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May 21, 2023
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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Netflix unveiled one of the best billboards of the year.

As Kevin Garnett would say…

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🤑 How to prepare for Q4 – Google & Amazon edition.

❌ Amazon’s biggest scaling mistakes.

🎞 Slow the scroll –slow motion animation.

🍿A breakdown of Schoolyard Snacks website.

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We’re back with more Q4 tips from the Pilothouse team. This time we’re covering Google and Amazon

🚀 First up Google:

Tip 1: Get ahead on cleaning your product feeds. Check titles and descriptions for relevant keywords

Tip 2: Make sure your product feed has been approved to display reviews. This helps differentiate you from competition.

Tip 3: Start cold prospecting NOW on YouTube. Get people familiar with your brand at low costs and then target them later with branded search.

Tip 4: Make sure you’ve segmented Facebook and other paid sources to boost bids on generic search and similar observation audiences.

Tip 5: Display retargeting feeds MUST be accompanied by scroll stopping creative. Investing in great creative is vital.

🔥 Amazon Q4 Tips:

Tip 1: If you’re a gifting product, ensure you’re indexed for the relevant gifting key words. For example, "gifts for men."

Tip 2: Create a backup plan for switching to FBM (fulfillment by merchant) at a moment's notice if you stock out of top-selling SKUs.

Tip 3: Get your inventory sorted and max out inventory in FBA (fulfillment by Amazon).

Tip 4: Know your numbers. Profiting at ten sales is better than a thousand and losing money because you over discounted and over spent.

Tip 5: Ensure your campaigns aren't budget capped, give them room to scale up on days of higher search volume.

More killer tips from the Pilothouse team coming next week!


If you're a brand founder, you know that growing your business is no cakewalk. 😳

The highs and lows of entrepreneurship are something Katie Demo and Jenny Rudin, the co-founders of Brass Clothing, know a thing or two about.

And they’re letting you in on the honest conversations about founder life they’re having with others who do, too.

On Making it Happen, a new podcast co-created with Klaviyo, Katie and Jenny chat with other founders to get the real stories behind their entrepreneurial endeavors. You'll learn what makes them tick, how they pivot to tackle the hard stuff, what keeps them up at night, and what keeps them going each day.

Entrepreneurship is alluring. But what does it really take to build and grow a business? Hear from 10 female founders experiencing the highs and lows, firsthand.

🎧 Listen here.


Baboon To The Moon left no questions unanswered when it comes to the unique selling point of their product.

We’re loving:

✅ Use of slow animation to create anticipation.

✅ CTA/final slide is contrasting enough to grab attention, and comes in super fast.

✅ The review is relevant to the creative, plus we love the 5-star emojis.

✅ Clearly displays USP of the product in a disruptive way, while being true to the brand (hard combo to achieve).

The only thing we’d suggest is testing a more direct CTA on the final slide. Encourage users to click!

Consider giving these a go for your own creative (and don’t forget to let us know how it goes)!


Your cupboards are overflowing with coffee, you ran out of toilet paper, your spouse is on you about two credit card charges this month…

Subscriptions are great – until they’re not. 😔

Reordering can be easy, though.

CPG brands like Lemon Perfect, Hydrant, and Huron are giving their customers a fast and personalized way to reorder from text, email and even QR codes.

It's one of those things that you have to experience for yourself 👀

Check out Huron’s Repeat cart in action.🔁

Repeat is so confident you’ll love it, they’ll even cover your second month’s bill.

Ready to make reordering easy?

👉Learn more about Repeat.


Schoolyard Snacks is a low-carb, keto DTC cereal brand giving Magic Spoon and other cereal brands a run for their money.

We analyzed their website with our good friends at Odditwhich provides simple, to-the-point website audits for direct-to-consumer brands wanting to boost conversion.

...psst, apply these tips to your own site. 😎

Let’s dive in:

Don't get too cute or clever with button copy, but if there's a chance for your calls to action to help sell your product & add clarity, then take it.

Example 👇

Help upsell your customers to higher AOV by clearly highlighting offers or the best value.

This is especially important since the "Add to Cart" details take up so much vertical height that the product price isn't shown on most screen sizes while the user clicks through different bundles.

Don't make people waste their time looking for valuable info. Make your pricing easily accessible.

Give users a clear action point to follow your social.

The chances a user remembers to follow you on social media at later time is pretty low.

Make it EASY with a button!

The Add to Cart button is pushed too far down the page.

Simplify above-the-fold info to help bump this higher up the page and reduce page scroll.

The Beta Tester callout can find a home elsewhere on the page & the size of flavor selector images can be reduced.

P.S: Their Add to Cart button would never advance past the "Loading stage".

Test & retest that your core actions are working as intended.

It’s ALL about the customer so make sure your copy reflects that.

It’s a small change but it matters..check it out 👇

If you want these kinds of tips for your own site, start your own Oddit for free and improve your UX instantly!


This week on All Killer No Filler, we’re joined by Pilothouse’s Amazon heavy hitters Clifford and Rob.

They’re back for a continuation of the series: "Biggest Amazon Mistakes."

The topic of the week? Scaling.

We discussed: 👇

⏳ Take you time with your listings

We all want to hit the ground running, but starting your Amazon listings requires time.

Don’t enter the race until you know you’ve maximized your efforts in your listing.

This means: spending time doing keyword research, having your title and bullet points reviewed, making sure you hit on your pain and selling points and optimizing your images and SEO.

If you gloss over optimizing your listing? You’ve failed before you’ve even started.

🔑 Start Small

If you scale before you’re ready, you may find yourself bidding on keywords that are too competitive too quickly.

For example, if you’re selling a garlic press and putting up a new listing with no sales or reviews, you don't want to bid on ‘Garlic Press’ too quickly.

That method may take you thousands of sales and a year of effort to ever grace the front page for that term.

Use your product features to bid on keywords that you have a better chance of succeeding with.

For example: ‘Stainless Steel Garlic Press for Men Who Love Yoga." You get the point. 😂

👋 Stay Relevant

Remember that Amazon has a relevancy factor.

If you have no sales history, Amazon is going to think that you’re less likely to make the sale (and contribute to their bottom line).

Go where the competition isn’t as fierce and scale up!

Once you’ve decided on your niche keywords, echo them in your listing. Call those keywords out in your images, title, bullets, etc.

For more Amazon scaling tips and mistakes, supply chain and inventory information, timelines (and some grey area features), listen to the full pod here!


🎬 Twitter prioritizes owned media in $1.05B MoPub sale to AppLovin.

🏡 Sustainable lawn care startup Sunday nearly triples funding with $50 Million Series C.

🤑 Twitter invests in avatar startup Facemoji.

🤖 Cord gets $17.5M to get more devs plugged into its API for real-time collaboration.

🕹 Andreessen Horowitz Values Developer of NFT Game Axie Infinity at $3 Billion.

💎 The Main Tab revamps luxury goods marketplace after picking up $1M in pre-seed funding.

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