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May 21, 2023
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Saturday, June 5, 2021

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🤳 Our beginners’ guide to the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

🚀 Quick tips for your Google and Facebook campaigns.

🎥 Tru Earth’s Ryan McKenzie shares the inside scoop on his killer YouTube Ads creative strategy.

📦 The tool you NEED to optimize your subscription program.

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A Beginners’ Guide to the TikTok Creator Marketplace

TCM is TikTok’s version of an influencer marketing platform, facilitating connections between content creators and brands.

Content creators (regardless of their number of followers) interested in partnerships or sponsored posts can sign-up to be listed on the marketplace.

Their stats and analytics are presented on a user profile that gives brands access to information like demographics, follower geography, follower age range, engagement rate and more.

Creators and brands can connect, discuss campaign details, negotiate rates and ultimately partner directly with each other for sponsored or gifted posts.

As of this moment, TikTok doesn’t charge advertisers to use this platform, so all of these great features are free to use!

😎 Why Brands Should Utilize TCM:

The Pilothouse UGC team is always focused on letting data speak for itself. However, getting reliable data for content creators isn’t always easy or trustworthy.

This marketplace will provide more accurate and honest data because of the first-hand analytics and tools TikTok has created.

Instead of going through third parties, TCM also allows for direct communication with content creators – this is a HUGE deal.


With customer acquisition costs on the rise and the impending cookieless era around the corner, doubling down on customer retention strategies is key to future-proofing your business.

What’s the best way to keep customers around? A loyalty program.

But, it can be hard to know where to start.

Yotpo’s Quickstart Guide to Loyalty Programs explains, step-by-step, how to bring a loyalty program to life.

Plus, get inspired by top brands already using loyalty to achieve their business goals, like Moroccanoil, Brooklinen, and Vanity Planet.

With Yotpo’s guide, you’ll learn:

  • Ten key benefits of loyalty programs, including increased customer lifetime value and repeat purchases.
  • How to name your VIP membership levels.
  • How to structure your loyalty rewards and perks based on your industry.
  • What type of loyalty program is best suited for your business.

It’s time to double down on keeping customers around. It’s time to invest in loyalty.

Check out our quickstart guide to loyalty programs, and learn how to start building your loyalty program now.

UGC – Part 2

🤷‍♀️ How to use TCM:

The marketplace is extremely easy to use!

Use the search bar to look up specific content creators or type in keywords matching your campaign description.

The system will generate a list of creators that would be a great match for the campaign.

Further, the platform allows users to search for creators based on specific campaign needs.

For example, find creators from a specific country or in a specific industry.

You can peruse a list of creators that match your search criteria and better understand their network and content through their analytics.

Once you’ve scoped out creators, message them with the campaign details or initiate a one-on-one conversation.

This notifies the creator, and you can begin campaign negotiations with them directly on TCM.

Once the details are flushed out, wait for the content, then distribute it through your ad management channels or TikTok!


🤑 Benefits and Cost:

From gaining brand exposure to increasing website traffic and increasing sales, this marketplace is a game-changer.

It’s not only free to use, but for creator negotiations, it provides a sliding scale of options to choose from: paid advertising, gifted advertising and anything in between.

We’ll continue to cover this killer platform in future newsies, but for now, check out TikTok Creator Marketplace here!


Here’s a quick tip from the Pilothouse Facebook Team:

Take your best-performing video on YouTube and speed them up to 105%, 110%, 115%, and 120% playback rates.

110% and 120% have outperformed regular-speed playback for our teams.

This also shortens the video and increases your view-through rate. 💥


Improving your Google Ad account:  

Use your own brand name as a keyword and help train the pixel to find the right audience faster.

By using your brand name, you’re providing the algorithm with more purchases and, therefore, more data points to pull from.

If the algorithm is trained the right way, it will do the heavy lifting for you.

Spotlight Sponsor

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With consumer demand for subscriptions at record highs, it's no surprise brands are flooding the market with subscription offerings.

In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2023, 75% of direct-to-consumer brands will have a subscription offering.

It's an exciting time for any brand with a subscription program, but merchants with unique program incentives, frictionless experiences, and churn-fighting capabilities will win the day.

👉 To help brands turn their subscription program into a market-leading model, Ordergroove created The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Subscription Program, a comprehensive guide that’s stuffed with best practices and use cases.

In the guide, you'll learn how to:
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  • Drive larger average order values.
  • Determine if your subscription program is optimized for success.

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Tru Earth’s Ryan McKenzie manages the creative strategy for his high-performing DTC brand. He shared his unstoppable YouTube Ads creative strategy with DTC.

Here’s a breakdown of Ryan’s formula for a successful video. 👇

  1. Pattern Interrupt – get the viewer’s attention.
  2. The Problem – discuss your viewer’s problem and inspire them to seek a solution.
  3. The Solution – introduce your product as the solution to the viewer’s problem.
  4. The Call to Action – ask for the sale directly and clearly, and tell them where to click.
  5. Objections and Credibility – resolve common concerns, bust objections, and establish authority.
  6. Call to Action Round 2 – remind them of your solution, ask for the sale and tell them where to click.
  7. The Outro – give them time to click.

For details on each part of the formula, head to YouTube for Ryan’s full presentation on the art and science behind YouTube Ads creative.


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M & A

🛍 Etsy to buy Depop for $1.6B to attract young shoppers.

👗 Rent the Runway interview banks to move forward with IPO this year.

🤑 Simplified raises $2.2M in seed to bring automated content creation to marketers.

👩‍💻 Zoom tops sales, profit estimates on large customer additions.

🍩 Krispy Kreme files $100M IPO.

📽 AMC stock nearly doubles to a record close after offering new perk for retail investors: free large popcorn.

🎞 New media company from AT&T spinoff will be called Warner Bros. Discovery.

📱 Attentive acquires email marketing platform Privy.

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