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May 21, 2023
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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

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This newsletter also includes:

🥄 A deep dive into Magic Spoon’s website.

🤯 Slashing customer acquisition costs with Nik Sharma.

⚔️ Using Amazon Standard Identification Numbers as a defensive strategy.

🍃 An eye-catching DTC outdoor skincare brand.

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DTC Diagnostic

Welcome to part three of our deep dive into the marketing strategies of Magic Spoon!

For this section, we’ve partnered with Oddit to analyze the Magic Spoon website.

Reddit provides simple, to-the-point website audits for direct-to-consumer brands wanting to boost conversion and strengthen brand loyalty.

They’ve highlighted areas for Magic Spoon to improve on, and offered quick-win solutions they can apply ASAP.

Let’s dive in. 👇

Comparison Charts:

They highlight key strengths of your product/service while helping you stand out from competitors.

It’s KEY that you make it obvious with drastic styling differences.

Further, we'd suggest that Magic Spoon adds more variance to the number of competitors on the chart.  

We want to know how the product stacks up against well-known sugary classics but also "healthy" alternatives or similarly priced cereals.


Always think mobile first.

Fun desktop experiences don't always translate well to mobile.

This ingredient list makes for a really cool discovery interaction on desktop, but it’s a forced experience on mobile.

Further, the "Us VS. Them" heading looks broken without the section padding on mobile.


The reviews stars lack contrast and can be easily lost as users scan.

Make sure key details stand out, plus it'll help Google accessibility rankings.


Popups often equal payday.

But when done wrong they can create more frustration than benefit.

The "X" to close this popup gets hidden on smaller screen mobile devices.

Make sure users can easily exit out of any pop ups, whether there's an offer or not.

This can be done with a clear in-view "x," or even a secondary "remind me later" link.

TIP: Make sure you test the "remind me later" feature for your own pop-up.

Product Page:

Not all shoppers are ready to subscribe on their first purchase but make the default variant selection set to the ideal conversion – subscriptions.

Free Shipping:

Free Shipping is a major selling point that helps push people over the edge.

Look for every opportunity to highlight free shipping & make sure users can't miss it.

Site Speed:

Site speed has a MAJOR impact on conversion, user experience, google rankings, and bounce rates.

Use pagespeed insights to find opportunities for your site.

A few of the more common fixes include:

  1. Minifying HTML, CSS, and JS files.
  2. Optimization of images and lazy loading.
  3. App analysis and old app code removal
  4. Deferring and asyncing Javascript and CSS delivery

While we’re chatting site speed… Oddit recently launched their Site Speed Optimization service.  

It helps DTC sites dramatically increase their site speed and boost conversions.

They can optimize the speed of ANY size Shopify site, and as always, if you’re not satisfied they’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

They’re giving all DTC Newsletter subscribers 10% off their Site Speed Optimization service.

Simply enter DTCSPEED10 at checkout to receive the discount.

Heads up, this code expires on August 17th!


How to Find the Best SMS Platform for Your Business

Thinking about trying SMS for your DTC business but aren’t sure where to start? 🤔

When using two different platforms to manage your email and SMS campaigns, there’s a natural "crack" that occurs if you’re using disjointed software solutions.

You risk losing sales, accurate reporting, and a seamless customer experience.

So why spread yourself across multiple platforms when you can have one cohesive strategy and experience?

By managing both email and SMS with one cohesive marketing automation platform (like Klaviyo 😉), you’ll unlock opportunities that wouldn’t be possible when using separate solutions.

For more expert advice, read Klaviyo’s guide to evaluating SMS platforms.

👉 Discover the 5 SMS platform must-haves.


This week on the pod we spoke to DTC legend Nik Sharma – CEO of Sharma Brands.

Sharma Brands has had a hand in developing, launching, and scaling some of your favorite brands (Hydrant, Lalo, Judy, and Super Coffee).

This podcast is a masterclass in growth concepts.

Nik breaks down the history of the DTC industry, where it’s at right now, and the future of it.

Listen to the whole thing and share it with your team.

The Takeaways. 👇

🏆 DTC 3.0

Nik’s been in the mix for 1.0 and 2.0 and his assessment of 3.0 (where we’re at now) is stark.

"DTC 3.0 is very much focused on function and relevance. Does this brand have a reason to exist, or is it just an arbitrage opportunity?"

Nik sees the window closing for eCommerce as a pure arbitrage opportunity as ad costs rise, or "normalize to where they should have been."

Many brands will fade slowly in DTC 3.0, Nik predicts.

The ones who succeed will have a brand "glow up" where they build a community who're excited to repurchase their product without seeing an ad.

Easy right? 😬

😎 What is performance branding?

Nik uses Facebook Ads to test aspects of the brands’ personalities that resonate more with customers and hones in from there.

First set the demographic you’re targeting – say male and female 24–44 in cities x, y, z.

Now all you need is a feedback loop.

Create a landing page with 20 headline variations.

Test against your demo to see which tone and subject matter resonates with your audience and refine from there.

🔑 Drop customer acquisition costs by 30–40%

The best thing a brand can do to lower CaC is build a simple landing page.  

Tell a story about your brand, answer questions, compel the reader down the page and increase their chance of conversion.

For examples of these pages, check out Orgain or PooPourri.

Also, check out Nik’s newly released landing page guide.

🚀 Be bullish on organic TikTok

Nik believes TikTok Ads is a monster, but on the organic side, he sees massive opportunities currently.

"If we send our product to even just 50 creators between 50–250k followers, and they put out 50 pieces of content… 10-15 are bound to get a million views. It’s a simple numbers game."

To hear more about advocating for your DTC brand in the 2021 playing field, and Nik’s experiences and tips for scalability, listen to the full pod here!


📣 Boost your marketing with UGC!

Expand your reach and generate hundreds of beautiful, fully-licensed UGC assets with minisocial.

DTC brands use minisocial campaigns to populate their organic social, ads, email and beyond by working with Instagram and TikTok micro influencers.

Campaigns are fully managed and start at $2k ($1.7k after your special DTC reader discount 😉).

Brands like Native, Hydrant, Olipop, and Super Coffee have thrived thanks to UGC from minisocial campaigns.

Don't take our word for it, check out minisocial case studies here. 🚩

Ready to give it a try? DTC Newsletter readers get 15% off their first campaign, just mention this ad.

👉 Get started by building your campaign brief or schedule a free intro/strategy call.

Amazon Tip

Check out this killer tip from the Pilothouse Amazon team!

Bidding on your own Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN) is a great defensive strategy to keep competitors off your listings.

By controlling the ad spots on your own listing, you take up that real estate instead of letting a competitor have it.

It’s an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell, but also helps your conversion rate because a user is less likely to bounce to a competitor.

Say you’re a protein powder brand that sells whey protein and vegan protein – if someone landed on the whey protein page, show ads for your vegan protein.

They might be more interested in vegan protein and end up purchasing it.



We’re loving this timer ad from Crossnet.

While it’s not a live timer, it’s a great attention grabber.

The Pilothouse team has had success running this alongside a sale.

They’d run ads with 60 second timers and create a new video for each day the sale was live (ie. 5 days = 5 videos).

Test it out for your own brand!

Brand Spotlight

Looking to cut down on harsh chemicals in your protective and preventative skincare?

Say hello to Kinfield. 👋

Gone are the days of spraying and spreading parabens and synthetics to fight off sunburns and bugs.

Check out the awesome product names 👇

  • Daily Dew (sunscreen).
  • Golden Hour (deet-free repellent).
  • Sunday Spray (cooling aloe mist).
  • Relief Balm (anti-itch remedy).

Kindfield brings products and packaging that are safe for both people and the planet. 🌎

Head over to their Facebook Ads library for great UGC inspiration.

We’ll be having these beauties on deck for our next hiking adventure. 😍

Quick Hits

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🚀 Instagram is testing ads in its Shop Tab.

✅ Target and DTC brand State Bags teams up for back to school.

🤯 30 social media metrics that matter throughout the customer journey.

🦜 Twitter launches updated Agency Playbook to guide marketers on Twitter Ads’ best practices.

💄 L’Oréal’s new digital chief takes cosmetics virtual.

💰 Pro Tips: TikTok shares advice on how brands can establish a presence on the platform, and generate results.

🔊 Have you heard our latest podcasts?

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