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July 12, 2023
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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Happy Wednesday, we hope this email finds you well. 😉

❓Today, we’re starting off with a riddle: I have keys but no locks. I have space but no room. You can enter, but you can't go outside. What am I?

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1. Ultrafine branding and ASMR creative with Dan Demsky from Unbound Merino

  • This week on the DTC Podcast, Dan Demsky from Unbound Merino dives deep into finding the perfect balance between performance marketing and maintaining a solid brand identity.
  • For insights and strategies to help your brand stand out from the vast DTC competition and a peek into ASMR-vertising, click here to listen or click here to read more.

2. Here is how AI can significantly improve your marketing strategy *

  • There is a buzz around AI, and many are curious about applying it to their Shopify store. Understanding how to leverage the power of AI in your marketing strategy is essential for thriving in the rapidly-evolving landscape.
  • AI can save you valuable time and precious resources. Allowing you to quickly test creative personalization and glean insight to help optimize campaigns.
  • We invite you to join industry leaders from AdRoll, Treat, and Aument in their upcoming webinar as they share practical tips on using AI in your marketing.
  • Learn why embracing AI is crucial, how AI is a game changer for segmentation and personalization, ways to leverage AI to generate creative, and more tips to increase performance and save time. Don’t miss this comprehensive webinar.

3. Do you have great Amazon prospecting performance, or is it just branded?

  • When auditing Amazon accounts, the Pilothouse Amazon team consistently sees brands seeing a certain return on their advertising and are looking to scale scale at that return.
  • However, what most brands don’t consider is that a significant portion of their revenue is coming from branded performance.
  • For insights on why this matters, how to fix it, and how to see if your performance metrics are being skewed, click here.

4. 86% of eCommerce shoppers opt to "checkout as a guest." Here's how to convert those customers' *

  • In other words, for every 100 site visitors, 86 remain anonymous—and most never receive a follow-up message. Meaning you miss out on business.
  • Especially with the industry shifting away from cookies, you need a plan to re-engage and convert this huge chunk of your customer base.
  • Do nothing, and you could miss out on serious revenue: "known" users see 129.9x purchases compared to anonymous ones.
  • Learn how to engage and convert anonymous users, plus more trends and untapped opportunities. Download the 2023 Retail Customer Engagement Review.

5. TikTok’s new monetization feature invites creators to make video ads for a chance to earn money

  • TikTok is introducing the "TikTok Creative Challenge," a new monetization feature that allows creators to submit video ads to brand challenges and earn money based on video performance.
  • To be eligible, creators must be at least 18, with a US-based account and at least 50,000 followers. Approved videos will run as ads on the app's For You Feed, and creators will have access to resources and a dedicated Creator Community group.
  • This new feature follows TikTok's revamped creator fund, aiming to simplify brand collaborations and generate higher revenue for creators. Click here to keep reading.

6. 15% of programmatic ad spend is wasted on click-bait websites

  • The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) conducted a study revealing that marketers could save around $13 billion by improving programmatic practices and avoiding click-bait websites.
  • The study found that prioritizing cost over value and running campaigns on thousands of websites instead of a select few were major obstacles to programmatic efficiency.
  • The ANA recommends brands establish direct contracts with primary partners in the supply chain and seek access to quality data to address these issues. Click here for the full scoop.

⚡ Quick Hits

📸 Snap shares insights and tactics for marketing to Gen Z consumers. The report outlines the community’s spending habits, environment, and content consumption.

♾️ Meta is releasing new parental control tools for Instagram and Messenger. Parents and guardians will be able to see the children’s contacts, privacy and safety settings, and notifications when a report has been filed.

🌲 Amazon is looking to partner with small businesses as delivery partners. A small fee will be paid to the business for each package delivered.

🤑 Reports indicate that Twitter’s ad-sharing plan is approaching launch day. The program will allow ad revenue to be earned from ads displayed in Replies.

📊 Youtube will make changes to Studio Analytics. Some users reported that the data comparison feature was helpful but many voiced concerns of being discouraged after viewing their data.

👀 Banter

 What’s that saying? Ahh, yes, “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was.”

Goodbye tabs. 👋

❓Answer: A keyboard!


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