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May 21, 2023
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Saturday, July 3, 2021

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🔁 The "Creative Feedback Loop" Pilothouse uses to scale brands.

🚀 Quick tips from the Pilothouse Facebook and Google teams.

🤳 Expert UGC tips and why you should be planning your Q4 campaigns NOW!

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Product Pages

The customer is knocking at your door, and the product page is one of the last stops in their journey to purchase.  

It’s crucial to get these pages looking sharp!

5 Things to Always Include on Your Product Pages

1️⃣ Top Banner

We always include these on presell pages, but including them on product pages is just as important.  

A banner reminds the customer why they should be purchasing your product.
Socks brand Bombas executes this perfectly.
They feature 20% off your first order along with the discount code PLUS they included a sense of urgency with the Father’s Day feature.  

2️⃣ Testimonials

It's one thing to tell consumers your product is excellent, but it’s another to show your customer that over 2,000 (or however many) also agree.

Bombas product pages display top reviews as well as 4,000+ others. That's some solid social proof!

3️⃣ Strong Product Images

It's crucial to show more than one image so you can appeal to various audiences.

Different images to include:

  • Ingredients list (if applicable)
  • The product from different angles
  • Your top testimonial as an image
  • The product being worn (if applicable)

Vessi Shoes is an excellent example of this. They even have their main value prop, "100% Waterproof," on all images.

4️⃣ Your Key Selling Features

Just because someone clicked on your ad doesn't mean they’re committed to purchasing.

Use all available space to tell customers what makes your product unique and why they need to purchase it.

Snow Teeth Whitening executes this perfectly by outlining what makes them stronger than their competitors.

Comparison charts are great!

5️⃣ Discount

If you’re having a sale, don't forget to include it on your product page.

You could promote the sale in a sticky banner at the top or use Snow’s tactics to show the sale price next to a crossed-out original price on the page.

Price is a significant factor causing consumers to bounce from product pages, so make sure they have all the information they need to make that purchase.


The "Creative Feedback Loop" Pilothouse Uses to Scale Brands like Crazy

What would happen if your designers looked at the data when making creatives, just like your media buyers do before spending your money?

Train your creative team to think like media buyers and change your entire business this month.

If your designers aren’t consulting data in their creative process, or their work isn’t measured by profit, you’ve got plenty of growth left to uncover.

Pilothouse’s whole creative strategy is centred around two formulas:

  1. Data > Ego

When iterating creatively, your team should be looking at data to determine creative direction.

If a creative doesn’t convert, forget it and move on to the next. One test should lead to another, and every test should set a new target benchmark.

  1. Data + Quality + Speed = Velocity

Quality and speed are irrelevant if data isn’t determining creative direction.

If your designers aren’t swimming in data every day, making creative decisions based on cold hard facts, ask yourself… WHY? 🤔

Q: Do my designers work side-by-side with my media buyers?
Q: Am I satisfied with the quality and speed of the content I receive?
Q: Is the creative my designers submit measured and profitable?

Q: Is my creative team trying to make me feel good? OR are they trying to drive sales?

Take the responsibility of sourcing creative off your media buyers so they can focus on buying. Partner them with creatives who understand data.

Our process in a nutshell:

Download our complete creative process and review with your team to see if there are any efficiencies you can create.

You’ll also find our top five styles of creative that are helping us cut through the noise and scale our clients’ profitable ad spend.

Ready to work with a creative team, built for performance from the ground up?

Pilothouse’s award winning creative team is opening its queue to DTC readers and has five available slots for new partners this July.

Drop us a line: Pilothouse.co


Looking to help improve your Google Ad account?

Use your own brand name as a keyword and help train the pixel to find the right audience faster.

By using your brand name, you’re giving the algorithm more purchases and, therefore, more data points to pull from.

If the algorithm is trained the right way, it will do the heavy lifting for you.

Brand Spotlight

Meet Lalo, the brand set on changing how you shop for your baby. 👶🍼

Lalo focuses on creating thoughtfully designed products that look good and take the pressure off new parents.

Their line includes beautifully designed high chairs, strollers, play tables, and baby dinnerware sets!

Check it out their baby dinnerware set 👇

Can we get an adult-sized suction plate over here!? 🙋‍♀️


Don’t sleep on site speed!

Website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time! (between seconds 0-5)

💰 Site speed sells products, it's no secret.

Yet the majority of websites we Oddit have SERIOUS speed issues that continue to hamper growth.

We’ve recently launched our Oddit Site Speed Optimization service to help DTC sites dramatically increase their site speed and boost conversions with it.

We can optimize the speed of ANY size Shopify site, and as always, if you’re not satisfied we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Test your site speed here!

🚨 We’ve been having amazing results and to keep the momentum going we want to give all DTC Newsletter subscribers 10% off our Site Speed Optimization service.

Simply enter DTCSPEED10 at checkout to receive the discount.

Just a heads up, this code expires on July 15th!

🎙 Podcast

On the latest AKNF we hosted Angela, Head of Pilothouse's User Generated Content division to chat about all things UGC!

She dropped some FACTS:
  • 78% of customers trust peer-recommended reviews (only 14% trust branded ads).
  • On average, we see a 50% drop in CPC when comparing UGC to branded ad content.
  • Plus! We see a 4x higher CTR on UGC content.

However, not all UGC is created equal.

You need quality UGC made with goals in mind.

Angela’s top tips:

  • Reverse engineer your spend budget – Think about the total LTV of a customer and how many customers a campaign is likely to acquire. Then work backwards to determine what kind of spend you should commit.
  • You get what you pay for – Don’t get caught up in trying to acquire the cheapest UGC possible. Spend on high-quality content from true partners who are going to put in the effort and really make things work for your brand.

Finally, if you want a robust Q4 influencers strategy, you need to start planning now!

🎧 Listen to the full pod here!


Looking for some quick wins in your Facebook ad account?

Take your top-performing campaign and duplicate it with a 1-day click, 1-day view attribution model.

Facebook pools 7- and 1-day audiences differently so you can see a lift simply by duplicating and changing the attribution window.

M & A

💰 NCAA athletes cash in on day one of NIL "Name Image Likeness" rule

👀 ShipBob nabs $200M at a $1B+ valuation to help eCommerce companies run logistics like Amazon’s

😎 Pietra raises $15M from Founders Fund to help creators launch their own product lines

👊 Language-learning app Duolingo files to go public

🚀 Tapcart, a ‘Shopify for mobile apps,’ raises a $50 million Series B

🚨 Etsy will buy the 'Etsy of Brazil' for $217M

🤯 Psychedelic VR meditation startup Tripp raises $11 million Series A

🥵 Forum Brands raises $27M Series A as crowded Amazon roll-up space continues to heat up

🤝 Zoom to acquire German startup to bring real-time translation to meetings

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