future visits.

Shopping behavior has changed drastically over the past few years. Adroll gives you the tactics in this referenceable tactical guide.

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Give it to us straight, doc

This is a great example of a strong product collection. 💪 They touch on a common pain point: Are you still using those sticks from middle school that are packed with harsh chemicals? That made us run to the bathroom and read the label of our deodorant sticks.

Now that they have our attention (or questioning our life choices 😬), they present a solution and go into further detail about why their product is better. They not only list the ingredients but also provide a concise explanation of each ingredient and its benefits.

Shout out to the merchandising section here — we love seeing those badges!

🦆 Lucky duck

How did an Irish holiday ever turn into an opportunity for a sale? 🇮🇪

It's a good thing Dr. Squatch has a product to match the occasion. You’ll often see brands with products that have nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day begin a sale just to take advantage of the holiday name. There might be a study out there claiming that after a wild night out, consumers have an elevated buyer’s intent. Cheers to that!

We love the little coupon at the bottom that serves as a friendly reminder of another promo on the go. Whether a consumer celebrates or not, there’s something here for everyone.

🧺 A bundle of…something

Dr. Squatch is on a roll with their collection emails! Strong copy continues to address a problem, ask questions, provoke thoughts, and lead to solutions. Some benefit-driven copy for the products is always useful, and we’re glad to see its inclusion here.

Dr. Squatch should be less ambiguous in the ’Bundle and Save’ section. We want to know what’s in the bundle and how much we’re saving by bundling. Offers like this should be communicated just like they were previously.

💥 More of a good thing

This is more of what we wanted to see in the other 30-day guarantee email! The copy is strong as always and tells the consumer about the results Dr. Squatch products provide. This is strong social proof, complemented by visually pleasing visuals with the product at the forefront.

It’s surprising that Dr. Squatch doesn’t keep their merchandising sections consistent. They could be on to something, but when we aren’t told how much we’re saving, it’s hard to unravel a satisfying mystery and far easier to feel left out.


Confidently Launch Products That Maximize Profit Using AI

Imagine if ChatGPT could tell you what the most in-demand products are


What you should sell them for.

It can't (we tried)  🤷‍♂️

ChatGPT is just a language model without access to 500 million SKUs and the sales performance trends of 80,000+ brands.

But you know who does? Particl 😉

Using this data and FIVE minutes, DTC brands can -

  • Find market opportunities
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  • and skyrocket ROI

Using the world's largest DTC sales and product database. Particl uses AI to help you crush your revenue goals and increase your sell-through rate.

👉 Discover your brand's potential using AI.


Just the good stuff

Short, sweet, and beautiful. A strong product released at an opportune time capitalizes on all the love Mando gets, and the turns out to be a collector’s dream. Beautiful packaging leverages a collector’s desire to keep items in their original state. This ad definitely has the high ground 🌑.

🎉 Stay trendy!

In the world of ecommerce, brands are always looking for unique ways to leverage current events or holidays to sell a product. Dr. Squatch does a great job of bridging the gap between the occasion and ecommerce to produce a beautifully designed ad.

📸 It’s just a prank!

April Fools is an occasion for the gullible and the ambitious. When everyone is questioning the legitimacy of everything they see, riding the line of believability is the smartest move a brand can make. Being tied to a larger social campaign reinforces believability and engagement because it’s something their audience can recognize.

Though this one is a little far-fetched, it’s not so ridiculous that it would negatively affect their brand. It’s a very unique and intelligent way to gain insight into your community and this product's potential. This joke went too far (in a very good way!), and now it’s an incredibly successful market research tool.

✨ Conclusion

That’s all for this week from the Pilothouse email team, folks! Stay tuned for your next appointment with Dr. Squatch to learn what this DTC MVP is doing to keep the hype alive.


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🍷 Juliet Wine: If you think of your grandparents or college kids when you think of boxed wine, then you’ve got another thing coming for you! Juliet Wine’s boxed and eco-friendly wines are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and add a cute little something to your kitchen counter.

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