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May 21, 2023
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Friday, May 12, 2023

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5 Underused SMS Marketing Strategies

“Hey, babe. Did I tell you I’m writing a book? It’s a phone book, and it’s missing your number.”

You’re a DTC brand, so, thankfully, you don’t need that tacky pickup line. But you do need to get your customers’ numbers. 📱

Why? According to a Validity study, 38% of customers purchased after receiving a WhatsApp or text message.

While SMS marketing works, it’s also important to remember that 96% of respondents from the same study said they were occasionally annoyed with SMS marketing.

So, let’s dive a bit deeper into how to woo customers via SMS instead of getting your number blocked.

1️⃣ Make your offer relevant

Anytime a brand shows up in your life without being invited or at least having researched your needs, it’s irritating.

If your approach is “blast all random numbers with an offer and hope you get a sale,” you can count on receiving “STOP” replies.

A better approach is to make sure customers opt-in to SMS and then craft messages that are relevant to their interests.

Here’s a good example from Tiny Organics that targets mothers specifically with an offer they’ll love.

2️⃣ Personalize your messages

Text messages are personal—especially since they can show up out of the blue right on the most personal communication device.

As such, it’s essential to craft messages that are personalized to the individual receiving the text.

A personalized message could include:

  • Using the customer’s first name
  • Segmenting messages
  • Highlighting products the customer has been eyeing
  • A follow-up after a big purchase

Here’s a great example of SMS personalization from Big Blanket.

The text includes the subscriber’s first name, and it refers back to a purchase the customer made previously.

It’s personal. It’s relevant. It’s a win. ✅


The Right Team Can Make or Break Your Brand

💥 Are you confident that you have the absolute best team around you and your brand?

If you feel that:

  • Your current agency isn’t completely focused on what actually moves the needle
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SMS – Part 2

3️⃣ Take advantage of big shopping holidays

The best thing about the holidays isn’t the joy, laughter, and love in the air. It’s about the money people are ready to spend to bring joy and laughter and show love.

Just kidding (sort of).

But, for real. The holidays—especially between Black Friday and New Year’s—is when consumers are actively looking for deals.

Sending your holiday promotions to the device where consumers do much of their shopping, or at least bring with them when they go to a physical store, is a win.

Here’s an example from Pura Vida.

It’s short. It’s sweet. And the timing is on fire.

4️⃣ Consider hiring a human to operate behind the scenes

There’s a ton of SMS software that’ll automate SMS messages for you. And it’s a great idea to invest in this kind of software, especially if you run a large company.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no room to improve your customer experience by hiring a human to take over text messaging. This is especially true if you’re seeing an influx in customers opting out or receiving low customer satisfaction scores.

Here’s a great example of how WinkyLux took the human approach to SMS marketing.

This kind of human-to-human interaction is refreshing in a world of AI and chatbots.

5️⃣ Ask questions

SMS isn’t only for sending promotions and making sales. It’s also a stellar tool for capturing customer insights.

If you have relevant questions for your customers, send them a quick SMS.

Another idea is to ask customers follow-up questions just like Nomad does.

Nomad takes customer service to the next level with one simple question. The question? “Anything else I can help you with while I have you? :).” This kind of question shows the consumer you care, and it makes a difference.

I’m not a robot

SMS marketing is all about timing, delivery, and empathy. While some consumers won’t be phased by automated messaging and tolerate more vocal companies, many don’t.

If you’re ready to set up an SMS strategy, ensure your brand brings high-value content and messaging along with it. While getting that phone number is a milestone on its own, retaining those digits is the name of the game. 💪

Are you using SMS as part of your DTC strategy? Anything we’ve missed? Reply to this email and let us know! 📧


Top Brands Are Using This Strategy to Recession-Proof Their Email Marketing

Email marketing still reports the highest ROI for DTC marketers - even with the economy taking a nosedive.

But in 2023, if you're not leveraging a personalized approach to show your customers they're the real VIPs, you are definitely leaving revenue on the table.

Check out this guide for everything you need to get started with email personalization, including:

  • How to leverage first-party data for top-notch personalization
  • Email templates that save time, are easy to customize, and look gorgeous
  • Insights about changing consumer behaviors to show what content will win over customers

👉 Read the guide here.


Become a sustainable DTC brand

🧠 Knowledge is power

Gen-Z and Alpha are keenly aware of the environmental impact industries like fast fashion have on our planet. In fact, 40% of all consumers surveyed last year considered the environmental impact of their purchase decisions.

If your brand hasn't considered a sustainable initiative or product, you could be missing out on reaching a larger audience and saving the planet while doing it! Check out these ideas to get you started on making your brand a little bit greener 👇

🔑 DTC is key

We think increased consumer awareness presents incredible opportunities for DTC brands because of their remote nature.

Traditional businesses need to consider things like additional electrical and hydro costs, employee transportation, and additional shipping costs to bring products on location.

While our footprint isn’t neutral, DTC brands inherently reduce their carbon footprint and cut all of those extra costs out of the equation. Use those savings to invest even further into meaningful sustainability efforts, so you can resonate with conscious consumers.

🧑‍🍳 Support local

You may have the flexibility to work with local suppliers. While supporting other local businesses, you can further reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating most (or all!) of your shipping costs. DTC brands may even have the opportunity to source supplies from local markets!

🤔 Something’s not right here…

There’s a study that shows a particularly interesting trend among environmentally conscious consumers. As it turns out, consumers are more likely to change their minds about investing in sustainable brands if it means an increased shipping cost or delivery time.

This is a tricky problem to address because sustainable efforts often cost the business more.

To address this cognitive dissonance, be transparent about your manufacturing process and where consumers' money will be invested after they check out.

When consumers can understand exactly how their decisions impact their environment, they should be more likely to invest in your brand (even if it means a more expensive product!).

☀️ Make the most of the season

Summer is the perfect time for DTC brands to announce new green initiatives and build upon their existing sustainability efforts.

After a chilly winter season, nothing hits the spot like a warm summer day. ☀️ So tap into that feeling and generate hype around a more sustainable variant of your bestseller and release it in the upcoming weeks or months!

If you can make it happen, consumers will surely take note of your efforts, increasing their brand trust and loyalty.

📣 Spread your influence

Chances are you’ve worked with an influencer or two in the past, so try doing so again, only this time, reach out to those with an environmentally conscious following.

This step takes some preparation as you can’t pitch a product with no sustainable consideration to back it up. However, if you can get the influencer on board with your vision, you’ll start to see some new loyal fans in no time.

People who see others taking action around them are more likely to do so themselves. By collaborating with influencers who share values with your eco-conscious consumers, you can inspire others to take action, starting with your product!

💪 Walking the walk

DTC brands who use sustainability to promote their brand must ensure they’re actively working towards a greener goal. Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and will be able to tell if a brand isn’t walking the walk.

Do everything you can to avoid reviewers calling your brand a fraud and a liar. Be sure to consistently educate yourself on the impact your brand can have to remain trustworthy and reliable.

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