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July 12, 2023
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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Happy Wednesday! Sending you all the good vibes today 😊

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1. Product, pricing, and pumping iron with Caleb Ulffers of Haven Athletics

This week on the DTC podcast, we’re unpacking the success story of an innovative gym bag that transformed frustration into a thriving DTC business with Haven Athletics co-founder and CEO Caleb Ulffers

We dove deep into the magic behind Facebook Ads, and the hurdles and high-fives in the e-commerce world.

This episode is not just about a gym bag, it’s about pioneering a new category, and how an elegantly organized gym bag can become more than just a utility item - it’s a status symbol. Click here to read on or click here to listen!

2. Kick off the GROW NY retail conference at this private event with your ecommerce peers!*

Whether you're going to GROW or a DTC marketer in the area, we recommend networking at this exclusive event! AdRoll is co-hosting the party on Monday, July 10, from 6-8 pm (the night before GROW) at Five Iron Golf!

Meet with friends and colleagues in the DTC space to pick each other's brains on the latest ecommerce trends, or share a drink and just hang out.

With an open bar, dinner, private lounge, and, of course, virtual golf — designed for pros and amateurs alike. This is a private event, so RSVP at this link.

3. Eight tactics to grow your social media following in 2023

Social media can do wonders to capture new brand followers and grow your DTC business. But, if you’ve been hunkered down at your computer, Tweeting/Instagramming/TikToking like crazy, only to watch your follower count…well…stay the same, then you know the feeling of, ‘whomp whomp.’

For the eight tactics to grow your social media in 2023 (from social media pros), click here!

4. PATH Water pairs with CVS Pharmacy and generates over 200k organic views.*

Supporting product launches and building good will with third-party retailers can be challenging tasks. For many DTC brands, ensuring the success of their retail launches is at the top of their priority lists.

PATH partnered with CVS Pharmacy to launch a "7-Day Re-Fillit Challenge" to drive awareness for their re-fillable water bottles.

PATH partnered with 20+ Cohley Creators, resulting in over 170 branded assets that collectively garnered over 200k organic views.

Using Cohley allowed PATH to support a key retailer and elevate their success with CVS. Check out this case study to learn more about this successful partnership.

5. US consumer spending hits speed bump; inflation picture mixed

Higher borrowing costs are deterring US consumers from purchasing vehicles and other long-term costly goods.  Economists polled by Reuters expected a rise in consumer spending of 0.2% despite slower spending on credit.

Consumer spending was lowered to an annualized rate of 1.0% while inflation continues to outpace the central bank’s target of 2%. Click here to read more.

⚡ Quick Hits

🧐 Forbes finds acquiring new customers costs 7x more than retaining existing ones. Crafting your own app with SHOPPY is a great way to keep your fans engaged and purchasing. *

♾️ Meta to launch Twitter rival, “Threads” as early as Thursday. The app has been reported in App Stores and will connect to users’ Instagram accounts.

🔥 Promote your brand with commission-only influencers. Reach untapped influencers with SARAL and build "direct-to-creator" relationships. Speak with Yash for your free trial and start your brand skyrocketing! *

🐦 Twitter’s new “TweetDeck” will be restricted to Blue subscribers August 2nd, 2023. The feature has been useful in managing multiple Twitter accounts and scheduling content.

🛑 Sweden’s privacy watchdog warns against the use of Google Analytics. Data protection measures by Google were found to not meet legal requirements. Over $1M in fines have been issued.

🎨 Adobe’s Figma takeover faces review from EU Officials.

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