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June 5, 2023
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Monday, May 29, 2023

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📦 The tactics and tools your need for landing page sales

📦 Finding a team that’s fully aligned with your vision

📦 How to effectively update your SEO content

📦 Insights to create better SMS marketing campaigns in 2023

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Strategies and Tools for Killer Landing Pages

🔒Landing with impact

Tune in to this week’s All Killer No Filler and discover the secrets behind DTC’s most impactful landing pages!

We’re joined by the Innovation Lead at Pilothouse for an exclusive talk from our C-Suite Mastermind conference aimed at helping DTC businesses understand what consumers expect in the post-click journey from ad to landing page to checkout. 🖱️

Within the crucial seconds it takes for consumers to scan your landing pages, every detail matters. 👀

With so many creative ideas and endless amounts of UGC to choose from, how do you select the best content to place on the landing page that secures sale? 👇

🏠 Valuable real estate

The screen space on a landing page that a consumer sees first is some of the most valuable real estate your brand has to offer. Not a single pixel should go to waste!

Pilothouse provides a few tricks to maximize this space but mainly, brands need to understand their audience's attention span and purchase habits. The goal is to make the flow from ad to landing page to checkout as fast as humanly possible. 🏃

After your consumer views an ad, they’ll have certain expectations of what’s on the other side of your call-to-action (CTA). Those expectations change depending on the type of ad they’ve come from. 🤔

For example, you run a typical ad in the Meta Ads library that boasts a list of unique selling points (USPs).

The landing page the audience clicks through to should contain UGC content to complement the information the customer received from the Meta ad.

Let’s put it this way. Making a sale through a landing page isn’t as simple as placing your product front and center. 😉

👓 Everyone reads differently

How skimmable is your landing page?

Marketers thoroughly understand their products, but for new consumers, each USP should be listed on the landing page clearly and with simplicity.

After working for hours with complex products, a list of USPs, and multiple landing page drafts, it’s easy for marketers to overwhelm the page and their consumers with information. Remember that consumers will likely encounter the product for the first time on this page!

Narrow the focus of your landing page to communicate the essential details that compliment the ad consumers have come from with a clearly defined path to checkout. 🧠

📊 Get down with data

Use heat maps and hover time data on your landing page to discover where consumers focus their attention. Then, shift your most important content to that space. 💡

Whether your audience needs to see your vast selection of products, a certain visual motif, or the latest product drop, this space is crucial in securing a sale.

There are several key tools available, so be sure to check out each of them and gather the data your brand needs to convert faster than ever!

🔥 A trick up the sleeve

This AKNF episode makes you rethink what a landing page can do for your bottom line. Tune in to discover the industry secrets and key data points used by your favorite brands to turn your bland-ing pages into landing pages.


The Right Team Can Make or Break Your Brand

💥 Is the absolute best team working for your brand?

If you feel that:

  • Your current agency isn’t focused on moving the needle
  • They aren’t fully aligned to your vision
  • They’re leaving your money on the table
  • You need a second opinion on your marketing strategy

We should chat…👇

Pilothouse (DTC’s sister company) has a few limited spaces to onboard new brands and accelerate their growth with maximum ROI. They’re ambitious problem-solvers, maximizers, and dedicated partners through thick and thin.

🤔 Want in?

Get in touch with someone on the team - no obligation. Keep in mind that they establish shared goals with their partners, ensuring their profits are intertwined with yours.


Content Refreshing 101: How to Update Your SEO Content

It’s easy for content marketers to fall into the trap of focusing only on producing new content.

Blinded by the pressure of pumping out multiple articles weekly, content teams often opt for quantity over quality and neglect the need to keep existing content fresh.

But for companies looking to build a long-term organic growth engine, this is a huge mistake.

Content refreshing is key to a sustainable content marketing strategy. Yet it’s one of the most overlooked pieces of the puzzle. Let’s take a look 👇

🤔 What is content refreshing?

Content refreshing is updating existing blog content to increase organic traffic and search ranking. This means identifying winning competitor articles and updating your content to make it more comprehensive, credible, and authoritative. 👍

But it’s not as simple as it sounds. The Google algorithm is fickle and unpredictable. Updating high-traffic blog posts can hurt your search ranking if done incorrectly.

That’s why it’s essential to approach content refreshing with a plan.

👀 Choosing which posts need attention

Before editing and rewriting, dive deep into your traffic data to know which posts are worth refreshing. This work can be very tedious and time-consuming, so allocating your time to projects that will move the needle is important.

Website analytics graph photo by DALL-E

📈 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, states that 80% of the outcomes come from 20% of the causes. This often applies to your wardrobe, workout routine, and content refresh strategy.

Chances are 20% of your blog posts are driving 80+% of your traffic.

Identify these winners and double down by constantly updating this content to be new, accurate, and exciting.

This doesn’t mean you should let your low-traffic posts wither away into the page ranking abyss. This is simply a framework for prioritization.

🔍 Look for opportunities to expand

Analyze the content ranking above you in the SERPs.

What do they have that you don’t? More details? A new perspective from an SME?

A large part of a successful content refresh strategy is identifying why your content is underperforming compared to your competitors and what changes you need to make to better serve the reader.

Certain updates will take more time than others. Start by prioritizing the quick hits which can make a difference fast.


Use These Insights to Create Better SMS Marketing Campaigns in 2023

Want to know how your SMS performance stacks up against your competition?

Compare performance across thousands of ecommerce brands (just like yours) with the SMS Benchmarks Report.

This jam-packed report includes:

  • 🤓 More metrics than ever before (including subscriber lifetime value)
  • 📊 Results by industry
  • 🛍️ BFCM exclusive insights
  • 🌎 US and International benchmarks

Plus, get data-backed strategies and examples to help improve your SMS results fast!

👉 Check out the report here.


Common SEO Adjustments

🧠 But what do I update?

Once you’ve targeted the posts you want to tackle, the real work begins. Content refreshing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. Each post will require you to scope out competing articles and adjust your content accordingly.

Here are a few of the most common adjustments:

📍 Add actionable, relevant information and remove useless fluff

What do nearly all first-ranking posts have in common?

They go deep.

Find areas where you can add more detail, examples, and new keywords to your articles. The goal is to give the reader detailed, actionable information that fulfills their search intent.

That said, don’t add paragraphs or keyword stuff just for the heck of it. Good writing is simple writing. Conversely, cut any sections of the article that stray from your search intent or don’t seem to provide real value to the reader.

📍Interview SMEs

Add quotes from subject matter experts to make your content more comprehensive, insightful, and unique. Always remember to ask your sources to share the article for a nice distribution bump and maybe even some backlink juice.

📍Update outdated information

The internet moves fast. Adding new information and statistics that have become available since the content was initially published is crucial to staying relevant in the search rankings. Imagine writing an article about ‘Top Social Media Platforms’ in 2017 and not updating it to include TikTok on the list. Credibility diminished.

📍 Improve user experience

Always look to improve the readability and accessibility of your content.

Break up long paragraphs, use bullet points, and add a clickable table of contents. Branded photos always are a nice touch.

Remember, your audience's time is valuable. You want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for them to find the information they want.

Do you regularly update your existing content? If so, what were the results? We want to hear your stories.

Quick Hits

🐤 Twitter adds a picture-in-picture feature for video content. This allows users to scroll through content while watching video at the corner of your screen.

📺 Youtube is set to drop the Stories format on June 26th, 2023. Stories that go live on that date will be removed after seven days.

📷 Snap released an enhanced version of its AR try-on lens. The current iteration lets users try on variations of nail polish with greater accuracy.

🎯 Pinterest launches a new initiative to grow representation on the platform. Pinterest’s goal is to develop more “scalable diversification mechanisms” that utilize “visual skin tone signals in recommendations.”

🤖 OpenAI’s ChatGPT mobile app surpasses 500k downloads. The app continues to significantly outperform its counterparts.

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