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May 21, 2023
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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Working past deadlines like…

We’ve been very invested in what’s happening with Kanye at the Mercedes-Benz stadium.

There’s a rumor he’s actually reading the DTC Newsletter in this picture. 😜

Hi Kanye! 👋

This newsletter also includes:

💬 Why self-segmentation is crucial for your email strategy.

📊 How to make your landing page headlines stand out.

🤔 Using pain points to drive your copy.

🎯 Hyper-local targeting.

🤯 How to QA your number ranges.

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Self-segmentation is the process of consumers placing themselves in certain categories within your email list.  

When the data is collected and implemented correctly it creates a better experience for the consumer which makes you (the brand) more money.

Ways to apply self-segmentation 👇

📧  Opt-in level:

Your pop-up is a GREAT spot for self-segmentation.

Surf brand O’Neill uses the style preference segments "Men" and "Women," but every brand will be different.

This information instantly separates customers into a different segment of your list.

Now you can send specific campaigns to those on the men's list and those on the women's list.

Remember, your messaging, images, and CTAs should be customized for each segment you send to.

📧  Typeforms in Welcome Series

Build a Typeform into your welcome series to collect even more information on consumers.

Your pop-up provides one discount BUT an additional discount is placed in the welcome series to incentivize users to complete the typeform.  

📧   Utilize SMS

The immediate responsiveness of SMS is ideal for self-segmentation.

For example, when texting customers, show images of different products and ask which they prefer.

Say you're a clothing brand. You could show a picture of shorts, and a picture of a polo shirt, then ask the customer to text back 1 for shorts or 2 for polo.

Based on their response the customers will then be segmented out into a polo or a shorts campaign.

Simple as that!

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11 Lessons to Help Ace Your Back-to-School Marketing Campaigns

✏️ Sharpen your pencils! Tomorrow marks the first day of August, which means school is almost back in session.

Anxious? Elated? Either way, DTC brands need to brainstorm how they can creatively market their products for the back-to-school rush.  


According to the National Retail Foundation, in 2020, consumers were projected to spend a total of $33.9 billion for back-to-school materials and $67.7 billion for back-to-college ones. 🤯

Break out your pens, pencils, notebooks, laptops – or whatever materials you use to jot down notes! Klaviyo is here with best-in-class back-to-school email lessons (plus examples).

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Facebook Tip

Test hyper-local targeting in your Facebook ads.

Check out this Olipop example with "Hey, Nashville," and "Hey, Atlanta!"

Targeting particular cities within Facebook allows you to speak to a customer’s location, which can boost conversion rate

It creates a personal feeling which increases the likelihood of a purchase.

NOTE: While micro-targeting is super effective, you’ll generally see less scale with these types of ads.

Test it for your brand!

ALSO: make sure you're testing a simulated text message ad like the one above.

It’s a scroll stopper that the Pilothouse team has seen big success with.

Landing Page

✅ Quick tips for writing landing page headlines that crush!

A great headline promises that you’ll solve a problem.

All headlines should include your value props.

Try using the "4 U’s" to create a compelling headline:
  • Urgent
  • Useful
  • Unique
  • Ultra Specific

Determine the most important "U" for your brand and make that the headline.

Fit the rest of the "Us" in your subheader or body copy.

🚀 The five types of headlines:  

1. Question: "Can this Professional Home Teeth-Whitening System Disrupt an Entire Industry?"

2. How-to: "How to Successfully Write a Presell Page Guaranteed to Convert"

3. List: "Ten Copywriting Tips that Are Proven to Convert"

4. Quotation: "The Task Management App Every Startup Should Use -Business Insider"

5. Teaser/Curiosity: "When Fortune 500 Companies Need to Hire Copywriters, This is Where They Go"

Landing pages are CRUCIAL so make sure you're doing everything in your power to optimize them!


🧐 Did you know? Direct mail can drive new customer growth 10-30x more efficiently than digital alone.

Learn how winning DTC brands like Fanduel are crushing their customer acquisition by sending direct mail.

In their free e-book, Speedeon VP (and former Direct Marketing Leader at HelloFresh) Matt Whipple busts the top five myths that hold back digital-first marketers from diving into direct mail and turning it into a top strategy for growing their user base and increasing lifetime value.

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This week’s AKNF features Maia, Head of the Community Engagement department at Pilothouse, and Raven, Sr. Media Buyer and Head of Growth at DTC.

They discuss DTC hot topic: Customer Service.

Talk to your customers:

We’ve said it before, but if you're not actively talking with customers you're doing your entire business a disservice.

Good internal customer service metrics can be defined by: repeat customers, response rates, and purchase price.

But the best way to measure?

Hear it from the customer!

Think about utilizing live chat boxes or linking to a Facebook page where customers can chat in real time.

There’s a time and place for both, but when possible: live responses from real people trumps bots every time.

🚨 Olipop’s head of CX, Eli Weiss, spends numerous hours a week in Instagram DMs chatting with customers.

🚨 DMs are a casual and comfortable spot for customers to share honest thoughts.

Utilizing Pain Points in Your Copy

If your customers are constantly inquiring about shipping times or prices, use that information to educate customers in your copy.

Ensuring your copy covers the points of friction in the buying process creates happier customers.

Happier customers = less negative comments.

Take a listen to the full pod for tips and tricks to ensure your customers feel heard and appreciated!


Coming in hot with some top-notch "framed creatives" inspiration. 🔥

Feast your eyes on these beauties!

Framed creatives are awesome for incorporating lifestyle images with structured branding.

You can put the CTA into the frame, when there's minimal copy space available!

This style works really well in all placements. 🚀


We’ve said it once, but Tom Brown is saying it again.

The comments, especially on TikTok, are a GREAT source of information.


Here’s a quick QA tidbit from Logan, Pilothouse’s Content Quality Manager:

I know you’ve been holding your breath for my text tip, so here it is:


Common? Extremely.

Exciting? Don’t answer that.

  • When you’re typing two numbers that represent a range, the numbers should be separated by an en dash (–) with no spaces on either side.
  • The numbers should always be represented as numerals (not typed out with letters).
  • If the numbers are units of some kind (pounds, percentages, multipliers, dollars, etc.) then the unit symbol is only needed on the last number. This is also true when you type a series of numbers separated by commas.

If you want examples, okay, but I’ll give it to you straight:

  • 60–80% of typed number ranges are erroneous.
  • I edit a number range 5, 10, 15, or maybe even 20–30x per day.

Ranges aren’t necessarily common in ad creatives, but I see a lot of funky ranges in ad copy, landing pages, newsletters, or just communications out in the wild. It’s not like everyone would notice a bad range – but if you want to look like a real pro, getting the details right is paramount!

Stay tuned for more dispatches from the QA desk.


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📈 BigCommerce acquires feed optimization platform Feedonomics.

🧘♀️ Hyperice acquires Core, enters $4.2B meditation apps market.

💰 Customer engagement platform Dixa raises $105M Series C led by General Atlantic.

🐅 Contentful raises $175M at a $3B valuation from Tiger for its content delivery service.

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