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May 21, 2023
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Saturday, June 12, 2021

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Top 5 UGC Mistakes to Avoid

We asked the Pilothouse UGC team to list the biggest mistakes brands make when running a UGC campaign.

#1. Not Setting Performance Goals for UGC Campaigns

It’s easy for brands to start collecting UGC, but if you’re not measuring audience response, you’ll have a hard time learning and improving.

Not all UGC is going to perform the same way. It’s important to set clear intentions for this content and measure the results.

Consider the following: 👇
  • Do you need top of funnel or bottom of funnel content? The messages and the way the content is created should reflect where in the customer journey the audience is.
  • Are you wanting to attract new customers or increase customer loyalty?
  • Which channels will the content be used in?  
  • Are you looking for engagement or strictly a revenue focus? Craft your messages and CTA alongside this.  

#2. Not Setting Clear Expectations and Content Direction

Having clear expectations and deliverables for influencers and content creators really ensures you get the best quality content.

Build a creative brief with detailed information about the brand, the direction you want the content to take (i.e. an unboxing video VS. a tutorial) and exactly the format you want the content in.

Make sure the creator understands the type of message and tone you’d like to see. Mention the dos and don'ts, so they have clear expectations.  

If you’re worried about what the content will look like, ask for a sample! Especially if you haven’t worked with them before.


Alkaline Herb Shop’s SMS Strategy Drives 160x ROI

SMS is just one part of an effective marketing strategy, but for Alkaline Herb Shop, it’s their top engagement and revenue channel with 20% growth MoM.

Alkaline Herb Shop knew the value of personal relationships with consumers, and believed that by pairing SMS with email they could deliver a more tailored experience for maximum results.

Yotpo SMS enabled the brand to build a sophisticated SMS strategy through a one-click integration, so that they could get up and running immediately. The channel took off. 🚀

In less than six months, Alkaline Herb Shop has seen 160x ROI from SMS, more engagement, and an increase in repeat purchases, with over 50% of customers returning for more.

They’ve even recovered over 33% of abandoned carts using Yotpo’s advanced SMS flows. 🤯

Click here to learn how Alkaline Herb Shop leveraged SMS to grow their business.


#3. Not Getting Permission to Use Content

The easiest way to use UGC is to take content directly from your consumer and repost it on your brand’s social media or use it for ads.

However, this is also the biggest pitfall. 🥴

🚨Just because someone posts a picture or video of themselves using your product/service doesn’t mean you automatically have permission to use it.

Before using any UGC content make sure you have the contributor’s written permission to use it on the channels you’re wanting.

Set clear terms and conditions so there’s no confusion about how the UGC will be used and for what purpose.

This saves a lot of time and headaches down the line.

Check out the example below of a brand asking for permission

#4. Being Disingenuous

The reason UGC resonates with audiences is because of the authenticity and honesty behind it.

One of the biggest mistakes brands make is faking UGC.

The audience can easily tell if it’s scripted and it defeats the entire purpose of UGC.

TIP: Avoid asking for positive reviews or comments from your customers.

Even if you’re offering a gift card, consumers see right through and know your brand can’t be trusted.

#5. Underestimating Time and Effort Needed to Source Good UGC

High quality UGC isn’t the cheapest or easiest to source, but if you have a good plan to leverage the content you can make it scalable.

Your goal shouldn’t be to constantly recruit more creators, but rather build long-term partnerships.  

Make them part of your team and offer lots of value to them in return for consistently great content.  

If you’re just getting started with UGC and need help, chat with the Pilothouse team!


Struggling to view 1-day and 7-day conversions totalled correctly in Facebook Ads Manager?

Here’s the workaround Pilothouse has been using since the attribution changes in Ads Manager.

With iOS 14.5’s implementation and the removal of the 28-day attribution window, the two primary views remaining are 1-day click 1-day view, and 7-day click 1-day view.

If your ad sets were paused when Facebook made the shift, they automatically defaulted to 1-day click, 1-day view and the rest of your campaigns that were live would have gone down to 7-day click, 1-day view.

Ads Manager can’t tally up the totals between those two attribution windows, so Facebook isn't tallying up metric totals at the bottom.

You have to jump into the ad set or ad level to see those metrics.

But our team implemented a workaround using custom reports.

It’s a little finicky because custom reports can’t standardize attribution windows in one ad account across campaigns, but here’s the gist.

1. You have two options for setup.

If you have access to an empty ad account you can use that as your second ad account.

OR if you don’t have access to an empty ad account you can use one with data in it but filter to only display the ad account whose data you want to see.

2. Select your two ad accounts for custom reports.

3. Build your custom report with the metrics you need to see.

4. Standardize the attribution window, time zone, and currency across those ad accounts.

Then you’ll be able to holistically see all the data in the ad account you’re looking at and it will total at the bottom for you!

Technical Notes:

1) Both ad accounts must be in the same Business Manager.

2) Take note of the time zone settings on your Ad Account and the Facebook User profile you’re using to pull the report. For example, if your User is set up in PST and you’re viewing ad accounts set to GMT, your Custom Report won’t line up precisely with Ads Manager or your store. That’s because the Custom Reports automatically adjust to the timezone of the User, not the Ad Account.

If you’re still confused, listen to our full All Killer No Filler podcast with Pilothouse’s Senior and Lead Media Buying Team across both Facebook Ads and Google.

They break down the Facebook hack in detail and discuss changes, challenges, and the workarounds caused by iOS 14.5. 🔥🚀


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They all rely on Packlane, the one-stop shop for making your custom packaging dreams a reality ✨📦

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Their team is dedicated to saving you countless hours and money that can be invested back into your business.

Plus, you only pay for the packaging services you need – no added fees, no monthly payments, no sneaky upsells.

Custom packaging and boxes can turn your brand into the total package.

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Check out this killer email we spotted from Hydrant!

Why we like it:
  • Presented in tabloid style, which is unique.
  • The orange helps focus your attention on the product.  
  • Strong CTA at the top (Buy Now) and soft CTA a the bottom (Try Now).
  • ALSO – the reviews have a motion element that changes every couple seconds. Great idea.

M + A

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🥳 Punchbowl nabs $5M investment, acquires VidHug to add video to party planning platform.

⌛️ Productivity startup Time is Ltd raises $5.6M to be the ‘Google Analytics for company time.’

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