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August 14, 2023
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Monday, July 31, 2023

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1. PostGenius brings a guided experience to ChatGPT

Has your creative well run dry or you aren’t getting the results you need with ChatGPT alone? You should try the hottest new AI copy tool on the block, PostGenius.

PostGenius curates a guided approach to ChatGPT by asking a few simple questions about the content you want to create. Once you click ‘generate,’ it provides you with a few results so you can choose your favorite option!

Pilothouse has been hard at work experimenting with this nifty AI and now, it’s your turn. 👇

Check out our step-by-step guide here!

2. Here's how the biggest Shopify Plus brands protect their stores this holiday season.*

90% of store issues (dead links, broken add-to-cart buttons, etc.) are human errors, and the average store makes thousands of theme updates every month.

Uptime makes it easy to monitor, detect, and resolve issues on your Shopify store through automated UI testing, real-time Shopify platform & app outage alerts, and more.

Brands like Mr. Beast's Feastables, Soylent, OVO, Reef, Nike, Madhappy, and hundreds more trust Uptime to protect revenue and ad spend, by detecting store issues in real-time, saving over 9 hours per month from manual QA testing, not to mention decreasing lost customers due to bad experiences.

With the 2023 holiday season around the corner, if you're not 100% confident in your store protection, then it's time to get Uptime. Plus, for a limited time, DTC readers can get 25% off.

3.  How to angle your ad to drive more sales

With every company vying for your audience’s attention, you’ll need an impactful to position your business on your consumers’ nice list. While this can be difficult to do as a for-profit company… but it’s not impossible.

Your ads can convey the ideals and morals of your brand in just as many ways as it can deliver USPs. Alignment with your consumers here will undoubtedly drive more sales, especially going into the upcoming BF/CM season.

Check out our full write up for a plan of action leading into the busiest time of year.

4. See how top companies use minisocial to make a big impact online. *

Brands like Super Coffee, Love Wellness, immi, and Ceremonia are crushing on social media, all thanks to minisocial's network of micro-influencers and new content.

Spotlight Oral Care used minisocial to expand their TikTok campaign to hundreds of creators and racked up over 6 million views!

Corkcicle highlighted real customer stories using their Commuter Cup on Reels, leading to a 92% rise in views compared to their regular content.

minisocial is easy to use and doesn't lock you into a long-term deal. Plus, they're offering DTC readers a 15% discount. Boost your brand with minisocial.

5. 100 lessons in writing better copy for your business

Gary Provost published an essential guide to help any marketer write better copy and here’s a few of our favorite insights:

Write complete sentences. Readers will have a clear understanding of who you are and what you do if you write according to the rules. It also helps if you can change up the length of your sentences to keep the reader engaged with your words.

Give your words power. Use active words to help illustrate your message. Is your product stylish or is it timeless?

Keep your promises. People read to get value from words. Every successful ad promises value and delivers it before a product is purchased. Reward the reader’s time before they fork over some money.

You can find 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing in physical and audio book formats.

⚡ Quick Hits

🎯 Find the solution to your DTC pain points. Visit Bloomreachs interactive use case library for actionable marketing insights and strategies created to help you prosper. See it in action! *

🚀 Upgrade Your Marketing Performance. Even after iOS 14.5 and ITP, Black Crow AI’s Smart ID increases the ROI of your Meta & Klaviyo campaigns. See for yourself with a 30-day free trial. *

🤖 AI creative that converts. Treat AI generates on-brand ad creative and lifestyle photography that resonates with your best customers to help you acquire more of them. Here's how! *

✖️ Twitter/X says dark mode will soon be the only way to view the platform. This will limit a user’s viewing experience and could hinder Twitter/X’s accessibility.

🛍️ Shopify Editions 2023 has been published and details 100+ new developments to Shopify. Notable features include flexible customization options and AI integrations.

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