DTC 87: 📦 Why are brands shifting their search strategy?
May 21, 2023
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Saturday, September 4, 2021

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Visual Search

Visual search is quickly becoming an integral part of consumer search habits and digital marketing tactics.

What is Visual Search (VS)? VS uses images to promote online searches of products by consumers. Algorithms take an image online and generate buying options for that product or similar-looking products.

Check out the example below. The gray circle with a magnifying glass is part of Pinterest’s Visual Search tool.

Once you click on the tool, you’ll be taken to a page with images that match the content of your original searched Pin.

In this case, the Pinterest algorithm has understood the content of the Pin and related searches, then categorized them as "unique architecture."

Since releasing this tool in 2015, Pinterest now sees roughly 600 million visual searches monthly.

Companies like Google, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Amazon each have native visual search tools that produce image search results related to the product the consumer is looking for.

In 2018, Google Lens announced that it could detect over one billion objects.

With 62% of Millenials and GenZ preferring visual search and visual search projected to become a $40 billion industry by 2025, it’s time companies start thinking of ways they can integrate this feature into their services.


🛍 ASOS’ current home page is full of 90’s-inspired glam, but their marketing strategy is supported by the latest and greatest tech.

Simon Data’s Customer Data Platform (or CDP) not only helps inspire their marketing by giving them access to their customer data, but allows them to fully integrate and optimize all its marketing efforts with a true 360-degree customer view.

"The ideal and the dream is very much around having data powering the entire customer experience" - Louise Dam, CRM Strategy & Loyalty Lead, ASOS

Now ASOS can use their data to its full potential and take leaps towards making their marketing strategy more personalized, responsive, and effective.

And the results are in.

By harnessing the power of their customer data with Simon Data, ASOS generated $77.5M in incremental revenue. 🤯

🔓 Want to unlock the power of your customer data and reimagine the way you work?

Download the case study to find out exactly how ASOS did it.

Visual Search – Part 2

How Brands Can Use Visual Search Marketing:

✅ Optimize Your Images:

Make sure the images on your website are optimized for size, quality, and appearance on both desktop and mobile displays.

One way is to compress your images to make sure they don’t slow down your website load time using tools like Optimizilla, CompressNow, and TinyPNG.

Image optimization on mobile sites is especially important as most people use their mobile devices to conduct image searches.

🔥 SEO Still Applies:

Ensure the image file names, titles, and alt-tags are SEO optimized and clearly indicate the contents and use case for each image.

Using alt-text also ensures that visually impaired users can access your images.

You should also submit your images to XML image sitemaps to make it easier for SEO website crawlers to categorize your images.

More information on image sitemaps can be found here.

📌 Pin That Picture: Pinterest reigns supreme when it comes to conversions from image searches.

According to Pinterest, 85% of weekly US Pinterest users have made a purchase based on Pins from brands.

With 478 million active monthly users globally (nearly 50% of those users in the U.S.), ranking on Pinterest for consumer brands could be a game-changer.

The platform acts as both a visual and traditional search engine, meaning that in addition to posting images with compelling content, you should also make use of keywords in your captions so the engine can categorize your content accordingly.

Pinterest has made a huge effort to grow the shoppability of their platform, making it simple for Pinners to not only save Pins but also quickly purchase items as well.

Research has shown that 47% of Pinterest users say they use the platform to find and shop for products.

Make sure you take advantage of consumers’ growing interest in visual search in order to better showcase products.

If you want to learn more about this topic, reply to this email!

Email Navigation

Menu bars are a simple but great element to up your email game.

Check out this example from Native: 👇

The Pilothouse email team utilizes menus to understand where customers are clicking. Once you know what they’re shopping for, segment them!

Then use your segmenting to trigger a flow that follows up with the product they showed interest in. 👀

If you’ve only got ONE product, you can still utilize this.

Use your menu to ask shoppers:

  • What occasion they’re shopping for (holiday, birthday, anniversary, just for fun).
  • Who they’re shopping for (partner, co-worker, friend).
  • The scent/color/flavor they’re looking for.


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Amazon Tip

🚨 Tip from the Pilothouse Amazon team: For all those who skim, use all-caps headline for each bullet of your description.

Your content should be minimal and skimmable.

By separating out the main USP (via either capitals or brackets) you make it easy for the consumer to scan the benefits, then read the bullet text for what they care most about.

Check out these examples. 👇

NOTE: Capitalizing bullets is technically against Amazon’s terms of service, but it’s low risk. If your listing gets flagged, just fix it and it’ll go live right away.

We’re such dare devils. 😤😎😬

Brand Spotlight

Looking to stand out in a crowd and have something completely one of a kind?

Meet Kitu Kali. 🔥

Kitu Kali’s unique handmade shoes are made out of 100% Ankara cotton (yes, it’s vegan) and recycled materials!

They’re vibrant, unique, and handmade by struggling craftspeople from slum regions in Kenya, Africa. 👇

Checkout their collections for the whole family here!

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This week on All Killer No Filler we welcomed Iman Bashir, founder of Craftly.ai; the AI writing tool that seems to have read all of Russel Brunson's books.

Iman was joined with Pilothouse Studio’s copywriter Cam for a high-level discussion about the future of AI copy, and how to best use it RIGHT now to improve the quantity AND the quality of your content.

We covered: 👇

  • The guts of how AI copy works.
  • How to use AI for headlines, product descriptions, ad copy, blog post ideas and more.
  • Why the power of AI copy comes with great responsibility.
  • Person VS. Machine – the challenge begins.

For the future of AI and how it could enhance your creative, listen to the full pod here!


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