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May 21, 2023
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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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📦 TikTok insights from a 500K creative ad spend

📦 Get the credit card DTC brands are crazy about with Parker

📦 $50K to $21 Million – How Noa Home Scales Furniture Globally (and 4x ROAS Profitably) with Jeremy Kopek

📦 The content generation tools to help you foster successful creator collaborations with Cohley

📦 The new wave of DTC digital fashion

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Creative Data Insights from 500K spend

As if you didn’t know already, buyers are massively influenced to make purchase decisions on TikTok. But…

What if we told you that SECONDS of video watch time is the difference between top-performing ads and losing ads? 👀

The Pilothouse TikTok team pulled data from 190 ad creatives across three accounts with a 500K spend behind them!

🔥Here’s what they found between top-performing and losing campaigns:

  • Average watch time was over one second longer on winners vs. losers – winners 4.49 seconds vs. losers 3.46 seconds
  • The % of users who watched 100% of the ad – winners 6.15% vs. losers 4.45%
  • CTR – winners 1.48% vs. losers 1.01%
  • ROAS on the platform was 3.9X higher with winners

So, what does this mean when you’re working on your TikTok creatives?

The longer viewers watch your ad, the higher the performance you’ll see both pre and post-click.

If you’ve yet to crack the TikTok algorithm or need some new creative angles, reach out to the Pilothouse TikTok team. 🤳


Your credit card is harming your brand’s growth

If you’re using a standard card, you’re probably throwing away money on fees and interest, and footing a huge bill every 30 days – which ties up precious cash flow you could be using to scale.

But that’s just how credit cards work, right?...

Not Parker: the ultimate eCommerce business card.

Parker gives you access to your cash flow for *double* the amount of time. Each day is paid back within 60 days on a rolling basis, allowing you more time and freedom with your cash to grow your business.

Parker also has ZERO fees and interest, credit limits up to 75% of monthly sales, and no personal guarantees. 🤯

Wait, it gets better!

For a limited time, they’re giving DTC readers an even sweeter deal:

  • $500 sign-up bonus
  • Up to net 60-day payback periods, with no fees or interest
  • 3% cashback on all ad spend within the first 30 days (capped to the first $150,000)

Translation: if you switch to Parker today, you could receive up to $5,000 in cash AND have 60 days to pay back any expenses (no fees, interest, or catches)!

💳 Get the credit card DTC brands are crazy about.


If the new wave of online shopping and the world of Web3 has left your head spinning (for good reason), you’re not alone. 🌀

Although many larger brands have already started to adapt their strategies to reflect digital experiences, DTC brands have the opportunity to bring new experiences to site visitors.

The world of online and digital shopping can seem intimidating… But buzzwords are buzzwords for a reason, and DTC brands should embrace the trends and meet the ever-evolving needs of consumers.

Businesses like Warby Parker and Farfetch have already infiltrated the scene offering AR-powered virtual try-on options (seriously, if you’re on the hunt for new glasses the Warby Parker website can be tonnes of fun).

What does the world of digital shopping uncover for DTC brands?

  • New ways to reach and interact with your customers
  • Product showcasing to new audiences from buyers of digital pieces
  • Less waste, a smaller production cost, and fewer creative limitations

If you have a product that can be virtually tried on, or a product that users can experience before (or instead of) physically buying it, it’s time to read up about the world of online experiences.

To get up to speed on digital fashion (and the brands crushing it in the space right now) keep reading here!


Get the Scroll-Stopping Content You Need

Increasing market share, increasing ROI, and entering new markets can be hard to achieve on a platform you're not familiar with.

😮‍💨 *Cough* *Cough* TikTok

TikTok has become a channel every brand uses, but only a few can claim they've found a successful advertising strategy.

How do you find success on TikTok?

  • Studying successful brands
  • Locating proven UGC tactics
  • Crafting authentic relationships with consumers

Sounds pretty time-consuming… Luckily Cohley has done the work for you.

Their track record, know-how, and support comes from being one of TikTok's first creative partners. They have the content generation tools to help you foster successful creator collaborations and frameworks to create engaging TikToks that boost your conversions and engagement.

👉 Start creating TikTok content that people actually want to watch with Cohley's Brief Template.


🎧 On this edition of the DTC pod, we learned how Jeremy Kopek grew his company Noa Home to $21M with just five employees.

Noa Home (our first furniture brand on the pod) started with a $50,000 investment, a clever international strategy, and a burning desire to reinvent how furniture is sold online. Now, they’re a household name in Singapore and have also expanded to the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Take a seat on your comfiest couch and get ready to learn:

  • Why starting your DTC biz in international markets can be a game-changer
  • Why a custom-built ERP is the secret to a killer ROAS
  • How virtual consultations have become Noa’s best conversion tool

‍The Takeaways 👇

🗺️ Perks of starting international:

The founders of Noa are Canadian, but when starting out, they made a strategic decision to launch the company in Singapore.

Starting international can have a number of perks for new DTC businesses. It can increase your chances of being first-to-market in a country, reduce competition and allow you to stand out, and, oh yeah… CPMs can be up to 60% cheaper, too. 🤩

“What a customer wants in Singapore for their home…is no different than someone in Toronto, Ontario, or New York City.”

🚀 Custom ERP = 400X ROAS

Noa has been able to keep its ROAS at an impressive 400-600% over the last several years.

But how?

For starters, Jeremy created a custom ERP to track their data down to each individual sale. This means they’re not reliant on Google Analytics or Facebook for data (which are not always accurate), nor are they impacted by changes to those platforms.

“Being obsessed with data really helps.”

Other ways they’ve maintained their ROAS:

  • Avoid going out of stock (a killer for the furniture industry)
  • Offer virtual consultations in their retargeting funnels for customers that need a higher-touch experience
  • Focus on creating trust with UGC and whitelisting, including a fair return policy (have YOU ever tried to return a couch? 😓)

Oh, and a high AOV helps, too (theirs is close to $2K). It’s furniture, remember?

💰 What Jeremy would do with an extra $50K:

He would invest the money into improving their virtual consultations.

“They’re novel, interactive, engaging, and [they’re] a conversion tool. We want to convert, we don’t want to just put dollars in this black box…and not know where those dollars are going to go.”

👉 Listen to the full episode with Jeremy of Noa Home here!


📸 Snapchat rolls out ‘Shared Stories’ feature to make it easier to share memories.

📺 TikTok has added a new set of social media management platforms that will organize, schedule, and publish content to TikTok from your platform of choice.

🔎 Google announces new ad tools at marketing live, including new options for YouTube shorts promotions.

🌮 Taco Bell announces that they will be bringing drag brunches to select locations.


🛋 $50K to $21 Million: How Noa Home Scales Furniture Globally (and 4x ROAS Profitably).

🌎 $100 Million+ in Vancouver-based DTC Sales: Duer, Tru Earth, Blume, Monos and Black Crow AI [Live Panel].

🤑 Growing Your Shopify Store From $5 to $30M with Richpanel.

📈 5x Your Revenue with a Facebook Group, 40 New Creatives a Week, and an App with Ash Melwani from Obvi Collagen.

💬 SMS is No Longer Optional with Sophie Baer, Win Brand Group’s Retention Director (and Automation Overlord).

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