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May 21, 2023
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Saturday, August 21, 2021

The wants of consumers are forever changing, but this one was a surprise even to us!

Last week PepsiCo and Boston Beer announced their collaboration to make an alcoholic Mountain Dew.

It’s certainly got us wondering…

What crossovers do you predict for the future? 🤔

In this newsletter you’ll find:

✅ How to maximize your product display pages.

🤯 Adding viral power to your TikToks.

🙋‍♂️ How to successfully use testimonials in your ads.

🥰 A sustainable, fashionable, and charitable DTC brand.

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Product Pages

Your product pages are arguably the most important pages on your eCommerce website.

It’s where customers funnel into the decision stage of the buying journey.

How to improve your product pages ASAP: 👇

😎 Put customization options under the description:

If your product comes in various colors, make that clear by adding those options directly underneath the product description.

Don’t make your customers click on five separate product pages to see each choice.

Customers likely won’t discover the other options which leads to abandonment.

Less navigation = quicker purchasing decisions.

Here’s an example from MeUndies. 👇

🔥 Make your return and shipping policy clear:

Brands that hide their return and shipping policy only accomplish one thing: taking away your customers' confidence about making a purchase.

Customers need to know this information long before they reach the decision stage so they’re aware of:

  • Additional costs
  • When to expect their package
  • How they can easily return it (if needed)

🚨 Bonus: Being clear about these policies can reduce the number of customer support questions you get related to shipping and returns.

✅ Write focused, concise copy:

Long paragraphs, fluffy words, and redundant statements distract prospects from reading the most important information about your products.

Focus only on relevant details – like your sizes, material, features, and quality.

On the other hand, you don’t want your copy to be too short (it ruins your credibility if it feels like there’s incomplete info).

Find that perfect sweet spot.

😎 Include product highlights:

What benefits does your product have compared to its competitors?

For example, your shoes may be waterproof, or your products may be ethically made with recycled material.

Whatever the benefits are, your customers care about all of these features.

It tells them why they should purchase your product.

Highlight these unique features well by including them near your add-to-cart CTA.

Here’s how MeUndies did it well:

👀 Share visuals at various angles:

According to Ian Leslie, the Senior Director of Retail Advocacy at Bolt, you need a variety of visuals to properly show off your products.

"Make sure you're providing enough product images. You'd be surprised how many SKUs live on the internet with only one product image."

One picture of your product isn’t enough to make customers trust you.

Take pictures at various angles, and make it easy for consumers to zoom in on the details.

🚨Use a single call-to-action:

Killer options:

  • "Add to cart"
  • "Sign up for our newsletter"
  • "Get SMS updates"
  • "Join our community"
  • "Sign up for our loyalty program"
  • "Join our membership program"
  • "Get a monthly refill"
  • "Save 10% by signing up for Facebook Messenger updates"

Some brands have all of these CTAs on a single product page. 🥴😭

Keep your product pages focused on a single add-to-cart CTA.

You can add a couple more CTAs to grow your marketing lists, but keep them below the fold so your add-to-cart button is what stands out the most.

🔑 Add sizing charts: (for fashion and apparel brands)

If you sell anything that comes in various sizes (clothing, shoes, jewelry), show customers how to select their size.

Put the link to your sizing chart near the product description (so above the fold).

Many online stores will link to a sizing chart that directs customers away from the product page.


Leading customers away means they may not return to finish purchasing.

A better approach is to use a sizing chart pop-up so customers stay on the same page – take Allbirds, for example:

We’ll have more on product pages in upcoming newsletters!


After learning about our friends at #paid, we realized it’s time for some #realtalk.

For too long, the process of finding the right influencer for your campaign or brand has been endless, mindless, soul-crushing scrolling. And then, once you find "the one," they don’t even move the needle. 💔

Well #paid is putting an end to all that. They’re the first matchmaking tool for brands and creators.

With #paid, the process is three incredibly simple steps:

✅ Build your campaign.

✅ Pick from 10 creators.

✅ Hit the launch button and bask in success.

#paid is basically the dating service for brands and influencers. Instead of dinner and overpriced drinks, you’ll get ROI and a partner your audience trusts.

Sign up for #paid before the end of August to receive $550 of free content on your first campaign.

👉 Ready to meet your brand’s perfect match?
Click here to learn more.


Facebook ad tip: Let your customers do the talking!

Check these examples from Muddy Bites and Italic.

Both lead with reviews

Tips from the Pilothouse team:

🦾 Split Test: Since everyone's needs for a product are different, try split testing different testimonials.

You’ll ultimately want to find ones that appeal to a broad audience but there’s value in scaling these out horizontally by testing more.

😊 Retargeting: When retargeting with testimonials, show people different ads with different testimonials.

Watch your frequency to achieve this.

You’re essentially stacking social proof in the form of testimonials through their journey of learning more about the brand.

🥇 Landing Pages: Consider creating social proof landing pages for premium / higher AOV products.

Including the same testimonial in an ad that’s also visible on the landing page or product page can increase credibility from an ad perspective.

🚨 NOTE: We mentioned this in previous newsletters before but Facebook has been cracking down on having star emojis in a row, often disapproving them for "circumventing systems."

Adding "verified customer" with a "✅" works well for increasing the credibility of the testimonial.


How should brands handle customers who don’t subscribe, but never want to run out?

Go the Hydrant route: use Repeat 🔁

CPG brands like Gleamin, Hydrant and Youth to the People use Repeat to give their customers faster, personalized reordering experiences – from email, from text, from anywhere.

We could spend a bunch of time telling you about how it works, who else uses us, and all that, but we’d rather show you.

Click here and try a Repeat cart link yourself. It’s so good you’ll probably end up buying something.

We’re so confident that we’ll foot your second month’s bill… because we know you’re gonna stick around.

👉Test it out!


This week on All Killer No Filler, we sat down with Sr. Media Buyers from Pilothouse and Helmkin to discuss how to add viral power to your TikTok Ads with trends, hashtags, and creative strategies.

The Takeaways. 👇

🚀 Making the most out of TikTok Trends:

Anyone who’s spent some time on TikTok knows that trends are flooding the For You Page (#fyp).

Using popular audio can be a great way to bring your brand in on the fun!

But how can brands jump on trending sounds without being too salesy?

👉 Don’t have your call to action be the first thing viewers see. Utilize the first 5-10 seconds to hook users.

Jumping on trends creates an opportunity to both add value to the trend and have your brand be top of mind when scrollers hear the sound.

Check out Ryanair’s TikTok with 1 Million followers for proof. 👀

😍 Brand Hashtags for UGC:

Utilize hashtags to boost your brand and push more videos to the "For You" page.

Organic brands have seen success using hashtags to find their audience!

Monica Grohne, founder of Marea Wellness was able to create a community by reaching out to people using specific hashtags and partnering/interacting with users in the space.

Remember: Don’t use irrelevant hashtags that don’t fit your brand.

💸 TikTok Ambassadors/Influencers:

The price of some TikTok influencers can be steep.

Consider reaching out to creators on different platforms to get in contact.

The Pilothouse and Helmkin teams have seen success using both Instagram and Facebook groups to reach creators.

TikTok has launched TikTok Marketplace, an opportunity posting board where you can post your budget and desired content and have creators reply.

It’s a new feature and users have to sign up for it, but could be an additional outreach tool.

Test, test, test:

The TikTok algorithm is tricky.

Make sure to spend some time on the platform scrolling to see how creators and users interact and make content.

The beauty of volatility?

The chance one of your videos is going to blow up is quite high!

👉 For more killer insights, listen to the full pod here!

Brand Spotlight

Gone are the days of multiple grocery store trips to find a single pack of toilet paper… for now at least.

Keep your shelves stocked and be sustainable, fashionable, and charitable with Who Gives a Crap! 🧻

Their recycled and bamboo toilet papers, tissues, and paper towels are sure to look good in any home. 👇

Our recycling just got a whole lot prettier!

Check out their Facebook ads library for some of the best UGC ads on the block.

🚨 Loving a DTC brand and think it deserves its own spotlight?

Let us know here!


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⚾️ MLB and Fanatics strike trading card license agreement, ending a 70-year run with Topps, per report.

🧸 Toys R Us is coming back next year for holidays, teaming up with Macy’s.

🤑 Greycroft leads $3.5M into Breef, an online marketplace for ad agencies.

🎥 Adobe to Buy Video-Production Platform Frame.io for About $1.3 Billion.

💰 TikTok Announces New Partnerships with Vimeo and Canva to Streamline Content Creation.

📚 Reader's Digest owner buys Jukin Media for reported $100M amid appetite for UGC.

🎧 Social listening app Earbuds raises $3 million in Series A funding.

💻 API platform Postman valued at $5.6 billion in $225 million fundraise.

🍔 Wendy's to open 700 ghost kitchens with Reef Technology.

💸 PayPal and Fiserv partner to allow paycheck deposits into Venmo accounts.

🛍 Tiger Global backs Nacelle with $50M for its eCommerce infrastructure.

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